Chris Pérez’s ex-wife Vanessa Villanueva: Wiki Bio, age, family, net worth

• Vanessa Villanueva is a former wife of famous guitarist and musician Chris Perez.
• She was a singer and actress, but didn't realize her full potential.
• She married Chris in October 2001 and had two children with him.
• Vanessa's net worth is estimated to be $100,000.
• She is a Latina with long black hair and hazel eyes.

Who is Vanessa Villanueva?

Vanessa Villanueva is a former wife of the famous guitarist and musician Chris Perez. Her exact age and date of birth are not known to the public, but, according to some sources Vanessa is in her forties, is of Mexican ethnicity with American nationality, and she was brought up in Texas. She was a singer and an actress, and just like her ex-husband, she was also in the entertainment industry. She doesn’t have accounts on any of the social media, and likes to keep her life private.


Unfortunately, she didn’t reach any particular height of fame or realize her full potential when it comes to her acting career. In 2011, she acted in “Memphis Rising: Elvis Returns”, and in 2015 was a part of the movie “Forgotten Memories.”

Chris Perez and Selena

Chris Perez was first married to Selena Quintanilla, a girl who was a member of the Tejano band “Selena y Los Dinos.” Just like Vanessa, she was also a singer, or to be more precise, the lead singer of the band Chris was in, and a magazine even named her ‘the queen of Tejano music.’ He was married to Selena from 1992 to 1995, when she was murdered by a friend Yolanda Saldivar. In 2012, he even wrote a book “To Selena, With Love” about their love and marriage. There were photos of them in the book and love letters they exchanged. In an interview where the book was mentioned, he said: ‘I thought it should be honest, with dignity. I knew there would be things that would make me feel uncomfortable, but I think I wrote the book with respect.’ He stills talks to Selena’s family and makes sure that they are doing okay. Also, he regularly posts pictures with Selena and thanks her fans for keeping her legacy alive and paying respects.

Personal Life

Information about Vanessa’s education and parents can’t be found. However, it is well known that she married Chris Perez in October, 2001 and gave birth to two children. A mutual friend John Zara introduced them and they dated for three years from 1998 to 2001, before they tied the knot. The names of their children are Cassie and Noah Pérez. The children are also into music – Cassie plays the French horn, and enjoys listening to her father playing the guitar. Both Vanessa and Chris are very proud of their children and care for them deeply, with Chris even posting pictures with them on Instagram. In 2008 after being married for seven years, Vanessa and Chris decided to divorce, and to this day she has prefered to stay out of the limelight. According to sources, he partied and drank too much, and that is why Vanessa filed for divorce from her estranged husband. Other sources claim that it was very hard for him to let go of the memories of his deceased wife Selena, plus his family didn’t like Vanessa, and they even commented that she was a gold digger who wanted the luxurious life, and to lead an expensive lifestyle. Some sources say that for the final property settlement, she even wanted to take away all of his properties from him, and leave him without a penny. She is currently not seeing anyone and seems to be dedicated to her kids rather than trying to find a boyfriend. Chris was really annoyed by the divorce and stated: ‘Divorce is a pain in the ass, especially when people try to start drama with you. But fortunately there’s peace now.’

Where is Chris Pérez now?

Even though Vanessa is a bit of a recluse, Chris is very much enjoying life, and keeping his fans informed by posting pictures almost every day on Instagram. He is still making music, and spending time with his lifelong friends and children. He likes to take a trip down memory lane and post pictures from his past, sometimes also with Selena, who was apparently the love of his life. He still performs, and loves the resultant feeling of adrenaline and the high energy that is magical even after all these years.

Net Worth

According to authoritative sources, Vanessa’s current net worth is $100,000. Even though her husband’s net worth is a lot higher, approximately $1.2 million, Vanessa was doing her best. She landed the small movie roles after they divorced, so it could mean that she was trying to succeed in the movie industry, yet failed.


When it comes to physical appearance, Vanessa is a typical Latina, and has long black hair and hazel eyes. She is not public about her doings, so there aren’t a lot of pictures of her online. However, when she was younger, she was really pretty and had this big smile that could melt hearts. Her children, especially her daughter, took after her.

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