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• CinCinBear (Cinthya Alicea) was born in Cuba, but moved to the US when she was eight
• She started streaming on Twitch in 2014, playing games such as World of Warcraft, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Minecraft and Stardew Valley
• She has a Patreon account, where she sells semi-nude photos, cosplays and other NSFW-marked shoots
• She is an active Instagram user, passionate about sports and keeping fit
• She has an estimated net worth of $700,000 as of 2019

CinCinBear is a popular Twitch streamer with an impressive amount of followers. Though she’s been streaming for a long time, there are still few detail about her personal life available for the wider audience. Let’s find out what is known about that cute-nicknamed girl.

Early life, family and education

Cinthya “CinCinBear” Alicea was born on 25 December 1992. In one of her interviews she mentioned that she earlier lived in Cuba, so that’s possibly where she was born, though she didn’t specify the city she lived in; her family settled in Jessup, Maryland USA when Cinthya was eight years old. It was then that she got her first Nintendo 64, a present for her first Christmas in the US. Since she moved when she was eight, she probably didn’t attend any school in Cuba and started her school education in the USA; there’s no information about the high school Cinthya attended or matriculated from. On her Patreon page, she shares that she once studied in a school for health care, and planned to become a surgeon technologist as she’s passionate about medicine and health care. The school she refers to could be Baltimore City Community College or Sojourner-Douglass College, since both are located very close to Cinthya’s hometown of Jessup and have surgeon technology programs.

As for her parents, she posted a photo of her mom on Instagram probably before the high school prom since she shows a photo of a prom dress she obtained then. There are no details about her parents’ names or occupations. As for other members of her family, Cinthya doesn’t mention siblings, but has two cousins, sharing pictures of her and her cousins when they were young kids, and another one when they were already grown-ups. Even though it’s obvious that at the first photo Cinthya is holding a baby who has nothing to do with her as a mother (since she’s way too young for having kids at that photo), a lot of her followers asked her such questions as “How come you have a child? We haven’t seen any baby bump when you were streaming”.


Streaming on Twitch

Cinthya’s gaming experience started when she was about eight years old – she remembers playing “Super Mario” on Nintendo 64 when she was in Cuba. Cinthya admits she started streaming because she considers herself to be cocky, and she believed she could do at least as well as other girls on Twitch. Her first stream was launched from a laptop on 8 June 2014 her favourite games she names as “World of Warcraft” without even picking. Other games she plays and streams depend much on her mood and on her audience’s request. Cinthya is sure her audience enjoys her playing “CSGO” (“Counter-Strike: Global Offensive”) most, but she can go for “Minecraft” or “Stardew Valley”. Cinthya declares she loves streaming since she can turn her hobby into a full-time job with her own schedule. Her favourite part about streaming is interacting with people which she misses in her real life, admitting that she has only one friend in her off-line life.

Though Cinthya enjoys communicating with people, the latest are not always happy with the way she does it; a lot of her fans became angry with her when she suddenly expressed an opinion that depression (to her mind) was stupid. The audience waited for her to apologise, which she did it by posting a long explanation of her words, trying to prove that she didn’t mean anything bad, and didn’t want to offend depressed people. Some of her viewers were fine with the apology, while others shamed her for being self-obsessed in every word she said. Cinthya confessed that she struggled with financial issues and even tried to kill herself once when she was young, and, looking back, she admitted it had been stupid of her to do such things, and that was the only reason for her using the word ‘stupid’ talking about depression. However, even these words of contrition were not welcomed by her audience, with viewers saying that first she tried to deny she had said anything like that, and secondly persisted that it was a bad joke – only when the case was escalated up to the Twitch managers did Cinthya wrote that long note officially apologizing for her words.

Things got worse when Cinthya was banned from Twitch for an occasional showing of her nipple while she was streaming. Many times she told she’s sick of the girls who stream only for showing their bodies, not even trying to attract the audience by any high quality gaming content, but the more Cinthya streamed, the more body-showing she did herself. She changed her comfy T-shirts for slim top-tanks, and demonstrated doing exercises in front of the camera in tight sport pants, etc. One day she was streaming in a black lace silk top and decided to touch up her breasts, doing which she occasionally pulled her nipple out of the top, and the video of her doing that became viral. She wasn’t banned for that episode, though “adult content” is forbidden on the platform, but Cinthya takes risks and so is good at getting into trouble. While streaming, she called one of her viewers an F-word, and for that she was banned from Twitch for 30 days. Some streamers didn’t support that decision, considering that she should have been permanently banned for such behavior.  In 30 days her profile was re-instated.

Patreon activity

Feeling strong interest for showing-off her body and get paid for that, Cinthya created an account on Patreon. Forgetting about her negative comments on girls who do similar things, Cinthya decided to make money out of erotic, semi-nude photoshoots. On her Patreon page she encourages her viewers to become her patrons to get exclusive access to her lingerie photos, cosplay pics and other NSFW-marked shoots. At the moment, she’s has almost 500 patrons. Her next goals are to attract more patrons to perform a “Harley Quinn in Lingerie” photoshoot, and even more to perform for an NSFW Calendar.

Though Cinthya is very meticulous about everything that deals with her photos on Patreon, some of her subscribers leaked her pictures from her page. Cinthya claims she knows who it is, and that she’s going to take legal action against them, but nothing has eventuated to date.


Cinthya has grey eyes and middle length dark hair with bangs which she styles in various ways. She also has a fit body which she constantly works on in the gym. There’s no information about her precise height, weight or vital statistics.

Personality and off-line hobbies

Cinthya is a very active Instagram user, and often post photos which say a lot about her everyday life. She’s very passionate about sports and keeping fit. She goes to the gym, and one can see that she works-out there quite conscientiously, as she stays slim – even permanently snacking cashew nuts while streaming.

Cinthya loves healthy food and cooks it herself – one can find photos of plates full of vegetables and properly cooked meat. She’s also a partner of G Fuel company, which provides energy formula products and interacts mostly with gamers and YouTubers. Among G Fuel partners there are such popular streamers and YouTubers including PewDiePie, Dr. Disrespect, Dakotaz, and many others. Cinthya has several sponsored posts on her Instagram account, such as her posing with G Fuel products.S ometimes she treats herself with ice-cream desserts, but that happens only occasionally.

Cinthya is an anime lover, and has shelves full of anime figurines and fluffy toys of anime characters. As a passionate traveller, she has visited Tokyo, as well as Machu Picchu, Miami and other places around the globe. Her post address is available for any fan who wants to send her a letter or a gift. Cinthya received a lot of presents from her fans for Christmas, and thanked them warmly for all the attention and support they have given her over the years.

When in the mood, Cinthya goes to the movie, but her biggest interest in life is animals which she’s very passionate about helping, and claims that all the money she gets from her Patreon and other platforms go to charity organizations which help homeless and sick animals. She has two dogs which often appear in the background while she’s streaming. Cinthya once admitted she liked animals even more than people.

Net Worth

Cinthya has several platforms which she makes money from – firstly her Patreon page that has around 500 patrons who subscribe to various tiers (from $1 to $3000 per month). Her Twitch channel has over 450,000 followers, and attracts 40-50 new subscribers daily when she streams  -s he has more than 2250 subscribers. She also has a Twitter account with almost 80,000 followers, on which she mostly announces her live streaming on Twitch, and promotes her Patreon profile, and similarly on her Instagram account, which also has 80,000-plus followers. Her overall net worth is authoritatively estimated at over $700,000, as of early 2019, which would seem very likely to grow, assuming that she continues her career successfully.

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