Dave Chappelle’s wife Elaine Chappelle Wiki: Ethnicity, Age, Net Worth, Height, Kids, Family

• Elaine Chappelle is the wife of comedian and actor Dave Chappelle.
• She is estimated to have a net worth of over $300,000, potentially elevated due to her husband's estimated net worth of $42 million.
• She is of Filipino descent and met Dave in 200•
• She manages rental properties in Ohio and appeared briefly in a backstage segment of “The Age of Spin: Dave Chappelle Live at the Hollywood Palladium” in 2017.
• She does not have any online presence, while her husband is very active on social media.

Who is Elaine Chappelle?

Elaine Mendoza Erfe was born on 31 August 1974, in Brooklyn, New York City USA, and is best known as the wife of comedian and actor Dave Chappelle. Her husband initially earned popularity through his film career, which included projects such as “The Nutty Professor”, “Robin Hood: Men in Tights”, and “Con Air”.

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The Wealth of Elaine Chappelle

How rich is Elaine Chappelle? As of late-2018, sources estimate a net worth that is over $300,000, earned through success in her various endeavors. Her wealth has also potentially been significantly elevated thanks to the success of her husband, who is considered one of the richest comedians in the world with an estimated net worth at $42 million. As she continues her endeavors, it is expected that her wealth will also continue to increase.

Early Life and Marriage

Elaine is of Filipino descent, with her parents moving to the United States prior to her birth in search of a better life. While little is known about her childhood and her education due to the lack of any media spotlight in her life when she was young, it is known that she dreamed of pursuing a career in the culinary arts, of being a chef, but later let go of her dream as she found more joy in remaining with her family.

According to reports, she met Dave in 2001, and he was very interested in dating her but she was initially hesitant due to the fact that she wasn’t used to people with loud personalities. She says that she discovered that he was loud to hide his shyness, and so managed to move away from the hesitation, starting a relationship. Prior to their marriage, he converted to Islam and they then married during the same year. The family now have three children and reside in Yellow Springs, Ohio on a 65-acre ranch which is surrounded by cornfields.

Husband – Dave Chappelle

Dave began his acting career in 1993 in the Mel Brooks film entitled “Robin Hood: Men in Tights”, playing the character Ahchoo after which he gained more film work, mainly in supporting roles. Some of the film projects he had during this time included “Undercover Brother”, “Blue Streak” and “You’ve Got Mail”. In 1998, he was cast in his first starring role, in the film “Half Baked” which he co-wrote alongside Neal Brennan, and concurrently also became the star of the television series “Buddies”.

In 2003, his popularity grew even more when he launched his comedy sketch television series entitled “Chappelle’s Show”, which he also wrote alongside Brennan, working on the show for two more years before leaving to focus on a stand-up career. He toured the US, performing in stand-up shows that focused on racism, pop culture, current events, politics, relationships and social problems. His skill was recognized by many publications, calling him one of the greatest stand-ups of all time. In 2016, he signed a $20 million per release comedy special with Netflix, and won his first Emmy Award the following year.

Current Endeavors

There have been no reports of any problems with Elaine and her husband, and family ties are apparently strong and everything is going well, despite Dave being Islamic and Elaine a Christian who refused to convert with her husband. The two respect each other’s religious beliefs, and maintain a strong relationship. They had a bit of controversy in the mid-2000s, when Chappelle decided to leave his career after the death of his father, moving to South Africa for a while. The media used this opportunity to accuse him of leaving his wife and being a drug addict, however, Elaine supported her husband and was shocked at the negative attention they were getting. She encouraged her husband to stay in South Africa and do what he needed to do.

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In 2017, she made a brief appearance in a backstage segment of “The Age of Spin: Dave Chappelle Live at the Hollywood Palladium”. While supporting her husband from the background, she also manages rental properties they’ve purchased in Ohio. Dave has commented on her skills as a chef and has said to the media that the family eat like kings thanks to her cooking, as she has a lot of passion with food but choosing not to pursue a culinary career. The two are often noted as positive role models when it comes to interracial couples. Chappelle has been known to turn down high valued offers for his work due to him prioritizing his family. In recent years, he’s been able to get a flexible schedule with the contract that he is in with Netflix.

Social Media

One of the reasons why there is limited information about Elaine, her past, and her current endeavors is due to the lack of any online presence; she does not have any accounts on major social media websites such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Her husband on the other hand is very active online, promoting his work and upcoming projects through Twitter as well as Facebook. He also gets a lot of coverage for his comedy releases, being interviewed by various publications. He does various comedy stints, including recently photobombing photo shoots by couples marrying in Ohio and posting them online.

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