David Visentin’s wife Krista Visentin Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Kids, Family, Bio

• Krista Visentin is the wife of TV personality and realtor David Visentin
• They share two children and they reside in Cobourg, Ontario, Canada
• David Visentin has a net worth of $6 million
• They appear together on the show 'Love it or List It'
• Krista Visentin does not have any social media accounts

Who is Krista Visentin?

Krista Grycko was born in Canada, and is known for being the wife of television personality David Visentin, a realtor and the host of the show “Love It or List It” on which he works alongside Hilary Farr. Despite the popularity of her husband, she has managed to keep her life out of the spotlight

The Riches of Krista Visentin

How rich is Krista Visentin? As of early-2019, sources cannot identify a separate net worth for Krista, but is comfortable thanks to the success of her husband who has a net worth estimated at $6 million. As he continues her endeavors, it is expected that the family will continue to benefit from his efforts.

Early Life and Marriage

There is almost no information available about Krista’s life before she met David. There are no details shared about her family, her childhood, and her education. There are also no details available about her career and her endeavors before she married. It is known that she met her future husband while he was working as a realtor, and they dated for several years before deciding to marry in 2006. They now have a son and a daughter.

The couple mainly reside in Cobourg, Ontario, Canada, and she focuses on supporting her husband in his real estate endeavors, as well as his television work. He rarely speaks about her in public, and they’ve rarely been seen by the media. They take a strong stance in keeping their personal life separate from his professional life, to maintain their privacy as well as the privacy of their children. Despite being together for a long time, there have been no rumors of turmoil during their relationship.

David Visentin and Krista Visentin

Husband – David Visentin

David began his career in real estate in 1987, and began working for the Rosemont, Ontario based company Country Living Realty. He comes from a line of real estate agents, with his father becoming the inspiration for him to pursue a similar path. For the next two decades, he would work in the housing market of Canada, helping clients discover potential homes. While he established financial stability with his work, he eventually found another opportunity with the show “Love It or List It”.

He auditioned for the show to gain co-hosting duties and was successful, being signed by Big Coats Productions alongside Hilary Farr. One of the reasons for the success of the show is due to the chemistry between the two co-hosts; they mentioned later in an interview that their good-natured bickering is the reason for the show’s success. Aside from the show and his other real estate duties, David also works with various news agencies as a contributor. He’s been known to collaborate often with the Canadian Press when it comes to topics of his expertise. He’s also been featured as a guest in other shows, including “The Today Show”, “Fox News Channel”, and “Brother vs. Brother”.

Love It or List It

Love It or List It” is classified as a home design television show that airs on several networks such as OWN Canada, W Network, and HGTV. It has become highly successful to the point that it has produced many other spin-off shows, making it the original of the “Love It or List It” franchise. The show premiered in 2008, and continues to air finding considerable success in the country. Each episode follows a formula of people, typically a couple, looking at whether or not they should stay in their house.

Hilary Farr is an interior designer, and hopes to help the people stay in their home by working her design magic into the house. David on the other hand convinces the couple that the faults of their home are too great, and proceeds to find them a potentially better house for them through real estate listings. Both of them face challenges with their current tasks, as renovating does have a lot of unexpected problems, while looking for a new home can be difficult, especially when you need to match the desire of your client. After design and other options are done, they are presented to the clients who then have to decide whether they love it, meaning they stay in their current home, or they list it, meaning they decide to move to another house David has recommended.

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Rumors and Social Media

Due to the popularity of David with his work on television, many viewers and fans started asking questions about his life, if he is married or not. There was a lot of speculation that the two co-hosts were actually in a relationship, especially due to their good on-screen chemistry. The rumors were eventually shot down as David revealed that he is married, and Hillary also confirmed that she is married to another man. The reason they have good on-screen chemistry is because they are good friends outside of their hosting duties.

One of the reasons there is very little information about Krista’s past or present endeavors is due to her lack of online presence; she doesn’t have accounts on any of the major social media websites. Her husband on the other hand is active online with accounts on Twitter and Instagram. He mainly posts some of his daily thoughts and endeavors through his accounts.

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