Doreen Lioy Wiki: American serial killer Richard Ramirez’s wife Biography. Where is she today?

• Doreen Lioy is an American magazine editor and the ex-wife of serial killer Richard Ramirez.
• Lioy has a net worth of almost $300,000, earned through her work as a magazine editor.
• Richard Ramirez was known as the “Night Stalker”, and was convicted of 13 counts of murder and 11 sexual assaults.
• Lioy wrote nearly 75 letters to Ramirez while he was imprisoned and the two eventually married in 1996.
• Lioy and Ramirez separated for unknown reasons and Ramirez died in 2013 due to complications from B-cell lymphoma and substance abuse.

Who is Doreen Lioy?

Doreen Lioy was born in Burbank, California, USA, and is a magazine editor, but best known for being the ex-wife of serial killer Richard Ramirez. Her former husband was known for a home invasion crime spree during 1984 to 1985, and was dubbed the “Night Stalker”. Their unusual relationship led to a lot of media attention over the years.

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The Wealth of Doreen Lioy

How rich is Doreen Lioy? As of late-2018, sources estimate a net worth that is almost $300,000, earned through success in her numerous endeavors. She apparently earned a good salary as a magazine editor, though details of her work were never released to the public. As she continues her endeavors, it is expected that her wealth will also continue to increase.

Ex-Husband Serial Killer

Richard’s began his murder spree in 1984, killing a nine year old girl in a basement where he was living, located in the Tenderloin district of San Francisco. According to reports, he raped and beat the girl before stabbing her to death, and then hung her from a pipe. This was his first known killing but it was not initially connected to ta crime spree. The known killing spree began in 1984, when the first victim was found stabbed repeatedly while asleep in her bed. Things stayed quiet for a year until killings began once more, with two victims found shot inside their home. Just an hour after the shooting, another victim was found shot twice, and pronounced dead on arrival at hospital. Reports started spreading of a curly haired attacker, with wide spaced rotting teeth. After a few weeks, he burglarized another home and found more victims, shooting an older man while killing his wife before mutilating the corpse, then bringing her eyes with him inside a jewelry box. The killings continued, with victims shot, raped, beaten, and with numerous weapons. The victims and crime scenes also started to carry signs of pentagrams. The police found it difficult to track him, as his victims were chosen randomly. He was soon dubbed as the “Night Stalker”, due to the consistent night crimes and home invasions. Eventually, he was identified through a fingerprint left in one of the cars he had stolen.

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Capture, Conviction, and Imprisonment

In 1985, Ramirez took a bus to visit his brother, unaware that his face was already spreading in every major news program across America. He walked past officers, and realizing that he was being identified, attempted to steal a car but was chased away by bystanders. He was then subdued by a group of residents who beat him until the police took him into custody. During his first court appearance, he started vocalizing his worship of Satan, and flashed pentagram signals in the courtroom. He was later convicted of all charges, including 13 counts of murder, five attempted murders, 14 burglaries, and 11 sexual assaults. The trial cost $1.8 million, making it the most expensive in the history of the California at the time. He was sentenced to die in California’s gas chamber, but he expressed through the media that he didn’t care much for his death.

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The Relationship

During his widely covered trial, Richard gained a lot of sympathizers and fans, who started writing him letters, and he was also visited in prison by numerous followers. His biggest fan would be Doreen, who in 1985 started writing him letters during his incarceration. According to reports, she wrote him nearly 75 letters while he was imprisoned, and the two started seeing each other regularly – sources state that she visited him in prison around four times a week. In 1988 he proposed to her, and the two were eventually married in 1996 at California’s San Quentin State Prison. During their relationship, she became a staunch defender against his execution.

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She kept mentioning publicly that she would commit suicide if he was ever executed. Ramirez’ supporters also started appealing to reduce his convictions and remove the death sentence. This caused a long delay in his execution, due to the long process of appeals in the California Supreme Court. She also began appearing in television interviews and shows, including the show “Biography”, which covered the story of the Night Stalker. She also participated in a documentary entitled “THS Investigates: Love Behind Bars”, and used her position as an editor to start writing about her husband, even writing a biography entitled “Richard Ramirez: The Night Stalker”.

Separation and Ramirez’ Death

Despite being a strong advocate for Richard and her constant opposition to his execution publicly, things eventually became silent. According to reports, the two separated, although the cause of the separation was unknown. Some sources state that the separation came after Richard’s first victim, the nine year old girl, was specifically connected to him, plus his lack of remorse for any of his actions, possibly became the cause of the end of their relationship.

Other reports stated that it was because Richard contracted a disease that would kill him, and that the two decided to separate to spare her from what was to come. While the true reason was never released, he died from complications of B-cell lymphoma, a form of blood cancer affecting the lymph nodes, and passed away in 2013 at the Marin General Hospital. He was also affected by substance abuse and a chronic hepatitis C viral infection. He was 53 years old at the time of his death, having been on death row for more than 23 years with some stating that he would have reached his early 70s before his execution could be carried out, due to the lengthy California appeals process.

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  1. I would hope she finally came to her senses but who’s to say? The few interviews I saw of her sickened me. How could she not see he was guilty? How could she deny his crimes? I recall her saying her entire family had disowned her. Gee, I wonder why? Wherever Lioy is today I hope she truly understands what a fool she was and how she totally disrespected all of Richard’s victims and their loved ones. When in the hell is California going to get that keeping these monsters on death row for years is ludicrous.

    1. It’s said “love is blind”, but Lioy’s inability to see this creature for what he was goes beyond blindness and has to be called something like mental illness.

    2. maybe, but it may take the few who were wrongfully convicted to prove their innocence. Keeping a murderer alive for years is better than putting an innocent man to death

      1. Emily, I understand what you are saying but when it comes down to absolute proof such as the DNA proving Ramierz killed that little 9 year old, I say enough is enough.The tax payers money was used to keep him alive for no good reason.I am not saying their are not innocent people in prisons but too many on death row have used the system over and over again to save their worthless lives. I used to be anti death penalty until the kidnapping, torture, rape and murder of little Amy Sue Seitz. She was 2 years old. Her killer spent years on death row and the tax payers even were billed for his heart surgery! He was on death row for more than 20 years….20 years more than he gave a 2 year old. Sorry but I have no pity of those who have ruined the lives of so many people and their loved ones.

    3. What’s ludicrous is believing that killing someone as a punishment for killing someone makes sense rather than being an exercise in hypocritical state-sponsored bloodlust

      1. @tasty pete
        when you sentence somebody to death, it should be along the lines that a person like that will never be able to return to society without endangering himself or others. It’s not a actually punishment, it’s taking the person out, like you would do to a disease.

        Now i can agree that it’s a slippery slope, when it comes to deciding when somebody is beyond fixing, but with his murder list, his personality, the lack of remorse, it’s a shame they wasted so much money on him.

      2. He deserved to be put down like the animal he was. I hope he suffered in the end. No mercy for this waste of human flesh!

    4. I think Richard Ramirez wife was in it for money shed make off him she looked like Bette Davis what happened to baby Jane the girly curls in her hair noticed she dyed her hair black she also looked one short of a biscuit a bit well looks like she had issues her self

  2. People are sick and it’s our fault for allowing mentally ill people to murder and rape and then get married and watch tv and get new teeth with our tax money. You can rape my fucking child and then I’ll turn around and fund your fucking prison wedding and rotten demon dick sucking teeth.

  3. The sick thing was, she wasn’t the only freak out there. Apparently, she was just one of a bunch of weirdo supporters. Personally, I think every one of them should have been rounded up and sterilized, so they couldn’t bear little monsters like themselves. Glad to know that the killer died before he could cost the state any more money. His mother should have aborted him, but of course, it wasn’t legal, and how could she ever have imagined giving birth to such an evil being?

    1. Because people should be allowed to marry whoever they want, including even criminals. Not allowing it would be a violation of civil rights I guess.

  4. Many women treat their husbands as their own projects. They often think it will make them better. Probably this was an attempt or a difficult task. Allegedly in 17 years of marriage they did not have sexual intercourse. I believe she gave up when she saw that there was no remorse in him or that he was manipulating her. It’s horrible what he did but it’s also a question of what she went through or avoided before she met him.

  5. I was living in the area and about the age the girl he killed was and still remember how petrified I was. This man made my childhood a living nightmare. However I’m not really judging the wife because I myself had been with abusive and dangerous men and know how complicated it is. It is easy for anyone on the outside of a relationship to judge what someone on the inside is really going through. Maybe she was blinded by Richard’s charisma and good looks. She probably was lonely and thought she was the one woman who could change him. And mind you he had many groupies, he was a Satanist who knows what sort of wicked magic he could have performed on all these women. It’s all speculation really.

  6. Hope she gets the same treatment Ramirez’s victims suffered. Maybe that will shake some sense in her retarded, senile head.

  7. I think that women simply mentally ill!! Sadly so was Richard that is what brought them together but I can’t help but wonder how much she would love him if he killed her, or someone in her family? Other thought that also went through my mind is a get rich quick as most media goes ape 🦍 over sick stuff like Jodi case sick people out there seriously sick people !!!! As for her family disowning her I would do the same! And further I would even pretend I had no clue who she was or even related such an embarrassment she is!!! I strongly believe it was a shot of becoming famous off of others deaths she should of used her so called intelligence to figure out what was mentally wrong with him I mean clue 1. He was a santan fan helllloooooo # 2. He had no remorse… but yet she found him kind, charming what is kind and charming about him ?? Or the actions I really hope no hires her seriously she may be just like her so called kind and charming hubby lol one day walk in the office all employees are brutality dead!! Or better yet with any money made see a doctor ASAP

    1. For me it is hard to fathom why a woman, seemingly well educated would believe in such a monsters innocence. Or even want such a man in her life.There was absolutely no way he was innocent of his horrible crimes. And his first victim,,,a 9 year old child. Richard made it clear he had absolutely no remorse for his crimes. Yet she found him to be kind and charming. Give me a break. Obviously his many victims sure never found him kind and charming. Doreen tried a dumb publicity stunt claiming is Richard was executed she would commit suicide. Well Doreen, your choice. I hope you enjoyed your moment in the public eye as the loving wife of a killer who had absolutely no regards for human life. Now you have chosen to hide and I am sure to this day your family has turned their backs on you. I wonder if it was all worth it to you Doreen. Tell me, do you ever give a moments thought to his first victim? A 9 year old, raped and tortured to death. The men and women he murdered, beat, tortured and raped in what should have been the safely in their own homes? Oh that’s right. He was a kind and charming man.

  8. Excuse me Rosana, when you commit crimes like Ramierz did you have no rights! You have given up your civil rights! To this day it sickens me that Tex Watson was allowed to marry and father 4 children which the state of California paid for until they reached adulthood. Anyone who has committed murder has absolutely no right to father children! Much less marry.

  9. Well once she found out about the children involved she left so clearly she finally came to her sences perhaps. She was a virgin and probably lonely as but she didn’t need money not many know she actually was a producer of a magazine that was very popular for teens. Tiger beat if i remember correctly they had hot teen boys in there perhaps idk lol anyways she was fairly good friends with that guy, from that show, with the twins man I cant remember jack atm so tired um was it full house anyways the cute guy maybe uncle Joey idk anyways she was his manager and as a teen they spent weekends together with his family got him famous, so she’s not exactly dumb or silly she’s quite a successful person got quite a few $$ but probably easily moulded being that age overweight and a virgin I’m guessing she personally may have had self esteem issues and fell for Rimerez easily we’re not all perfect I’m not going to judge her she has to sleep with her demons not us and no one is perfect! No point in arguing about it though that’s for sure…


    2. She never actually said why she left Ramirez. Its speculated she realized he was guilty but maybe it could be cause she didnt want to hange around when she found out he was dying.Which i mean, good for her.He wasnt worth it to begin with

  10. Shame on all of you misguided, misinformed hypocrits. Every post I have read is filled with vile lies and ugly hatred. Who the F are any of you to criticize her or Richard?! Who are YOU to despise her?! I’d be proud to stand by them both just to deflect the ignorance of your words.
    I rather be her friend than any one of you venom soaked leeches.

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