Dr Matt Carriker (veterinarian) Wiki, Net Worth, Age, Salary, Wife, Military

• Matt Carriker was born in 1986 in Texas, USA
• He is a YouTube personality and a veterinarian
• He has a net worth of $2.5 million
• He founded a non-profit organization called VetRanch
• He has three YouTube channels, Demolition Ranch, Vet Ranch, and OffTheRanch

Who is Dr Matt Carriker?

Matt Carriker was born on 21 October 1986, in Texas, USA, and is a YouTube personality as well as a veterinarian, best known for owning various channels on YouTube, including Demolition Ranch, Vet Ranch, and OffTheRanch. His channels have gained millions of subscribers over the course of his career.

The Net Worth of Dr Matt Carriker

How rich is Dr Matt Carriker? As of early-2019, sources estimate a net worth that is at $2.5 million, largely earned through a successful career in the veterinary field, but also a significant amount through his YouTube channels and sponsorships. As he continues his career, it is expected that his wealth will also continue to increase.

Early Life and Education

Limited information is available about Matt’s early life, his childhood except that he grew up with a sister, and his path up to his current endeavors. It is known that he was very interested in pets from an early age, and desired to pursue a career that involved animals. so after matriculating from high school, he enrolled at Texas A&M University, where he studied Veterinary Medicine and Biochemical Studies, completing his degree in 2008. His sister also pursued a career in the veterinary field.

For the next four years, he worked on his veterinary license, and after gaining it in 2012, quickly started working with animals, honing has craft. Two years after beginning his career, he founded the non-profit organization called VetRanch which is located in San Antonio, Texas, the goal of is to look after homeless dogs found in the area. With the success he was gaining from being a veterinarian, he started his own clinic in 2017 called Fair Oaks Ranch Veterinary, based in Boerne, Texas.

Dr Matt Carriker

YouTube Endeavors

Around the same time as his veterinary career was starting to flourish, he created his first YouTube channel in 2011 called Demolition Ranch. The channel allowed him to explore a second passion of his which are firearms – he uploads videos of himself operating firearms, including giving specs, descriptions, technology updates on guns, as well their capability against various objects or dummies. He’s gained over three million subscribers on that channel, on which he uploads regularly.

Three years later, he opened his second channel called Vet Ranch which aligns with the non-profit organization he created, and has attracted over two million views. The videos in the channel consist of him and a team performing various procedures on animals who have suffered from injuries due to lack of care – he has mentioned that he had to help these injured dogs avoid being euthanized; they heal them and then find a home for them once they’ve recovered. He also has a website called VetRanch.com, on which he posts stories of the animals as well as a link back to the videos.

OffTheRanch and Other Endeavors

Carriker also has a third channel, the oldest among his three as it was established in 2007 during the time when YouTube was just starting to pick up. It is called OffTheRanch and has around two million subscribers. The channel is mainly used as a vlog channel on which he can post videos to update fans about his daily endeavors outside of the veterinary and firearms content, which he can’t post to his other channels as it is outside the usual scope. His third channel showcases another interests of his which are automobiles; he’s a fan of working on customized go-karts, and also enjoys working on off-road vehicles as well as muscle cars.

He also posts videos of himself with his friends, his family, and his wife who is very active in participating in his videos. He also does product openings, and helps viewers preview some of his day to day endeavors. He has also tried his hand at acting, appearing in the film entitled “Strain 100”. His popularity has had television producers approach him with proposals for animal rescue shows, but he has declined them all. He also works with other vloggers and YouTubers on his channel, mainly those who share the same interests or are close friends.

Personal Life and Social Media

For his personal life, it is known that Matt is married to Meredith Atkinson, and they have three children together. Matt’s sister is also a part of the household, as they often collaborate on veterinary-related work. They also have a boxer dog they’ve named Dozer Man. There have been no rumors of any problems with the family, and they are comfortable in sharing parts of their personal life through the videos that Matt makes.

A lot of people admire their home situation, as they have a close family and good relationships all around. Aside from his YouTube content, Matt is very active on social media, having accounts on Instagram and Twitter. He posts a lot of day to day content including pictures which can be seen as the thumbnails of his video content. He also posts a few videos showcasing himself working on firearms or animals.

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