Elsababy: The Viral TikTok Star Who Loves to Make People Smile

Elsababy, also recognized as Elsaaababy, has garnered a substantial following as a model across various social media platforms such as Instagram – on which her millions of followers are drawn to her stunning modelling photos, videos, and captivating fashion content – Facebook and Twitter.

Elsababy is more than a pretty face—she’s studying to be a doctor, and is currently working in the medical field. While doing this, she still manages to find time to create captivating and fabulous content for social media. So, behind the glamorous facade, who is the charming lady who likes to go by the names Elsie or Elsa? Let’s delve into getting to know her better.

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Early Personal Life

Elsa was born on 29 September 29 1997 in San Antonio, Texas, USA. While details about her family remain somewhat private, it’s worth noting that her mother is of Hispanic descent, while her father boasts a heritage that is half Caucasian and half African-American. Elsa also has a brother, although specific details about his age, relationship and whether she has additional siblings remain undisclosed.

Growing up with a mixed family meant she got to enjoy different cultures, which she found fascinating. As a result, she now finds pleasure in discovering more about different cultures, and other people.


There is no reliable information available about Elsa’s educational journey, but she’s studied medicine so that she could enter the medical field.

She played softball all her life, and it’s her favourite sport even to this day. Elsa also played volleyball and competed in track—she was quite the athlete during her school days.


She works in the medical field as a Medical X-Ray Technologist, and she feels that her work has taught her how to be more patient. She’s actually a rather impatient person, so her work is helping her become a better person. She’s also learned to be quick on her feet, and she loves helping others, which makes her work so rewarding for her.

Currently, Elsa is aspiring, and working hard to become a doctor.

Elsa started her career journey as a content creator on the popular platform TikTok. Her exceptional singing, dancing, and lip-sync videos quickly catapulted her to fame, amassing millions of followers and views in a remarkably short period.

Beyond TikTok, Elsa has established herself as a prominent fashion model, showcasing her stylish content on Instagram, and serving as the official face for various esteemed fashion brands, including Fashion Nova and others.

Her prowess as a fashion model is underscored by collaborations with multiple modelling agencies, and partnerships with a diverse array of brands spanning fashion, apparel, swimwear, lingerie, skincare, and healthcare.

Noteworthy associations include Pretty Little Things, Fashion Nova, and Oh Polly, among many others. Elsa’s influence extends across the realms of music, dance and fashion, making her a multi-faceted and sought-after talent in the industry.

She has more than 700, 000 followers on YouTube, a million Instagram followers, and 2.5 million TikTok followers.

Interesting Facts

Elsa’s love for animals shines through in her life, as she shares her home with a pet dog and cat, demonstrating her affection for furry companions.


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An avid reader, she finds joy in exploring different worlds through books. Her love for travel and adventure manifests in activities such as driving, particularly in her cherished Ford Mustang, and horse riding, a hobby inspired by her father’s rural upbringing with his own horses. While she doesn’t currently have a horse of her own, the connection remains strong.

Cycling, photography, surfing, and mountain climbing further showcase Elsa’s adventurous spirit.

Childhood memories of playing games including Mario Kart, Super Mario Bros, and Legend of Zelda with her brother sparked her interest in gaming, shaping her into the gamer she is today.

When it comes to food, Elsa’s appetite is notable, as she can enjoy six meals a day when time permits. Snacking throughout the day is a delight, with fries ranking as her top favourite, despite any dietary considerations, alongside a love for pasta, with chicken alfredo and shrimp alfredo topping her list. She much prefers savoury meals and snacks over sweets or desserts.

Her values include a deep commitment to loyalty, and family holds a paramount place in her life. Although her travels have been limited, experiences in LA, Vegas, and particularly Hawaii have left a lasting impact, with the beautiful island capturing her heart.

Adding to her individuality, Elsa boasts an array of tattoos that adorn a significant portion of her body. Notably, an hourglass tattoo serves as a daily reminder to approach life one day at a time, and manage anxiety by staying calm and grounded. This personal touch reflects Elsa’s resilience and mindfulness in navigating life’s challenges.

Later Personal Life

There isn’t any information that indicates that Elsa is currently in a relationship. She seems to choose to keep her private life out of the limelight, making it difficult to determine what her romantic life looks like.

She doesn’t have any children, but did joke that she is the mother of twin girls, referring to her breasts.

Physical Characteristics

Elsa’s height is about 5ft 7ins (170cms) and she weighs approximately 127lbs (58 kgs). She has long black hair and beautiful dark brown eyes.

Net Worth

As of late 2023, Elsa’s net worth is estimated to exceed $2.56 million. Her income streams primarily stem from her successful endeavours in modelling, participation in commercials, and promotional engagements on social media with various brands.

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