Erin Burnett husband’s Wiki: Who is David Rubulotta? Bio, Net Worth, Wedding, Age, Salary

• David Rubulotta was born in 1973 in Pennsylvania, with a master's degree in Marketing and is the Managing Director of Citibank.
• He studied at Villanova University and earned a master's degree in Business Administration at Columbia University.
• He worked as a line broker at Lehmand Brothers and was promoted to Executive at Citibank.
• His wife is CNN Anchor, Erin Burnett, and they have 3 children.
• He and his wife have a net worth of $12 million and $16 million respectively.

Who is David Rubulotta?

David Thomas Rubulotta was born on 1973 in Pennsylvania with a master’s degree in Marketing and currently the Managing Director of Citibank. He is widely recognized as the husband of CNN Anchor, Erin Burnett. Business Insider included David and Erin in the “Top 20 Power Couples on Wall Street”, exclusive for reputable business partners.

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David Rubulotta’s Bio: Early Life, Family and Education

David Rubulotta moved out from his suburban state of living to attend the Villanova University, a Christian school which practices faith and prayer, there he studied Bachelor of Science in Marketing and Advertising, Major in Business Management. After that, earned a master’s degree in Business Administration at Columbia University in the year 1993. Living with parents who built their business empire from scratch, David Rubulotta accomplished great heights with the help of the family. David was exposed to the entrepreneurial spirit, adapting teamwork and critical thinking on a day to day basis. As a pro republican, Rubulotta supported Governor Christie’s Election Campaign in 2009 by donating more than $3000. In the year 2016, he contributed $2000 in the Campaign Finance of the Republican party.

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Career Beginning

David Rubulotta’s first job as a line broker was in Lehmand Brothers, a top-notch investment company in the United States. For more than 10 years, David aid the success of the bank through his knowledge in the stock market and monetary investigations. At the age of 25, David owns stocks, condominiums and establishments as an additional source of revenue. In an interview, he emphasizes the importance of passive income seeing as time has more value than liquid assets.

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15 years later, Citibank offered David an Executive position and through his professional stock dealership and analyzation skills, Citibank’s success skyrocket. When he married Erin Burnett, vice president of Citigroup, David became the Managing Director earning $450k per annum, nearly around half a million US dollars. To this day, David Rubulotta’s estimated net worth is more or less $12 million.

First Meeting with Erin Burnett

In 2002, David Rubulotta (34) and Erin Burnett’s (28) mutual friend, Nicola Lokko, set up a blind date for the two hopeless romantic. The couple recollected their first date in Seasons 52, Erin being 15 minutes early kept glancing nervously at the restaurant’s entrance hoping to get a glimpse of the mystery date. Finally, a man in a black suit and trimmed brown hair came in, Erin knew then that David was the ‘one’. A year later, David and Erin was officially in a relationship, family and friends were ecstatic. 8 years later in 2011, David went down on his knees and pulled out an engagement ring.

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The Wedding Ceremony and Married Life

In August 2011, David purchased a 30-carat ring and ushered Erin to a secluded Island in the Caribbean. As the sun sets, the couple strolled the isle and David asked Erin for her hand and in the year 2012, they tied the knot. December 21st 2012, David (42) and Erin (36) married in New York City Hall with a Christmas themed wedding – a favorite season of the two. Erin organized the event from the invites, decorations, to food and location. Burnett, dressed in a red gown made by Chanel, brought tears and laughter to the event. Rubulotta, captivated with her beauty, was seen wiping his eyes as Erin walked down the aisle. The dress code for the guests were formal clothing of suits and gowns to casual jeans and top. After the wedding vows, they moved to Atlantic Grill Restaurant as reception.

Family of David: Wife and Children

Erin Burnett, 42 years old, is the ‘Outfront’ news anchor of CNN and business entrepreneur. Previously a co-host of CNBC in Squawk on the Street and Street Signs, Erin was the face of news establishments. As a small town girl in Maryland and the youngest of three children of Esther Margaret and Kenneth King, Burnett never thought of moving to New York. With an Irish and Scottish ethnicity, Erin was known for her extroverted personality and straight-forward attitude. She studied at Williams college with a degree in Bachelor of Arts in Political Economics.

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Burnett worked as a Financial Analyst in Goldman Sachs and Vice President of Citimedia but her desire to be a host was the drive to her success. Her estimated net worth is more than $16 million. David Rubullota and Eric Burnett has three healthy children. First child Thomas Burnett Rubulotta born on November 29, 2013. Colby Isabelle is 3 years old on July 18 2015. Then, the newest family member is Owen Thomas who came to their life on August 23 2018. Currently, the family lives in New Jersey and owns an apartment in Upper West of New York nearby Central Park.

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