What is Stevie Emerson Doing Today? His Age, Wife, Net Worth

Who is Stevie Emerson?

American actor, screenwriter, producer, director and YouTuber Stevie Emerson, was born in Los Angeles, California USA under the zodiac sign Pisces on 3 March 1996. He’s steadily making a name for himself in the film industry, and is today perhaps known best for playing Stevie, one of the main characters in all four episodes of the comedy mini-series “Dude, Where’s My JUUL?”, which he also wrote and produced, and which also starred Alex Varonos and Justus Domenic. The mini-series aired in 2018 and 2019 and although quite popular, it failed to win any awards; it follows the lives of a group of friends.

Stevie’s currently shooting for the upcoming movie “Untitled OnlyFans Comedy”, in which he’ll be starring alongside Christian Olivo and Lindsey Pelas, and which was written by Alex Varonos.

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Education and early life

Stevie was raised in Los Angeles by his parents who prefer to be left out of media as they respect their own privacy, but Stevie’s still featured them in some of the pictures and videos which he’s posted onto his social media accounts; his mother’s believed to be a former model, and his father a businessman, but this hasn’t been confirmed by Stevie. As he’s yet to speak about having siblings, Stevie’s believed to be an only child.

He attended a local high school in Los Angeles, and became passionate about acting, singing and dancing during his time there; Stevie was also into sports as he ran track and played both basketball and soccer, but his main focus was still on his education.

He matriculated in 2014, and then enrolled at Emerson College, from which he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in 2018.

Acting credits

Stevie’s debut TV series role was playing a supporting character in the 2017 episode “Beginning Theatre Class” of the comedy mini-series “Raw Dogs”, which starred Reiss Parsons, Justus Domenic and Matthew Josten, and follows a group of friends who’ve begun taking acting lessons.

His only other acting credit has been playing Guest in the 2021 episode “How To Spot a Festival F*ckboy with Stevie Emerson” of the comedy talk-show “The Shitshow”, which starred Bianca Ghezzi, Julia Rose and Becca Vlaszof, and follows two girls as they’re helping men become better at dating and sex.

Other credits

Stevie co-wrote the 2016 short comedy movie “Texting Fat Dudes”, which Logan Cassidy co-wrote and directed, and which starred Cassidy Chelsea, Logan Cassidy and Eric Banks; it follows a man as he’s searching for a girlfriend on the internet.

Stevie produced and directed the 2021 short comedy movie “The Most Successful One Night Stand”, which starred Mitch McMahon, Christian Olivo and Alyssa Tortomasi, and was written by Alex Varonos and Christian Olivo; it follows two people who’ve decided to have a one night stand.

Stevie also worked as an editor on the mini-series “Dude, Where’s My JUUL?” and a cinematographer on the film “The Most Successful One Night Stand”.

YouTube channel

Stevie’s highly popular on his self-titled YouTube channel, which he created on 5 August 2014, and which is today subscribed to by over 1.5 million people; he’s posted nearly 400 videos and all of these together number over 520 million views. Stevie uploads at least one video every week – most have comedy content, whether they’re short films or he’s spending time with his friends, featuring them taking on internet challenges and pranking one another. We’ll be writing about Stevie’s three most viewed videos as these have contributed to his popularity.

His #1 video “When You’re the Best Wingman #shorts” has been watched more than 47 million times since 7 November 2022 and numbers over 2.3 million likes; it features Stevie’s friend trying to help him win the heart of a girl at a local park.

Stevie’s second most viewed video “Baby, Can I Watch This With You #shorts” has been seen more than 17 million times since 28 May 2023, and has amassed nearly 800,000 likes; it features a girl telling her boyfriend that it’s freezing at their home.

His #3 video “How to Give Compliments in the Workplace #shorts” has been viewed over 16 million times since 10 September 2022, and has amassed nearly 800,000 likes; it features two company employees giving compliments to female colleagues.

Love life and girlfriend

Stevie prefers to keep his love life away from media, but some of his fans believe that he’s today in a relationship with Juliana Nicole Destefano, an American non-celebrity girl whom he’s featured in a couple of his YouTube videos and other internet content; Juliana’s followed by close to 10,000 people on Instagram, and has posted nearly 1,500 pictures and videos, and most of her content features her during her everyday life, whether she’s attending various events, performing stand-up comedy or spending time with friends.

There are no other girls whom Stevie’s maybe been with, that we know about; he seems to be in a relationship with Juliana Nicole Destefano as of December 2023, hasn’t married and doesn’t have children.

Interesting facts and hobbies

Stevie seems to be enjoying the attention which he’s receiving from his more than 360,000 Instagram followers; he’s shared close to 400 pictures and videos, and most show him during his everyday life, whether he’s creating his YouTube videos, showing off his clothes or spending time with friends.

He likes to drink alcohol, and his favorite is red wine.

Stevie’s been to a couple of US states and his dream travel destination’s Brazil.

He loves animals and has donated money to a couple of animal shelters, while his favorites are dogs.

Matthew McConaughey’s one of his favorite actors, and a couple of his favorite films are “Dallas Buyers Club”, “Dazed and Confused” and “The Lincoln Lawyer”.

Age, height and net worth

Stevie’s age is 27. He’s 6ft (1.82m) tall, weighs around 175lbs (80kgs) and has brown hair and blue eyes.

Stevie’s net worth’s been estimated at over $350,000, as of December 2023.

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