Gasia Mikaelian Wiki, Husband, High School, Family, Net Worth, Birthday

• Gasia Mikaelian is a broadcast journalist with a net worth of over $1 million.
• She has Armenian heritage and grew up speaking the language.
• She pursued a degree in journalism and initially wanted to do radio broadcasting.
• She moved to KTVU in San Diego and currently hosts the Channel 2 News Program.
• She is married with two children and enjoys cooking traditional Armenian food and going out to view events.

Who is Gasia Mikaelian?

Gasia Mikaelian was born on 4 July 1975, in Livermore, California USA, of Armenian descent, and is a broadcast journalist, best known for her work with the local news television station KTVU which covers the Bay Area, where she serves as the lead anchor.

Gasia Mikaelian

The Wealth of Gasia Mikaelian

How rich is Gasia Mikaelian? As of early-2019, sources estimate a net worth that is over $1 million, earned through a successful career in broadcasting. She’s also done a lot of field reporting and has also done radio work as well. As she continues her endeavors, it is expected that her wealth will also continue to increase, as her current salary is over $100,000.

Early Life and Education

Gasia’s parents moved to the US shortly after she was born in hopes of finding a better life for their child. Despite moving to the US, the parents made it a point that their children would not lose their Armenian heritage and kept most of their culture intact. She along with her siblings were all given traditional names despite the insistence of others to give children more common names in the States. Her name means cinnamon in Armenian and she attended a Saturday school with fellow Armenians throughout her childhood. During high school, she had no idea what kind of career she wanted to pursue, but she loved talking, reading and writing. She wrote for the school newspaper, and was voted as the Most Talkative for the school’s Senior Favorites.

She knew what her interests and strengths were, and on the advice of her parents, she enrolled at Las Positas College after matriculating from high school. She took up all of the writing courses in school in a span of two years, then enrolled at San Diego State University and completed a degree in journalism with the intention of later moving to radio broadcasting. She had written for the university’s newspaper and served in their radio station.

Career Beginnings

Mikaelian’s first professional endeavor came at the end of the summer after she had graduated. She drove out to Yuma, Arizona with a resume reel to meet a news director in the area. She worked at the station KMBT which had a mix of radio and television; initially she was only interested in radio, and watched the television journalists from the background, so moved to KSWT as a part of the station’s radio department in 1997.

However, the company started making cuts, and to save her job, she started working as a television reporter to ensure that she was still earning a paycheck. She found that she flourished in a television role and stuck with it. Her next job would be at Huntsville, Alabama with the news station WAFF, reporting on news and topics that were new to her, covering college football, and visiting cotton and tobacco plantations. She also said that it was her first time to eat ‘biscuits n’gravy’.

Move to KTVU

Gasia eventually saw a job listing for a new Fox affiliate in San Diego, and desiring to be closer to home, she sent in her resume tape, and shortly afterwards was contacted by a news director saying that he liked her work. She was hired in 2005 as the morning and noon anchor of San Diego, and felt that at this time she had broken into the big leagues, and after a short stop in Houston, she started working for KTVU in San Diego.

She started working for reporters and anchors she knew from growing up, and now covered various programs for the network. According to her, the work is very fulfilling and she mentions that one of her favorite assignments was covering the Giants during the Major League Baseball (MLB) World Series. Since joining KTVU, she has remained in her role and has also expanded her responsibilities, as she also hosts the Channel 2 News Program at 7 PM most weeknights, and covers the 10 PM news program. She mentioned that being close to her home allowed her to visit her parents, and also her siblings who all live in the Bay Area.

Personal Life

For her personal life, it is known that Mikaelian married Paul Perez in 2006 and considered taking his last name so that it would be easier to pronounce, although her husband is also Armenian. However, she decided against it eventually, wanting to maintain her Armenian roots. They have two children together and chose to give her children traditional Armenian names, and also teaches them the language. She said that it was very difficult to return to work, as she felt guilty for leaving her children. In response, her husband decided to stay at home so that a parent could always remain with the children.

Aside from her work and family, she mentions that she enjoys cooking and is glad that she learned how to cook Armenian food. She makes a good shish kebab from a recipe handed down from her mother. She also loves going out and viewing various events in the locality. She scouts and shops at thrift stores for vintage items including furniture as well as jewelry. She has visited her high school in Livermore, and discovered that after 22 years away, the school had changed a lot; most of the teachers she knew had already retired.

Olivia Wilson

Olivia Wilson is currently a reporter for AffairPost based in London, United Kingdom. Prior to joining AffairPost in September 2018, she was a entertainment reporter. Olivia studied journalism at Cardiff University, graduating in 2010.

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