Master P daughter, Tytyana Miller Wiki Bio, Measurements, Dating, Wealth

• Tytyana Miller is the daughter of the renowned Percy Robert Miller (American rapper Master P).
• She is recognized as a beautiful girl who loves the Hollywood spotlight and living lavishly.
• Tytyana is not an actress, having only featured in one movie in 2010.
• She has a drug problem and discussed it with her father on an episode of “Growing Up Hip Hop”.
• Her parents divorced in 2013 and her siblings are also Hollywood stars.

Who is Tytyana Miller?

Tytyana Miller is known as the daughter of the renowned Percy Robert Miller, an American rapper who also goes by the name Master P. Tytyana’s father is also a former basketball player and noted entrepreneur. She is also recognized as a beautiful girl who loves the Hollywood spotlight and living slavishly. She can afford all this with her father’s riches.

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Tytyana Miller Early Life and Education Background

Tytyana Miller, fondly known as TaTa, was born on 15 June 1992 in the USA, to Sonya and Robert Miller, and comes from a big family as she has eight siblings who include Romeo, Italy, Cymphonique, Young V, Mercy, Hercy, Inty and Veno Miller. Among all her siblings, Tytyana received the most attention as well as proper care from her parents. Tytyana is of American nationality and Afro American ethnicity. There is no information regarding her education background available to the media.

What is Tytyana’s Career, is she an Actress?

Although some people refer to Tytyana as an actress, that is far from the truth. The only time she featured in a film was in 2010 when she starred in the movie “Mother’s Choice”, written by Alicia Anderson and directed by Carnetta Jones. Tytyana has never been featured in her father’s popular reality show “Master P’s Family Empire”, although her siblings are part of the cast. Her one role in acting is not enough to label her as an actress yet.

Tytyana Miller

Tytyana Parents Divorce

Master P. and his wife Sonya finalized their divorce in 2014, after being married for 24 years. According to Sonya, because of irreconcilable differences. On the other hand, Master P. accused Sonya of being obsessed with his money, instead of taking care of their children.

During the divorce proceedings, there were several accusations thrown at both the couple and their children – Sonya even sued Romeo, her own son accusing him of colluding with Master P. to conceal income details from her. Sonya also accused her husband of kidnapping four of their children, and manipulating them to stay away from their mother. Her intentions for causing that entire ruckus could have been that she wanted to get as much as she could in the divorce settlement – when finalized, she received $825,000 in settlement.

Tytyana Miller Drug Problem

If there is one controversy that Tytyana is known for, it is drug abuse. During the episode of “Growing Up Hip Hop”, Tytyana sat with her dad and discussed her drug problem. Before her parents divorced, she was living with her mother who also has a drug problem. It is possible that Tytyana was taught about drugs by her own mother.

Her father has never been amused by Tytyana’s drug problem and he once advised her to solve her issues if she wanted to continue living a happy life, telling his daughter ‘In this house, you’re gonna have to do what’s right for you and us. Do you understand me?’ Later on that same episode, Tytyana’s sister Cymphonique talked to her, and afterwards Tytyana explained to her brother, Romeo that she was ready to deal with her drug problem and clear up her act.

Tytyana Miller – Quick Facts

Here are some interesting facts about Tytyana.

Her parents were both very successful in Hollywood: Tytyana’s dad is a renowned former basketball player; producer, musician, actor, businessman and philanthropist, who has managed to accumulate a considerable net worth. He rose to stardom as a rapper through his hip-hop music group, singles, and solo albums. Apart from singing, he has also featured in movies.

Her mother, Sonya might not be as popular as her husband, but she has also had a very successful career. She is well-known for appearing in various television shows including “Kitchen Accomplished” and “Material Girls”, among others.

Tytyana’s siblings are also Hollywood stars, most following in the footsteps of their parents and becoming stars too. For example, Romeo, her elder brother is a renowned American rapper whose first single became a platinum hit. He is also in the “Growing Up Hip-Hop” show cast.

Her younger sister, Cymphonique is a well-known actress, probably best known for playing the role of Kacey Simon in the sitcom “How To Rock” that aired on Nickelodeon.

Tytyana’s parents divorced in 2013 after being married for 24 years, having nine children. They had separated a year ago before Sonya finally filed for divorce. She also filed for custody of their four minor children and demanded a huge amount of money for child support.

Tytyana has not been able to make it in Hollywood like the rest of her family members: although many of her siblings have featured in the family’s reality show “Master P’s Family Empire”, Tytyana did not get that chance; it’s not unclear whether that’s due to her drug problem or not.

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