How did Chino Pacas Become Famous? His Age, Height, Net Worth

Mexican singer-rapper and songwriter, Chino Pacas, sent shockwaves through social media when he shared an original song on TikTok. His short music video quickly became a viral sensation, captivating millions of online users with his unique sound and edgy vocals. This surge in popularity propelled him into the professional music scene, officially establishing him as a recording artist. Notably, his debut single not only resonated with audiences but also secured a spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, by reaching No. 84. This debut success solidified his status as one of 2023’s Latin rising talents in the music industry.

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Early Years and Family

Cristian Humberto Avila Vega was born on 18 October 2006, in Guanajuato, Mexico. Around the age of 11 or 12, his family relocated to Tampa, Florida USA, where his mother, Veronica Vega Servin, worked as a Disney-certified travel agent. Notably absent from Chino’s interviews is any mention of his father, leaving his current status or role in Chino’s upbringing unknown. Growing up, music was a constant presence in his life. He was part of a musical choir back in their hometown. His older brother, Diego Arturo Avila Vega, publicly known as Turo Pacas, played an integral part in his growing love for music.

Turo, a musician himself, would often play and create music in their home, and who significantly shaped Chino’s musical journey, patiently teaching him how to play the guitar, and later encouraging him to pursue a career in music. Recognizing his younger brother’s immense potential, Turo became a crucial mentor, setting the stage for Chino Pacas to make his mark in the music industry. To support the family financially and facilitate their adjustment to the new environment in Florida, Chino worked for a period in a construction company.


Chino Pacas’ remarkable ability to seamlessly blend rap, and hip hop with traditional Mexican genres catapulted him into the spotlight in the fiercely competitive entertainment industry. His stage name was a combination of his childhood nickname, “Chino” and “Pacas,” which translates to bales of money.

First Steps – Going Viral

During the digital era, when online platforms became crucial for content creators, talented artists like Chino Pacas utilized these spaces to showcase their skills and build their brands – Chino harnessed the power of free apps to unveil his talents to the world. Having been deeply inspired by Nathaniel Cano’s music, which seamlessly blended corridos tumbados and hip hop, Chino experimented and created approximately 15 songs within this mixed genre.

At the age of 16, he achieved viral fame on TikTok by sharing a snippet of his work through a video, showcasing his original performance. With his distinctive raspy voice, the music video resonated with millions of viewers, earning widespread acclaim and affirming that Chino was on the right path.

Securing a Recording Deal

As Chino’s video gained momentum online, it captured the attention of Jesus Ortiz Paz, popularly known as JOP, the frontman of the renowned Mexican regional music group Fuerza Regida and the founder of Street Mob Records, a record label dedicated to supporting Mexican music. In the early hours of the day when JOP discovered the viral video, he reached out to Chino via FaceTime to assess his talent. The connection was instantaneous, leading to the swift dispatch of a recording contract to the then-16-year-old artist. Overwhelmed with excitement, Chino wasted no time in signing, reflecting on how that singular video had transformed his life. Grateful for the opportunity, he expressed, ‘Thanks to that song, JOP noticed us and decided to sign us.’

Chino Pacas became a part of the distinguished roster at Street Mob Records, alongside notable Mexican artists such as Juanpa Salazar, Fuerza Regida, Angel Tumbado, and Calle 24. His timing proved impeccable as Street Mob Records joined forces with Cinq Music, a label boasting an impressive array of American artists, including Janet Jackson, T.I., Sean Kingston, and Jason Derulo. This strategic alliance further elevated Chino’s standing in the music industry.

Debut single

Not everyone who attains viral fame on social media manages to translate that success into a flourishing career in the music industry. Chino Pacas, however, charted a unique course that propelled him to the pinnacle of success in the music world—the esteemed Billboard Charts.

On 27 January 2023, under the banner of Street Mob Records, Chino released his debut single entitled “El Gordo Trae El Mando”, marking the beginning of a musical journey that would leave a lasting mark on the industry. Recognized for his lyrical prowess, Chino ingeniously incorporated traditional Mexican Corridos into his music—a genre characterized by poetic narratives delving into themes of love, and life, and enriched with Mexican history.

The impact was swift and substantial. “El Gordo Trae El Mando” found a place on multiple Billboard charts, including Hot Latin Songs, Latin Streaming Songs, and Global 200. The initial results were met with immense gratitude from Chino’s team. However, by April, the single achieved a milestone that surpassed expectations—it officially secured a spot on the highly revered Billboard Hot 100, entering at No. 84 and later peaking at No. 58 in May 2023.

The official music video for the single also gained immense popularity. Uploaded in January 2023, it has amassed approximately 140 million views, solidifying its status as one of the most-watched songs on YouTube. For Chino, the journey from deciding to pursue a career as a rapper and musician to having his debut single grace the prestigious Billboard chart was beyond his wildest dreams. Remarkably, his older brother, who was the first to recognize and believe in his talent, foresaw this outcome, solidifying the familial support that has been a constant in Chino’s musical odyssey.

Released more hits

Following his breakthrough debut, Chino embarked on collaborations with renowned artists, expanding his reach to a broader audience. A notable collaboration was with the popular Mexican band Fuerza Regida, resulting in the song “Dijeron Que No La Iba a Lograr,” translating to “For Those Who Said We Couldn’t Make It” in English. The experience was nothing short of amazing for Chino, given that Fuerza Regida was one of the Mexican artists he had long admired. The song itself served as an inspiration, encouraging listeners to persist in the pursuit of their dreams.

In August 2023, Chino continued his successful streak with another hit song, this time collaborating with both Fuerza Regida and Calle 24. Initially, the song secured the impressive position of No. 8 on the Billboard Hot Latin Songs chart, later making its debut at No. 31 on the Billboard Global 200. Subsequently, it claimed the top spot on the Billboard Mexico Songs chart. By September 2023, it achieved an even more remarkable feat, debuting at No. 24 on the prestigious Billboard Hot 100 chart. These songs not only showcased Chino’s versatility, but also solidified his position among the Rising Latin Artists of 2023.

Billboard Recognition

The year 2023 marked a truly remarkable chapter in the journey of the 17-year-old Mexican artist, Chino Pacas. His relentless dedication and hard work paid off when he earned his first Latin Billboard Award nomination for New Artist of the Year in September, underscoring his rapid ascent in the competitive music industry. While the coveted award eluded him on that occasion, the nomination itself was a moment of overwhelming recognition for the young artist. Instead of being disheartened, it served as a powerful testament to his excellence in music creation, inspiring him to delve deeper into the realm of Mexican music. The experience fueled his determination to continually refine his craft and strive for a better version of himself in the ever-evolving landscape of the music scene.

Creating and collaborating with other artists

Just like other emerging musicians, Chino continued to craft music and engage in collaborations to maintain his presence in the dynamic music scene. By October, he unveiled a new single entitled “Como Pancho Villa.” True to his signature style, he seamlessly blended the traditional Mexican corrido beat with pulsating bass sounds and expressive guitar strumming, garnering praise in reviews for the harmonious marriage of music and his distinct, edgy vocals.

Furthermore, Chino made a significant appearance in the eighth studio album, “Pa Las Baby’s y Belikeada,” released by Fuerza Regida in 2023. His compelling voice left its mark on the track “Plvo Blnco.” Fans enthusiastically noted that JOP, ever supportive, spared no effort in leveraging all available resources to promote this promising new artist.

Future Plans – Album in the Works

Following the success of his singles and collaborations, Chino Pacas is engaged in crafting his debut album. In the intricate stages of song selection and recording, he is meticulously curating the right blend of tracks. Excitingly, Chino has reached out to fellow artists for collaborative efforts, including a notable track featuring his brother Turo, which he was most excited about. His brother also became a professional musician as Turo debuted as a singer in JOP’s new album. This journey is a realization of a longstanding dream for the young artist, who remains profoundly thankful for the continuous support. Despite his achievements, he humbly acknowledges that, in his view, this is just the beginning of his musical odyssey.

His Artistic Influences and Style

Growing up in Guanajuato, Chino immersed himself in the vibrant culture associated with the Mexican tumbado movement. The environment pulsated with the trap corrido genre, a captivating fusion of traditional corrido and the rhythmic beats of American hip-hop. Chino’s artistic expression bears the obvious mark of this influence, not just in his music but also in his distinctive fashion sense. Reflecting on this, he shared in an interview, ‘Seeing all the movement that was emerging around me was what motivated me.’ Drawing inspiration from acclaimed artists such as Natanael Cano and Jesus Ortiz Paz of Fuerza Regida, Chino skillfully weaves elements of the tumbado movement into his persona, creating a unique and resonant artistic identity.

Being compared to Peso Pluma

Emerging onto the music scene through the corridors tumbados genre, Chino Pacas immediately drew comparisons to the style of Peso Pluma. Peso Pluma, a successful 23-year-old Mexican artist, has stormed the Latin music scene, becoming one of Mexico’s most streamed artists. He recently claimed the New Artist of the Year trophy at the Billboard Latin Music Awards. Many regard Chino as the heir apparent to Peso Pluma, with numerous music insiders believing that, given the right resources and exposure, he could surpass Peso’s achievements.

Controversy – Detained by the LAPD

In July 2023, fans were shocked by news accompanied by a video, revealing that two popular Mexican artists had been detained at gunpoint for gun possession in Los Angeles. The incident unfolded during a routine traffic stop inspection by members of the Los Angeles Police Department, occurring after one in the morning.

Chino, accompanied by Calle 24, and a manager, was cruising in their Rolls-Royce Cullinan and a Cadillac Escalade in the Hollywood area. During the inspection, a gun was found in their possession, which belonged to the manager; complicating matters, the gun owner had an outstanding warrant. After resolving the issue at the LAPD headquarters, Chino and Calle 24 were allowed to go home, as they had no involvement in the manager’s past indiscretions. Only the manager was arrested.

His family and fans exhaled a collective sigh of relief, recognizing that an arrest had the potential to alter the trajectory of his burgeoning career.

Personal Life and Family

Amidst the rising trajectory of his music career, Chino Pacas has maintained a discreet stance on dating, steering clear of any swirling rumors despite occasional sightings with various individuals. He guards his personal life from the spotlight, choosing not to disclose his dating history. According to those close to him, Chino is currently single, attributing his lack of dating activities to a dedication to his burgeoning career. Reports suggest that his mother occasionally accompanies him to events and actively manages his social media profiles. At the age of 17, with a multitude of goals on the horizon, Chino prioritizes his career, recognizing the precious opportunity he has been afforded to pursue his dreams.

Net Worth and Future Endeavors

As of 2023, Chino Pacas boasts an estimated net worth of $2 million, primarily derived from his music career, including streams, sales, live performances, and endorsements. With a promising future ahead, Chino Pacas anticipates the release of his debut album, and continued exploration of diverse musical genres.

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