How did Georgia Hassarati get famous? Her Age, Height, Boyfriend

Who is Georgia Hassarati?

Georgia is an Australian reality TV star. She initially gained public attention as one of the contestants in the third season of “Too Hot To Handle”, and later appeared in “Perfect Match”. Georgia has also amassed a notable following on social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok, on which she shares glimpses of her life and engages with her audience.

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Early Life and Education

Georgia was born on 5 December 1996, in Brisbane, Queensland Australia, and is of mixed Lebanese and Australian descent. She was raised solely by her mother, Suzanne, and has three younger sisters, Savannah, Priscilla and Emma.

Georgia completed her primary and secondary education in her hometown. Throughout her schooling, she displayed a natural curiosity and passion for learning, and participated in various sports and extracurricular activities. Georgia studied Nursing at university and later worked as a midwife before entering the reality TV realm in 2022.

“Too Hot To Handle”

Georgia made her reality TV debut in the popular Netflix dating show “Too Hot To Handle”. The show brings together a group of ten singles in a tropical paradise for what they initially believe is going to be a carefree summer filled with flings. However, there’s a significant twist: they aren’t allowed to engage in any form of physical intimacy with each other if they want to win a grand cash prize of $100,000 or more.

During her time on the show, Georgia was known as the ‘ultimate grenade’, or the island’s most sought-after sweetheart. Her time on the show also involved some relationship drama, particularly with fellow contestant Harry Jowsey. In a podcast, Georgia revealed that Harry lied about their relationship, claiming they had slept together to create drama and gain social clout from her reality TV fame.

Georgia revealed in an interview that she approached the filming of “Too Hot To Handle“ with the mindset of ‘having fun’. Despite the show’s restrictions on physical intimacy, Georgia says that she was keen on enjoying the experience, and making the most of her time on the show, which significantly boosted her public profile. The exposure she gained played a crucial role in expanding her social media following, and establishing her as a recognized figure in the realm of reality TV and social media influencers.

Interestingly, Georgia didn’t know which show she was cast in since the contestants on “Too Hot To Handle” are initially unaware of the show’s premise, which is revealed to them after they arrive at the filming location. Georgia discovered the true nature of the show before it was officially revealed to the contestants, noticing a particular type of cup used in the first season of the show during a party on the first night. This clue led her to suspect that she was on “Too Hot To Handle”​.

“Perfect Match”

In 2023, Georgia joined the first season of “Perfect Match”, dating series which features former contestants from other Netflix reality shows such as “Love Is Blind”, “The Circle”, and “Too Hot to Handle”. The contestants spend 10 weeks in a tropical villa, and attempt to pair up with who they think might be their perfect match, and compete in challenges to determine which couple is most compatible. The winning duo from each challenge gets a private date and the ability to either bring new singles into the villa, or play matchmaker by sending new pairings on a date. During each new coupling up, the contestant left alone is eliminated from the show.

Georgia’s journey on “Perfect Match” was marked by a winning streak and subsequent drama, both on and off-screen. She competed alongside Dom Gabriel, and the duo was more than successful, ending up winning the first season.

During their time on “Perfect Match”, the show brought some drama involving Georgia, Dom Gabriel, and Francesca Farago. Initially, Dom Gabriel paired up with Francesca Farago for the first four episodes, but he later shifted his attention to Georgia, leading to a fallout between Georgia and Francesca.

Georgia has revealed that her experience post “Perfect Match” has been a mixed bag. Despite winning the show, she has been met with a lot of negative comments after her second run on the network, a contrast to her initial popularity. Even a month after the show aired and over a year after it was filmed, drama surrounding Georgia and Dom Gabriel from “Perfect Match” continues to unfold, hinting at the lasting impact the show has had on the participants’ lives.

Presence on Social Media

Georgia boasts a follower base of 1.5 million people on Instagram; her profile features a mix of personal photos, modeling shots, and glimpses into her life and experiences, including her reality TV stints.

On TikTok, she’s amassed over a million followers and close to 29 million likes across her videos. Her TikTok profile showcases various aspects of her life, and has sections such as ‘Food’ and ‘GRWM (Get Ready With Me)’ on which she shares content related to food and beauty respectively. Some of her videos have received significant engagement, with views reaching over a million.

Georgia’s social media content is diverse, encompassing a range of topics from her professional life as a midwife and reality TV star, to personal interests and lifestyle. For instance, she shared on Instagram about welcoming a new dog into her family last Christmas.

Her social media presence has allowed Georgia to establish herself in the modeling world. she appeared on the cover of “Tilted Fashion” magazine in October 2023, while she graced the cover of Australian “Cosmopolitan” in June of the same year.

Love Life and Relationships

Georgia has had a notably tumultuous romantic on-and-off relationship with Harry Jowsey, a fellow contestant from “Too Hot To Handle”. The two initially began dating around April/May 2022, but their relationship went through a break-up around October 2022, only to resume in April 2023.

The couple made a public appearance together when they visited Universal Studios on 27th February 2023. However, not long after reuniting, around 25 April 2023, it seems that Harry and Georgia broke up again, confirmation coming from a Snapchat story posted by Harry. They ended their relationship on a dramatic note after being together for about a year.

Moreover, there have been accusations from co-star Francesca regarding the timeline of Georgia’s relationship with Harry, who insisted that Georgia cheated on Dom with Harry.

Net Worth

As of November 2023, Georgia’s net worth has been estimated at close to $500,000, derived from her earnings from reality TV appearances, along with her estimated social media endorsement fees.

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