How Did Laurel Marsden Become Famous? Her Age, Height, Boyfriend

The young actress Laurel Marsden was born on 4th October 2001, in the USA; her exact birthplace is unknown, with some sources claiming that she was born and raised in New York City and others that she was born in Los Angeles, California. Likewise, little is known of Laurel’s parents, but we can confirm that she has an older sister.


So far, Laurel’s career has been brief but impactful. In 2020, she made her TV debut playing Kara in two episodes of the miniseries “Survive”. The show was inspired by “Lost” and saw its main characters Paul and Jane (played by Corey Hawkins and Sophie Turner) embark on a harrowing journey into the wilderness as the sole survivors of a plane crash on a remote snow-covered mountain.

Two years later, Laurel played Zoe in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) miniseries “Ms. Marvel”, which received glowing reviews thanks to its cast of young talents such as Iman Vellani, Yasmeen Fletcher, and Matt Lintz. Although some hardcore Marvel fans disliked the miniseries for having the look and feel of a Disney show – which was intentional, as the target demographic was children and young teens – others were pleased to see Muslim characters being portrayed in a positive light.

Laurel’s experience on the set of “Ms. Marvel” was a positive one, as she learned a lot about South Asian and Pakistani culture, as well as acting. ‘Being a part of something with so much love and passion behind it was so inspiring,’ she subsequently said.

In a November 2022 interview with Photobook magazine, Laurel revealed that she had two movies in the works – “The Pope’s Exorcist” and “All Fun and Games”. The former is a supernatural horror film based on the 1990 book “An Exorcist Tells His Story”, and has a promising cast led by Russell Crowe, Daniel Zovatto and Alex Essoe to name just three.

Despite mixed reviews from critics, the Julius Avery movie brought in $76 million at the box office, over four times its budget. Laurel’s character, Amy Vasquez, is the rebellious teenage sister of a boy named Henry, who is possessed after a mysterious fire.

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Similarly, “All Fun and Games” is a horror thriller with plenty of demonic activity and gruesome deaths. Starring Natalia Dyer and Asa Butterfield, the movie didn’t go down well with viewers or critics, who criticized the screenplay, overused plot tropes, and unnecessarily gory scenes.

Laurel has yet to announce any projects for 2024 onwards, but when she does, her social media followers will probably be the first to know. Speaking to Photobook magazine, the “Ms. Marvel” star shared that her love for acting stems from attending midnight releases of major franchise films when she was a child. ‘My mom would take my older sister and me,’ she said. ‘My love for cinema only grew from there. I knew I wanted to be a part of those stories any way I could.’

According to Laurel, during her high school years she was in children’s theatre and trained at Second City Improv in Chicago. Her favorite director is Greta Gerwig thanks to the ‘earnest quality’ of her films; apart from Greta’s admirable works, the actress’s favorite movies are “The Virgin Suicides” and “Dead Poets Society”. As for dream roles, Laurel is looking to play a pirate or regency-era period character in the future, but the thespian doesn’t rule culinary school out either, as she reportedly loves to cook, and make cocktails for her friends and family.

Personal Life

Laurel is 5ft 9in (174cm) tall and is no stranger to undergoing the occasional makeover, such as a recent dye job which transformed her into a fiery redhead. Laurel’s interest in fashion and beauty is evident when browsing her social media, which also includes vacation snaps, behind-the-scenes footage of her current projects, and cute selfies with her boyfriend.

The actress has been in a steady relationship with Bobby Giangeruso since 2019 or 2020. Bobby works in the tech industry and is the co-founder and head of design of Jour, a mental health company that was acquired by digital health insurance platform Alan for $20 million in September 2021. Since then, the teams at Jour and Alan have been working on Alan Mind, a mental health service which aims to provide in-company workshops, video lessons with experts in the field, and access to one-on-one sessions with qualified therapists.

Bobby is rarely active on social media, but he makes sure to include his girlfriend in uploads from time to time, with his most recent Instagram post being a simple Valentine’s Day message to Laurel.


The undoubted breakout star of “Ms. Marvel” has been Iman Vellani, who was born in September 2002, and had no prior acting experience before being cast as Kamala Khan in the Marvel miniseries.

Iman was born in Pakistan, but the family moved to Canada when she was a year old. Raised as a Shia Ismaili Muslim, she matriculated from Unionville High School and planned to study integrated media at the Ontario College of Art & Design University. However, life had different plans for her, as she was busy filming for “Ms. Marvel”.

The actress learned of the project thanks to her aunt, who forwarded her a casting call for the role; after submitting a self-tape, Iman was asked to audition in Los Angeles. Two successful screen tests later, Iman landed the coveted lead role. Since then, she’s appeared in the documentary short “A Fan’s Guide to Ms. Marvel”, the CGI-immersive interactive experience “Avengers: Quantum Encounter”, and the documentary “Assembled: The Making of Ms. Marvel”.

American actor Matt Lintz has also gone semi-mainstream, thanks to his portrayal of Bruno Carrelli in the miniseries; however, unlike Iman, he began doing commercials at four years of age, and made his acting debut with a role in the 2009 horror movie “Halloween II”.

In 2018, Matt appeared alongside Daniel Bruhl in the award-winning show “The Alienist”. He also guest-starred in season nine of “The Walking Dead” – his older sister, Madison, had previously starred in the show’s first two seasons.

Apart from his role in “Ms. Marvel”, Matt recently announced that he’d become a content creator partner for G FUEL. The caffeinated drink mix is sold by Gamma Labs, and advertised as a supplement for gaming that improves focus and reaction time. Gamma Labs came under fire and lost several partnerships with content creators in June 2022, after a company executive used a slur and made derogatory statements during a team call; since then, the company has fired seven talent managers, and sought to revamp its image with help from Matt and other social media starlets.

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