How did Taj Cross Become Famous? His Age, Height, Net Worth

Taj Cross is swiftly making a name for himself as both an actor and dancer, garnering recognition in the entertainment industry for his exceptional skills. Before achieving stardom, he honed his talents as a skilled painter.

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His breakthrough moment arrived when he landed a role in Hulu’s comedy series “PEN15,” portraying the character Sam. Taj Cross shared the screen with renowned actors such as Molera Walters, Maya Erskine, and Anna Konkle, further solidifying his presence in the spotlight.

Who exactly is Taj Cross and how did he become a rising star overnight? Let’s find out!

Early Personal Life

Taj Cross was born on 11 February 2004, in Venice, California, USA. Possessing American nationality, he identifies with a British-Irish ethnicity. Taj’s parents are Jake Cross and Christena Karras, and he grew up alongside his older sister, Camille.

His mother is the founder of an interior design studio named Studio Karris, located in Venice. In addition, she’s involved in stage performances. Taj’s parents are no longer together, having divorced when he was young; his mother has since remarried CJ Bonura.

There is nothing to indicate that the divorce was particularly difficult for Taj and his sister, and it seems that they had a fairly normal childhood.


Taj apparently matriculated from high school in June 2019, age 15, and subsequently pursued the development of his acting and dancing skills by attending classes at Margie Haber Studio, Grey Studio, Ruskin Group Theatre Company, Second City, and DC Dance Centre.


Taj started his acting journey at a young age, initially making appearances in various commercials and short films. However, his breakthrough came when he portrayed the character Sam in the “PEN15” TV series in 2019, marking his entrance into the spotlight.

Building on his success, Taj has been actively involved in multiple acting projects, including roles in “Young Rock” in 2021 and “Big Boys” in 2023, which ventures have further solidified his presence in the entertainment industry.

Following his television appearances, he garnered significant attention from audiences, swiftly amassing a dedicated fan base. With just a handful of projects, Taj has already made a lasting impression, leaving his fans eagerly anticipating his future endeavours.

Interesting Facts

Taj holds Dove Cameron and Ty Simpkins as his favourite actors and artists, appreciating their work in the entertainment industry. One of his go-to tourist spots is Disneyland, a place he always harbours the desire to visit.


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When it comes to aesthetics, he deems blue as the most beautiful colour, reflecting his personal preference.

Taj enjoys a varied palate, savouring dishes like pizza and French fries among others. His cinematic preferences lean towards films including “The Incredibles” and “Monsters.”

Beyond his entertainment and culinary interests, the young star is an active sports enthusiast, particularly enjoying football and basketball. During his leisure time, he also engages in skateboarding activities with his friends, adding an adventurous flair to his pursuits.

Taj also has a soft spot for animals, proudly owning a dog named Mocha.

Later Personal Life

There are no reports on Taj’s love life at this point, and it seems like he’s currently enjoying the single life.

Physical Characteristics

Taj is rather short at 5 ft 4 ins (163cms) and weighs 177lbs (53 kgs). He has brown hair and dark brown hair.

Net Worth

Taj’s career is still young, and has only just begun to show the world what his acting skills are. As such, his estimated net worth as of late 2023 is $100, 000. It may not be much yet, but Taj is an upcoming star who it seems is likely to earn a lot more money.

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