How Jacey Sink Followed Her Sister’s Footsteps into Acting

Jacey Sink is an aspiring young actress who hopes to carve a name out for herself in Hollywood. She has the spunk and the talent to go far, and if you’ve wondered why this young actress looks so familiar, you’re not the only one. She’s the younger sister of another actress making a name for herself as a talented rising star: Sadie Sink. none other than Max from the hit show ”Stranger Things.”

Jacey doesn’t have to stand in her sister’s shadow, as she’s out there doing her own thing and claiming her own spot in the limelight. Let’s get to know this budding actress a little better.

Early Personal Life

Born on 5 January 2010 in Brenham, Texas, Jacey Sink proudly holds American nationality and comes from a close-knit family that comprises seven people. Her mom, Lori, is a teacher who specialises in maths while her dad, Casey, serves as a rugby coach.

Jacey shares a special connection with her older sister, Sadie, a well-known Hollywood actress born in 2002, who eventually making a name for herself on Broadway. She’s also since achieved success in various movies and TV series. Sadie’s drive and success inspired young Jacey, and she has always looked up to her.

Apart from Sadie, Jacey has three older brothers—Mitchell, Spencer, and Caleb.

Caleb, a Seton Hall University graduate, is all for a normal life and work environment, while Spencer, having earned his law degree from the University of Missouri in 2022, practices as an attorney.

Mitchell shares Jacey’s passion for acting and has made appearances in several Broadway shows, with roles in productions such as ”Matilda the Musical” and ”Elf.”

Jacey’s early years were spent in various places in Texas before her family made the decision to relocate to New Jersey to support Sadie’s acting career. The family currently resides in Summit, New Jersey, where Jacey enjoys her present life with her mom and dad, and the rest of her family.

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At her young age, Jacey likely attends a school, mirroring the typical experience of children her age. The possibility exists that she may follow in the footsteps of her elder brothers and pursue higher education in the future.

However, given the trajectory of her burgeoning acting career, akin to that of her well-known elder sister, Jacey may opt not to attend college if her passion for acting continues to flourish. The coming years will unveil the path she chooses as she navigates the balance between education, and her promising career in the entertainment industry.


Jacey has shown her budding talent through participation in several local theatre productions in her hometown. Notably, she was part of the cast for ” The Sound of Music,” a production that was able to captivate audiences in December 2022 and January 2023.

Beyond the local theatre scene, Jacey has left her mark on screen by portraying the younger version of her esteemed older sister, Sadie. This unique collaboration began in July 2019 during an episode of the Netflix hit “Stranger Things.” In this episode, Jacey skillfully depicted a younger version of Sadie’s character, Max, in a flashback showcasing Max’s introduction to her cousin, Billy.

Jacey’s on-screen portrayal continued in the 2022 movie, “The Whale“, about an isolated teacher, Charlie, who endeavours to rebuild the relationship with his young daughter, Ellie, played by Sadie. Charlie is played by the Hollywood star Brendan Fraser. In the film’s concluding scene, a beach flashback featuring a younger Sadie prominently featured Jacey once again, once more portraying a younger version of a character her sister was playing. The fact that she can portray her sister convincingly means they not only look very similar, but also share great acting skills.

While these are Jacey’s only official roles so far, it’s clear that she has what it takes to become a big star, just like her older sister.

Interesting Facts

Information about Jacey isn’t readily available, but we do know that her favourite food is pizza and her favourite colour is red. She loves music, and spends a lot of time with Sadie—the two are BFFs.

Later Personal Life

Jacey is still young and it’s likely that she hasn’t had many, if any, romantic relationships yet. If she has, she’s keeping information about them to herself.

Physical Characteristics

Jacey is currently 4ft 4 ins (132cms) tall and has a healthy weight of about 77lbs (35kgs). She has blue eyes and red hair.

Net Worth

Jacey’s career is just beginning, but it’s already estimated that her net worth as of late 2023 stands at an impressive $100,000.

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