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• Howard Stern is a radio personality, producer, actor, photographer, and author.
• He is most known for his radio show “The Howard Stern Show” and his book “Private Parts”.
• He has been active in the show business industry since 1975 and his net worth is estimated to be $650 million.
• He is married to model Beth Ostrosky and has 3 daughters from his first marriage.
• He is 6ft 5ins (1.97m) tall and has an average weight of over 200lbs, (85kgs).

Who is Howard Stern?

Howard Allan Stern was born on the 12th January 1954, in Queens, New York City USA, of Polish and Austro-Hungarian descent. He is a radio personality as well as a photographer, actor, producer and author, who is probably best recognized for his own show entitled “The Howard Stern Show” which was broadcast from 1986 to 2005. In addition, Stern is well known as ‘King of All Media’, a title he gained by creating, hosting and producing a great number of widely popular home videos, TV shows and public events. The publication of his two books “Miss America” and “Private Parts” has contributed to his popularity as well.

Where is Howard Stern Today?

Howard has been active in the show business industry since 1975. In 2015 Stern began collaborating with “Whalerock Industries” on setting up a digital service which would have a direct approach to consumers. At the same time, he was participating in one of the most popular shows in the US – ‘America’s Got Talent’ – as a judge. Following this, he signed a new contract with “SiriusXM” radio station which has given him the right to broadcast his radio show until 2020, as well as for his video and radio archives to be placed on new streaming application. Moreover, Howard was the one who inducted the iconic band “Bon Jovi” into the “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame” in 2018.

Howard Stern’s Early Life and Education

Stern was born into a Jewish family, the second child of Ray and Ben Stern. He has an older sister, Ellen, whom he always described as a completely different person from himself. His father worked as an engineer at several radio stations before co-founding the studio Aura Recording Inc., where a lot of famous directors and artists came to record cartoons and commercials, and which was where Howard became familiar with and interested in the entertainment industry, and in particular, radio. It is believed that he wanted to become a radio personality from the age of five, which his father encouraged by creating and equipping a space in their home basement with a tape machine and a microphone; Howard spent a lot of time there, making and recording his make-believe commercials, radio shows and sketches. However, Stern had a very versatile personality, so he became engaged in a number of different organizations and extracurricular activities. This was the time when the family moved to Roosevelt, New York and he started attending Washington-Rose Elementary School, then moved up to Roosevelt Junior-Senior High School. A lot of opportunities became available for him, so he took a great number of them, for instance forming a band, taking piano lessons, using marionettes to entertain his friends by making various performances, and working kitchen and other duties at a youth camp in Narrowsburg, New York.

Howard’s rather frequent visits to his father’s studio influenced the narrowing down of his numerous interests. Watching and listening to some of the greatest radio personalities of all time, such as Don Adams and Larry Storch at the studio, helped him realize that he primarily, wanted to be a radio personality, as opposed to being a musician. However, his early life wasn’t always that wonderful and opportunistic, reportedly experiencing bullying in high school as he was a white person in a predominantly black school. Consequently, he moved to nearby Rockville Centre, where he transferred to South Side High School.

Following his matriculation from high school in 1972, Howard enrolled at the communications department at Boston University, and started volunteering at the university’s radio station, where he got a chance to host various programs and read the news. Beside being active in extracurricular activities, he continued pursuing a formal education degree, in fact Howard enrolled into the School of Public Communications and Radio Engineering Institute of Electronics, from where he graduated with the required diploma for all radio broadcasters at that period of time – radio operator license. Subsequently, the same year (1975) may be marked as the beginning of his professional radio career, as he acquired his first job at a noted radio station called WNTN and graduated in broadcasting and film.

Howard Stern

Radio Career, Video and Television Projects

The early period of his career was marked by several bad business decisions. After he declined to work at a rock radio station called WRNW, he got a marketing role in an advertising company, which he soon quit to pursue a career in their creative department, but wasn’t successful. However, that didn’t discourage him, as he contacted the same station after doing all sorts of jobs unrelated to his preferred career, to return to doing what he actually loved. From that point onward, Howard progressed extremely quickly, as he became the station’s production director from just a technician in only several months. Soon a lot of important people from the entertainment industry realized how talented and devoted he was, so in the next couple of decades he received numerous offers and engaged in multiple significant projects such as signing a deal with Radio and Records, hosting a morning show at WWWW radio station, then going on to sign a five-year contract with WNBC which was speculated to be worth $1 million. He made another momentous achievement in 1982 by producing a music album of song parodies entitled “50 Ways to Rank Your Mother”.

Stern’s popularity and success increased rapidly to the point of him being interviewed for “People” magazine, and gaining the highest listener rating in the history of WNBC, nevertheless, he was fired from this station due to his controversial ways of hosting and speaking on air.

As for his television career, Howard made his debut appearance on screen in 1986 when he started hosting a talk-show on Fox. After the show was cancelled, he returned to being a radio personality, and hosted his own show for the next several years, while making guest appearances on many other popular TV and radio shows as well. In 1992, he released the video “Butt Bongo Fiesta” which turned out to be so great a success that he sold 260,000 copies and earned approximately $10 million, as was estimated by authoritative sources.

“America’s Got Talent” and Photography

In 2010 Stern was asked to replace Piers Morgan as a judge on one of the most famous shows in the US – “America’s Got Talent”. He was supposed to be a part of the show just for season seven, but as his appearance turned out to be a smart business move, producers of the show decided to retain him for the next three seasons as well. In addition, he started exploring the art of photography, and very soon became appreciated as a photographer. Therefore, a number of widely popular magazines offered him to construct layouts for them, so he took shots for “Hamptons”, “WHIRL”, “North Shore Animal League” etc. As his business mushroomed, he decided to found his own company – “Conlon Road Photography”.


After achieving indescribable success in almost all fields of the entertainment industry, he wanted to try himself in writing books. Upon his first book’s (“Private Parts”) publication, it instantly gained worldwide success, with publishers Simon and Schuster making a huge profit out of it as 225,000 copies were sold within just a few hours, and over a million after two weeks from release. The book’s popularity increased rapidly to the point of it taking first place on “The New York Times” Best Seller List. A few years later, Stern decided to write his next book entitled “Miss America”, which turned out to be no less of a success than the first one, also achieving first place on numerous best sellers’ lists.

Personal Life and Appearance

Stern was married to his first wife, Alison Berns, for 23 years from 1978 to 2001. They were madly in love at first, but as Howard himself stated, he was primarily married to his work and then to his wife, so they separated but remained friends; they have three daughters. Before officially divorcing, he started dating  famous model, Beth Ostrosky – they have been married since 2008, but have no children together. To speak further of his personal life, he began practicing Transcedental Meditation after being encouraged to do so by his parents, becoming fascinated it and announcing that this technique helped him cure his obsessive-compulsive disorder, his mother’s depression, and a lot of other things. As for his appearance, he is well known for his messy curly hair; towering height of 6ft 5ins (1.97m) and an average weight of over 200lbs, (85kgs).

Net Worth

It is estimated by authoritative sources that Stern counts his net worth at the impressive amount of $650 million as of early 2019, accumulated largely through his incredibly successful involvement in the entertainment industry, with another source coming from the publications of his two best-selling books. Moreover, founding his photography and production companies increased his net worth, as well. It is stated that his annual salary is $90 million.

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