QVC host David Venable’s Wiki: Gay, Partner, Father, Annual Salary, Mother, Siblings

• David Venable was born on the 12th November 1964, in Charlotte, North Carolina USA
• He pursued journalism at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
• He is best known for his work on the QVC network and his show "In Kitchen with David"
• He has published cookbooks with over 500,000 copies sold
• He is active on social media and has over 470,000 followers on Facebook

Who is David Venable?

David Venable was born on the 12th November 1964, in Charlotte, North Carolina USA, and is a celebrity chef, best known to the world for his work on the QVC network as the host of such shows as “In Kitchen with David”, among guest appearances, for example in “Rachel Ray”, and “Bethenny”. Do you want to know more about David? Stay tuned for details about his personal life, career, and other interests will be at your disposal, even information if David is really gay or not. Let’s start with his early life.

David Venable Bio: Early Life, Father, Mother, and Education

David is the son of Sarah, who raised him in his hometown; unfortunately, there is no information about his father, and whether he has any siblings or not. He was interested in food making from an early age, but instead of a degree at a culinary institute, he pursued journalism at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

Career Beginnings

Upon graduation, David started looking for work in the big corporate world, and luck smiled upon him when he joined WTAJ-TV, headquartered in Pennsylvania. However, he wasn’t satisfied with his position and soon became a part of WOAY in Oakland, West Virginia hosting his own show “Action Newsmakers”, and for a short time served as a host in the Children’s Miracle Network telethon. However, this also didn’t last long, and he ultimately joined QVC in 1993, with which he has remained, earning a name for himself as the host of many shows.

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Rise to Prominence

David started as a promoter of the gourmet food products of the company, through the network, and gradually improved his role. As his popularity grew, the network decided to make him a host of several shows, including his own show “In the Kitchen with David”, which over the years made David a star. In the show, David shares his best recipes with the viewers, while also promoting differing kitchen gadgets. The show and David became immensely popular over the years, and he used his popularity to publish cookbooks, “In the Kitchen with David: QVC’s Resident Foodie Presents Comfort Foods That Take You Home” in 2012, then “Back Around the Table: An “In the Kitchen with David” Cookbook” from QVC’s Resident Foodie published in 2014, and “Comfort Food Shortcuts: An “In the Kitchen with David” Cookbook” in 2018. His cookbooks have been sold more than 500,000 copies, which has certainly contributed to his wealth.

David Venable Salary and Net Worth

Now that we have covered his road to success, you are probably wondering how rich this celebrity chef is. Well, as of mid- 2018, David Venable’s wealth is estimated at over $1 million, which is pretty decent, while his annual salary at QVC amounts around $500,000, which mean that his wealth will very likely increase in the future. What do you think about David’s success?

Is David Venable Gay? His Personal Life, Affairs, Dating

What do you know about David when he is not in front of the camera? He has actually been quite cautious when it comes to sharing details about his personal life, but a few facts stand out; several years ago, a rumor of him being gay surfaced as he hasn’t been married and doesn’t have children, even if he has hit the sixth decade of his life. Still, David denied this rumor and remains single until the present day. For now, he is solely focused on his career.

David Venable Internet Presence

Is David online? Does he share stuff on social media? He certainly does, especially on Instagram on which he has over 100,000 followers, everything related to his career, such as stunts and scenes from QVC studio. You can find David on Twitter as well, on which he has over 40,000 followers, on which he shares his career endeavors. However, his biggest fan base is on Facebook, on which he has more than 470,000 fans. Pretty impressive don’t you think?

Join David on his social media pages, become his fan and follow his every next step in his career. You won’t regret it. He is quite an amusing person and has brought together cooking and comedy, all which you can see in his highly-acclaimed show “In the Kitchen with David”.

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    1. If he wants his life to be private, why are you saying this about him? Did you get his permission to speak on his behalf?

    2. David is my favorite… Why would sexual orientation even be brought up ? He is a master of his craft a true gift to QVC. Wishing him health and happiness always.

    3. yeah, right. thats why he still denies it. and who cares anyway, ive known him for years, hes very down to earth and very sweet and i have known him since he first started on qvc. just because he has never been married and doesnt have kids, doesnt mean he is gay and i wouldnt care if he was, many of my friends are and my son is lgbtq as well…i would support him either way.

    4. actually, i bumped into him at BJ’s in MIllsboro, DE several years ago…I spoke to him for a bit and he introduced me to a “friend” he was with… named Jimmy.

  1. I don’t care if he’s gay or not! He makes me laugh, brings me joy when I’m down and for that reason I call him “ my friend” annie

    1. He is the nicest man . He speaks lovely of his mother and family gatherings ! I so enjoy his smile and very thoughtful comments . Also shares his stories of childhood. He makes me feel at home and comfortable . He portrays a very caring man ! All around a very nice person .

  2. My thoughts ~~ David is a fine example of a SOUTHERN GENTLEMAN!! This GEORGIA PEACH enjoys his demeanor, his wit, his culinary knowledge and fantastic abilities when it comes to selling ANYTHING and the uncanny ability to make a person feel like “” I JUST GOT TO HAVE THAT!” That, my friends is a well- honed talent!! Continued success!!!

  3. I can’t get QVC,as I don’t have cable. I use to love watching David. I think he is funny,warm.i would love for him to cook for me anytime. I love to watch him do his little dance.So David, what do you say,about coming some mac and cheese God Bless. Keep cooking much success

    1. If you have a smart phone, you can download the QVC app and watch all the shows on the main QVC channel and the other channels, like QVC2, QVC3, etc. That’s what I did a couple of years ago when I cancelled cable for financial reasons. I knew I’d miss seeing David and my other favorite show hosts, so I’m really glad that it turned out I didn’t have to when I got the app!

  4. David is great on QVC. I do worry about his continuous weight gain. He, along with several of the other hosts, gain weight each year. I known the camera adds 10pounds on you but his health is declining in front of our eyes. 🙁

  5. I love David on QVC. He’s so cute and has a great personality. I would also like to meet him someday. Love the happy dance. He looks like a cuddly bear when he “dances”. Keep him on the show , he’s amazing.

  6. I think being a host is a job and folks need to remember this. It’s not an interview about their personal life including their sexual orientation, weight loss or gain, and their interests. I think if you think about it for a moment you wouldn’t want these same things to be a part of your job.

  7. Been watching David since the beginning and I don’t even cook. He makes me smile and sometimes laugh out loud. His private life should remain private. Who cares?

  8. Exactly. Could care less about any host’s off work lives…none of my biz…just compellingly keep me interested and entertained and occasionally motivated to buy (!) when on screen!

  9. I couldn’t care less if he’s gay – I want to know how he’s losing weight! He’s done it before then packed on the pounds. Now he looks trimmer. How?

  10. LOVE LOVE LOVE David!! Who cares about his PERSONAL life! That is PERSONAL and PRIVATE and should remain so. I would say to any of you who are questioning these private matters –IT’S NONE OF YOUR D### BUSINESS!! Now, my husband laughs at me for watching “In the
    Kitchen With David” every Sunday morning. He says, and I quote, “just where art we going to put all this stuff you’re buying?” I tell him not to worry, because I just have to have this item, that item and then some more. I could probably “host” a show right from my home with all the wonderful stuff I have purchased! And, I gotta say, it’s all because of David’s magnificent personality and ability to SELL! Anybody that is that talented is ACES in my book — because my earlier career was in Sales and I know how difficult it can be.

    1. You are so right. I order stuff. Have it sent to the house while I’m outta state. My DIL and grandkids think it’s Christmas and I love the reactions I get. Esp when I ordered that pint ice cream making appliance I don’t even know the name of! Leave his private personal life private and personal.

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