James Harden ex-girlfriend Tahiry Jose’s Wiki: Age, Net Worth, Measurements, Ethnicity, Nationality, Attacked

• Tahiry Jose is an American actress and model.
• She is best known for her role on the VH1 reality show, "Love & Hip Hop".
• She has a degree in Criminal Justice from John Jay College.
• She encourages women's naturalness and promotes a healthy lifestyle.
• She has a net worth of approximately $250,000.

Who is James Harden ex-girlfriend Tahiry Jose?

Actress Tahiry Jose is a woman who successfully merges her self-confidence with a very strong personality, and an amazing physical appearance. Once you’ve seen or listened to her, you can neither forget her beaming face and amazing curves, nor her optimistic and sincere way of looking at or talking about life. You’re probably wondering how these helped her achieve important things in her life, so reading this article you will not only find the answer but also a lot of details regarding Tahiry’s current activity.

Short Bio & Studies

The 38 year-old celebrity was born in Harlem, New York City USA on 5th May, and is Dominican by descent but of American nationality. Lizzy Mateo is her mother, but Tahiry remembers her childhood with melancholy and pleasure, saying ‘I’m a hustler’s daughter. He was in the game forever’. When talking about her father’s drug affairs and deportation back to the Dominican Republic, she is capable of translating into words all her sorrows and fears, despite the fact that she was very young at that time, feeling fortunate to have been too small to really enter that world.

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After going to New York City public schools, she continued her education at John Jay College, graduating with a degree in Criminal Justice. Her career may be totally different from the domain she studied but her strong personality and particularly social intelligence have definitely been moulded by street life in Harlem, her rough childhood and later experiences.

Jose’s acting career

Tahiry is making small but sure steps towards a successful acting career. She entered the entertainment industry in 2011, playing in “Video Girl” and “How to Commit Fraud”. The year 2013 was a watershed in her career, as she appeared in the show for which she is best known – “Love & Hip Hop” – a VH1 reality TV show which presents women’s struggle to build their careers and succeed in both professional and personal life. Jose really enjoyed that experience: ‘I was actually better at re-enacting stuff sometimes when it came to my story on “Love & Hip-Hop”. I didn’t have a script, but we had bullet points and we had to discuss certain things so that the world could understand my story, says she in an interview for AllHipHop. Consequently, she went further working hard and with roles in “Video Girl” (2011) and “Beautiful Destroyer” (2015). Her latest project is The Lineup (2018), in which she plays one of the main characters, working along with Jim Jones. They have known each other for a long time, and this definitely helps them do a really good job on the movie set.

Modeling with natural and mind-blowing measurements

Besides acting, Tahiry is also modeling. There were just a few steps between watching with just a glimmer of hope, videos with noted models like Melyssa Ford, Coco, and becoming one herself: ‘These were some of the women I saw, and it was ‘OMG I want to do that’. Then you fast forward, and two years ago here I am’, said Jose in an interview in 2011 for “Baller Alert”.

With her cutting-edge body, Tahiry posed for numerous magazine covers, working especially with plus-size fashion or adult magazines. Feeling good with your own body is absolutely necessary, and she has a lot of self-confidence that makes her look even more spectacular with her slim waist, big hips and fit butt. Her vital statistics are 34-24-34 inch (86-61-86 cm) with a height of 5ft 3ins (160 cm).

She encourages women’s naturalness and healthy lifestyle, which is why she doesn’t waist train, doesn’t starve herself, and openly admits she has cellulite because that is totally normal. Tahiry prefers to sweat in the gym, to drink a lot of water and to think twice before she eats something unhealthy in order to keep herself in shape. She tried to go pescatarian, but realized that this purely nutritional lifestyle doesn’t work for her. After she had found out that she was allergic to fish, she went vegan, and that was much better.

Who is Tahiry dating at the moment?

Being such a mind-blowing model, it’s easy to turn heads all the time. She lived through a lot of romantic stories but the one which deserves to be mentioned is her relationship with the famous rapper Joe Budden, with whom she formed a couple from 2005 till 2014 – Joe even proposed to her during a “Love & Hip Hop” episode in January 2014. Because of the lack of confidence she had with him and his numerous faults, Tahiry rejected the proposal, which was the decisive end of their relationship: ‘No way. No way. I’m never doing that again. That would never happen again” said he after the broadcast. Some sources say she passed a very rough time after the breakup, and couldn’t get over him.

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Reportedly, she is single now, focusing only at her career, preparing herself for big acting projects.

Coping with unfortunate situations

Celebrities aren’t immune to unpleasant or dangerous situations – on the contrary, working with so many people exposes them to different kinds of altercations. In 2014, Tahiry had a disturbing experience at NYFW Show, when she was attacked backstage while preparing to walk by Carlos Gonzalez, a man from the production staff. He always spoke rudely to her, and show no respect, but that night he went entirely of out control, striking and dragging her by her hair, taking eight men to stop him. She was checked into hospital but released the same evening to recover at home.

Has she gathered her first million?

For now, Tahiry’s net worth isn’t of millions, but she is on the right path.  Reportedly, her monthly salary is $22,000, but a major part of her income comes from her business activity. Since 2013 she is the owner of a club – “Suite 135”, located in Harlem. Overall, her net worth is close to $250,000, according to some authoritative sources.

Tahiry on social media

Tahiry is actively using social media to promote herself and her ideas. On Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter she encourages women to be natural, to love themselves and to do the right things for themselves, not precisely the ones that work for others. Furthermore, she wants young ladies not to be afraid of having dreams, but also to prepare well for everything they’ll have to put up with during their lives. Fans can also follow her activity using her personal website.

One of her pieces of advice for us is:  ‘Respect yourself, believe in yourself, handle your handle and have a plan B’. We should never forget that.

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