JD Pantoja: A Social Media Star with a Passion for Music

JD Pantoja

The controversial online personality and YouTuber, JD Pantoja – birth name Juan de Dios Pantoja – was born on 16th November 1995 in Mazatlán, Mexico. The media celebrity recently made headlines after reportedly breaking up from fellow influencer Kimberly Loaiza, after over a decade of union.

Kimberly, who has a sizeable social media following thanks to her music and modelling career, received an outpouring of support after photos of JD in the company of another woman began circulating online. ‘I’m not angry, I’m disappointed, and that’s even worse,’ she shared.

When fans began speculating that the photos – which were taken in Miami – were a publicity stunt for the couple’s YouTube channel, she dispelled the allegations, saying: ‘I don’t plan on releasing a song about this. I also wish this were a prank… but unfortunately, he threw away what we built.’ [All quotes translated from Spanish]

JD also took to social media, stating that he loved Kimberly and regretted his infidelity. ‘I know no apology will be enough to fix the hurt I’ve caused Kim, and that hurts me more than you guys know,’ he wrote. The musician also apologized for how his actions might affect his children with Kimberly, Kima and Juan Jr.

Although Kimberly had promised fans that she wouldn’t release a song about her current situation with JD, she recently shared her new single, “Mal Hombre”. Despite JD being concerned about his ex-partner’s career in the aftermath of their breakup, Kimberly also announced her first solo tour, which will take place in 2024.


JD grew up alongside his three siblings Cesar, Julio and Naomi; the Pantoja family recently welcomed a new member, born in late 2020, who is being kept out of the spotlight for the time being. Cesar, who was born in February 2003, launched his YouTube channel shortly after his 18th birthday, and introduced himself to the internet by sharing details about himself and his family.

According to Cesar, his favorite hobby is playing videogames. Despite only uploading three videos in the first few months of his YouTube journey, Cesar quickly amassed over two million followers, partly thanks to his older brother’s fame.

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Next is Julio, JD’s older brother and one of the quietest members of the Pantoja clan. Little is known of Julio’s personal life, as he’s never shown an interest in showbiz. However, he is active on TikTok and Instagram, and has frequently appeared in JD’s videos. Meanwhile, Naomi prefers to lead a totally anonymous lifestyle, so much so that her birthday and other basic details remain a mystery to JD’s followers.

JD’s younger cousin, Mont Pantoja, is also relatively famous online thanks to her association to the musician and YouTuber. Born in February 2002 in Mazatlán, Mont became interested in becoming an influencer after appearing in one of JD’s TikToks, which are often viewed by millions of netizens. Shortly afterwards, Mont launched her own TikTok, and embarked on a highly-publicized relationship with fellow influencer Rod Contrera.

In June 2020, Mont joined the CheliHouse collective – a group of young up-and-coming Mexican TikTokers and collaborators, similar to the Hype House members in Los Angeles – and broke up from Rod, who had also become a CheliHouse member. After their split, Mont and Rod wasted no time in dating other people, which led to Mont being heavily criticized, as Edwin reportedly left his ex-girlfriend to be with her.

These days, Mont is focused on her music career, and has millions of followers across various social media platforms.

Kim Loaiza

JD’s ex-wife, Kimberly Guadalupe Loaiza Martínez, was born in Mexicali on 12th December 1997 and is a businesswoman, media personality, and YouTuber with a years-long career. Her internet journey began in 2016 with the creation of her YouTube channel, which she’s used to upload beauty videos and currently boasts over 40 million subscribers.

Apart from being named one of the most influential YouTubers in her home country, Kim is a popular recording artist who released her first singles, “No seas celoso” and “Enamorarme”, in 2019. The former charted on the Hot 100 Billboard in Mexico, Kim’s highest-charting release to date. As of 2023, the brunette is one of the most-followed users on TikTok, which is no small feat.

Kim moved to Mazatlán at the age of nine and has been active on social media since she was fourteen years old, when she created a Twitter profile. Her siblings, Carlos and Stefanny, pursued careers outside of the entertainment industry, whereas Kim has been an influencer for almost a decade.

Although JD’s ex-wife became popular thanks to her tutorial videos and makeup uploads, she soon began doing pranks and vlogs. In 2017, she created a joint YouTube with JD after four years of them being in a committed relationship. Many fans of Kim’s noticed that, around this time, she began posting clickbait content, which gained her plenty of followers but led to a noticeable decline in the quality of her videos.

After releasing “Enamorarme” in 2019, Kim followed up with the singles “Devoto”, “Apaga la Luz”, “Más”, and “Apretón” amongst others. She also linked up with respectable figures in the music industry such as Grupo Firme, Ovy On The Drums, and Zion & Lennox.

2020 was a great year for Kim’s career, as she launched a collection with clothing brand Shein and broke records after becoming the most-followed Hispanic-speaking YouTuber with 35 million followers. Months later, she and JD added yet another venture to their resumes, with the launch of their company, Space Movil.

In 2022, Kim enjoyed yet another career highlight after becoming the first Mexican singer in history to perform at the Tomorrowland Festival, where she premiered her latest single “Fuego”. In April of the same year, she joined forces with singer Lele Pons for their single and videoclip “Piketona”, which was positively received by fans, and racked up millions of views in just one day. In happier times, she also released plenty of music with JD.

Back to JD – his reported net worth is $5 million, thanks to his work across various online platforms, which includes YouTube views, merchandise sales, and brand partnerships.

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