Jeremy Wade from “River Monsters” Wiki: Wife, Net Worth, Salary, Son, Family, Death

• Jeremy Wade is a British TV presenter, best known for his show “River Monsters”
• He is an avid traveller, and can speak Portuguese and Spanish
• He is estimated to have a net worth of over $2 million
• He is not married and has a brother named Martin
• He has had several brushes with death, but recommends Hemingway's “The Old Man and the Sea” to aspiring fishermen

Who is Jeremy Wade?

Jeremy John Wade is a British television presenter, born 23 March 1956, in Ipswich, Suffolk, England. He is best known for his appearance on “River Monsters”. Jeremy earned an undergraduate degree in zoology from the University of Bristol, and a postgraduate degree in biological sciences from the University of Kent. He has travelled a lot because of his role in the show, and during that time has faced numerous challenges. Jeremy can speak in Portuguese and Spanish because of his extensive fishing trips in South America.

“River Monsters” and Jeremy’s love for fishing

Jeremy’s passion for fishing and wildlife started because of the time he spent in the vicinity of the Suffolk Stour river. He said that it was the most logical thing to happen, just as people who grow up with a view of the Alps are tempted to become climbers. When he grew up Jeremy Wade started travelling extensively, and on one of his trips to India in 2005 the idea for a show like “River Monsters” sparked in his mind. There he heard stories of a mythical creature living in the local river, which was apparently abducting people, a story which fascinated Jeremy, and when he got back to shoot an episode for the show he caught a Goonch catfish which weighed an impressive 161 pounds. The show has taken him on travels in the Congo, the Amazon region, Europe and Australia. Currently, Jeremy is the host of a show airing on Animal Planet, which is called “Jeremy Wade’s Mighty Rivers.” In 2014 he also took part in the movie “Blood Lake: Attack of the Killer Lampreys,” in which he took the role of a lamprey expert.

Wife and personal life

There is little to no information available regarding Jeremy Wade’s personal life, as he never openly speaks about it. The bio introduction on his official website leads to the inference that he is not married. The lack of information on the topic sparked rumours that he might be gay, but this hasn’t been confirmed either. With regards to public social media accounts, he keeps the River Monsters’ Twitter page @RiverMonstersUK and has a personal Instagram page @thisisjeremywade. Jeremy said that he is not really good at balancing work and love lives, which has seen him focused on his career and fishing. This is why he has a long-term commitment to nature and fishing that began over 25 years ago.

Net worth and Salary

Jeremy Wade is very successful as a television presenter, and the “River Monsters” show is now in its’ ninth season. Not only that, but he is also the author of several books, and is a professional angler. The sum of all these activities brings his net worth as estimated by authoritative sources to over $2 million. – solely the sales of his book “River Monsters” published in 2011 brought him around $50,000. In his earlier days, when he was just a biology teacher, Jeremy earned a normal teaching salary of just above $30,000 a year.

Family and Son

While Jeremy Wade does not speak about his personal life, some personal information managed to make it to the public. His father was a vicar, and Jeremy is not an only child, but has a brother named Martin, who has travelled with Jeremy for the show on several occasions.

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During his numerous travels, Jeremy has had several brushes with death. They were not only related to the dangers of his workplace, because as he said freshwater is an environment where you cannot see what’s waiting for you. In an interview for EW, he said that while most people think of him to be fearless, on many occasions he actually feels fear, and this makes him pay attention and concentrate. According to Jeremy, one of the scariest and most dangerous episodes in his life was when he was preparing to enter waters filled with electric eels. Prior to shooting this episode for the show, he took numerous precautions such as consulting with power line experts, and bringing equipment lioncluding rubber gloves and boots, and even a defibrillator. Jeremy also had close calls when he was interrogated under suspicion of being a foreign spy, when he faced severe weather conditions, he survived a plane crash, and caught malaria.

Curious facts about Jeremy Wade

At some point, Jeremy participated in a Q&A session where he divulged some interesting details about his personality and life. He said that he does not remember the first fish he ever caught, but does remember not wanting to touch it because it was so slippery. He also said that one of the best books he would recommend to aspiring fishermen is Hemingway’s “The Old Man and the Sea”, because it would spark their interest and inspiration. Curiously, Jeremy is not opposed to eating fish, however, he only eats fish when there is an abundance of the given kind in the area where he is fishing.

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  1. I admire Jeremy Wade. He is an exceptional environmental hero, and teacher. I’ve watched every show since Jeremy has been on tv. Enjoying a wonderful marathon today of Jeremy and his adventures on Animal Planet. Fish on!

  2. Very well educated ….really enjoys his work….always makes it look so easy and always looks like lots of educational fun too… he isn’t bad on the eyes ….and that accent… to just heard him talk and his voice…

  3. I just started watching Jeremy Wade and River Monsters and I am hooked. I enjoy the show so much and love his English heritage. My mother is English and I just love watching an angler from England. I look forward to his show every week. He’s handsome too, that’s a plus!

  4. I’m a fisherman and a huge fan of Jeremy Wade. I was once fishing at a local dam and while I was catching, measuring, weighing and releasing a young lad around ten came up to me and asked me “are you the river monster?” I felt honored.

  5. Humility is the firsr thing that struck me about Jeremy
    He puts heart & soul into what he does & love that he does catch & release
    Also his respect towards the fush he catches
    All fishermen don’t have this attitude, that’s why waters are being fished out indiscriminantly
    – both sad & frightening.

  6. i think he is dead, if anyone has a reliable sighting of him please post here, from memory he died in a field in lincolnshire around 14 months ago after being bitten by a venomous snake that had been removed from a private collection.

    1. The last recorded death in the UK from snakebite was in Scotland in 1975. If Jeremy Wade had been killed by a venomous snake in Lincolnshire, it would have been all over the media including the Linconshire press – which it isn’t. Also, his IMBD page would have been updated to reflect his death – which it hasn’t.

  7. Tried to leave a screenshot of a planktonic oarfish fry on Mr.W’s Instagram but not a sausage,( or a fish either!) Wherever he is I hope he is well and has his toes in the sand! Best Jeremy…

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