Joe Lo Truglio’s wife, Beth Dover Wiki Bio, family, net worth, body, kids

• Beth Dover is an actress who has starred in ultra popular projects such as “Orange is the New Black”, “Criminal Minds” and “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”.
• She is an advocate for the LGBT community, and participates in multiple demonstrations and charity funds.
• She was born into a military family, and moved multiple times until the age of 1•
• She married Joe Lo Truglio in 2014, and they have a son, Eli James, born in 2016.
• Her net worth is estimated to be over $1 million, and her husband's is estimated to be around $5 million.

Beth Dover, Joe Lo Truglio’s wife, has appeared in several ultra popular projects such as “Orange is the New Black”, “Criminal Minds” and “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”. She’s not only a talented hard-working actress, but also apparently a loving and caring wife and mother. She also has a very active social position, as she participates in multiple meetings and demonstrations, supporting LGBT community and various charity funds. Let’s find out more about Beth’s bio, net worth, kids and family members.

Early life, family

Beth Dover was born on 29 August 1978, in hot sunny Florida USA, into a military family and so moved multiple times with her family, until 13 changed her place of living every two years, moving from the US to South Korea and back and then going to other countries. She used to celebrate a traditional American Christmas even being in South Korea, decorating the Christmas tree and dressing up. She had a friend there whose name was Laura Guenin, they both were teenagers and spent a lot of time together, so Beth didn’t feel alone or uncomfortable. Her father’s name is Ed, her mother’s name is Diane, who later divorced from Beth’s father and married Ken Brown, a Vietnam veteran in 1987. Beth’s father also re-married to Marilyn. Beth is in very good relationships with her husband’s parents, Helen and Joe. They spend a lot of time together on holidays and weekends, going hiking or just having barbeque parties at the backyard. Beth supports a good relationship with her father too, who came to visit her after her son was born.


While changing elementary and secondary schools moving from one place to another with her family, Beth had a chance to settle down in her teenage years. She entered a high school in Florida where she were in a dance crew, and after her matriculation entered College of the Arts in the University of Florida, of which DaJuan Johnson, a famous young actor, is also an alumni, and Beth starred with him and her future husband Joe Lo Truglio in the TV series “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”. Beth and DaJuan once got back to their alma mater to talk with the students about the show business of our days, sharing their experience and thoughts.

Career and First steps

In 1991 Beth was cast in her first role in a TV series “Welcome Freshmen”, portraying a young girl named Tandy. Later she played LeAnne in “Kenan & Kel” in 1997, and meantime participated in numerous commercials for various brands.

After several years of unstable demand in the sphere of the TV series and movies, Beth finally got the opportunity to appear in multiple movies and short films such as “G” (2002) in the role of Nancy, “The Specs” (2004), “The Accident” (2005) and “Darcy’s Off-White Wedding” (2005). Beth also began getting roles in TV series, such as “LAX” (2004 – 2005), “Criminal Minds” (2005 – present) in the role of Angela Miller, and “College Humor Originals” (2006 – present), portraying Rachel.

Beth Dover

Successful career in TV series

Beth received more job offers from TV series producers, and started to work full-time only in series. Thus she appeared in “Childrens Hospital” (2008 – 2016) portraying her namesake, Nurse Beth, which had great success over seven seasons, then participated in “Party Down” (2009-2010), a comedy in which she played Cramsey, “Big Time Rush” (2009 – 2013) in the role of Amy, and “Bob’s Burgers” (2011 – present) playing Caitlin.

Beth projected herself as a perfect comedy actress, so she participated in more comedy series such as “New Girl” (2011-2018) as Cynthia, “Whitney” (2011 – 2013) in which Beth played Madeline, “Burning Love” (2012 – 2013) portraying Lexie, and “Comedy Bang! Bang!” (2012 – 2016) in the role of Barbara Aukerman. Beth achieved world-wide success when she appeared in the third season of the legendary series “Orange is the New Black” (2013 – present), in the role of Linda Ferguson, the head of the prison; the series got numerous Golden Globe and Emmy nominations.

Later Beth participated in such projects as “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” (2013 – present) playing Janice, “Chasing Life” (2014 – 2015) in the role of Morgan, “Fresh Off the Boat” (2015 – present), portraying Kim, and “Wet Hot American Summer” (2015 – present). Beth has also starred in such series as “Difficult People” (2015 – 2017), “Adam Ruins Everything” (2015 – present), “Truth Be Told” (2015), “Son of Zorn” (2016 – 2017).

As for the present, Beth still stars in “Orange is the New Black”, “American Housewife”, “Oversharing”, and several others.

Interesting facts and passions

Beth hasn’t eaten meat for more than 22 years already; she once accidentally ate a piece of bacon while walking with her cousin Morgan and having a sandwich – her fans are divided with some supporting her decision to take a bite of meat, others furious on those who encouraged Beth to give-up her vegetarian diet.

Beth used to have a belly button ring, but being pregnant, as most women, she couldn’t keep on wearing it, so she had to take it away after 20 years in 2015. Beth loves moisturizing face masks, she has plenty of photos on her Instagram account of herself wearing these masks.

Husband Joe Lo Truglio

Beth met Joe Lo Truglio in 2013. He is also an actor, born on 2 December 1970 in Queens, New York City USA into a family of Irish and Italian descent. Joe has a very close relationship with his parents,l remembering how his mother was kind and strong enough to help Joe with his pet snake which was not eating anything and was going to die, so they took it to Miami zoo where a serpentologist fed the snake with a tube, saving it from starvation. Joe learnt his parental skills watching his own family.

Joe is as famous an actor as Beth, having participated in more than 90 projects: movies, TV series, short films and voice-over roles. His most remarkable works among TV series are “Third Watch” (1999-2005), “Robot Chicken” (2001-present) where he has the voice-over role of the father, “American Dad!” (2005-present) where he has the voice-over role of Freddy, “How I Met Your Mother” (2005 – 2014) in which he played Honeywell, and “Community” (2009 – 2015) in the role of Mark. Among his most famous movies are “Paul” (2011), “Wreck-It Ralph” (2012) with another voice-over role as Markowski, and “Knight of Cups” (2014).

Just before Joe and Beth’s meeting, he took part in his most rated TV series’, “New Girl”, “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” and “Wet Hot American Summer”.

Marriage and kids

Beth became engaged to Joe in 2013 after five months of their relationship – they knew each other from the set of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”, a TV series in which they both starred from 2013 – they married on 19 April 2014. Their son Eli James was born on 7 March 2016, and Beth and Joe seem to be very caring and loving parents. Recently they updated the decoration of Eli’s room changing his bed and putting a book cupboard instead of a baby cupboard with pampers and little baby clothes. They also presented him a wigwam as a birthday gift. Beth feels blessed to be a mother, once sharing her thoughts in an interview with ET Magazine in August 2017: ‘It’s just enriched my life. I’ve experienced such love and I think it’s opened my heart. I almost want to cry just saying it but he’s simply the best. They say babies bring blessings and I have definitely found that to be true’.

Beth and Joe often take part in various marches of protests together, sharing the same opinions on many things. Thus they marched for the Parkland students and all other victims of gun violence, voting for gun reform for better public safety. They are also active members of the LGBT community, supporting the ideas and new laws for the community’s sake, fighting any form of discrimination, and even taking Eli to such marches, carrying him in a sling.

Appearance and vital statistics

Since being a teenager, Beth has had very thick hair and brows, which made her feel beautiful and uncomfortable at the same time. As for now, Beth has middle-length black dyed hair,  wearing it straight most of the time; she has brown eyes. Beth is 5ft 7ins (1,7m) tall, her weight is around 136lbs (62kgs) and vital statistics 34-­27-­38. She has a very slim body which she keeps fit even after giving birth to her son. Her shoe size is said to be 7.

Net worth

Beth’s net worth is estimated by sources to be over $1 million. She’s also active on social media, attracting more attention to her personality via her Instagram account, on which she has around 106,000 followers, and her Twitter account, with more than 6,500 readers. She’s still working in various TV series, and it means that Beth’s net worth is going to continue to grow. Even being a devoted mother, she’s still active in all her work projects. Her husband Joe Lo Truglio’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 million, so the income of their family is quite stable and impressive.

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