What happened to Sheena Parveen (NBC10) Wiki Bio, age, husband

• Sheena Parveen was born in India and holds American nationality
• She attended Florida State University and graduated with a degree in meteorology
• She is currently employed as a meteorologist for NBC 10
• She is in a relationship with Canadian ice hockey player Scott Harnell
• Sheena Parveen has an estimated net worth of over $3 million

Who is Sheena Parveen?

Sheena Parveen was born in India under the zodiac sign of Libra on 23 September 1987, but holds American nationality and follows the Christian religion. She is best known for her job as a meteorologist for NBC 10.

Early life and education

She is of mixed ethnicity since her mother Sherry Parveen is from America while her father Mike is from India – he is a computer programmer while her mother is a part of a real estate business. Sheena also has an older brother but she doesn’t talk about him much. Soon after Sheena was born, her parents migrated with her to the Gulf Coast of Florida USA.

Ever since she was little, Sheena was always looking at the skies and was fascinated by the weather – while other kids were scared of thunder and lightning, Sheena loved those things. All of that led her to attend and graduate from Florida State University with a degree in meteorology, and become a certified broadcast meteorologist. She was also very sportive during the years she spent in her high school, as she played volleyball and football for her school’s team.

Sheena Parveen


As soon as she graduated, Sheena was invited to work as an intern for Tallahassee News, and since she did so well, they offered her a full-time job of a meteorologist and a reporter. She stayed with them for a couple of years before joining WTVT as their meteorologist and a columnist – once again, Sheena was so good at what she was doing that they promoted her to the position of head forecaster, and she was the presenter of the “Good Day Tampa Bay” morning weekend show bringing weather news every day. While she was still a part of the WTVT network, she started hosting the morning show called “Pet Adoption”, but after spending two years with WTVT, she switched to NBC 10 in December 2011, and has been their weather forecaster to this day – she is currently a forecaster of the NBC’s San Diego weather.

Personal life

Sheena doesn’t talk about her personal life in public, but there were rumors of her dating Hugh Jackman, Scott Harnell, William Green and Jamison Uhler. There were even rumors that she was dating Jason Statham, but she denied them and stated how she only met him once during an interview which she had with him. Out of all those rumors, it seems that the one about Scott Harnell, a Canadian ice hockey player, is true as the couple was seen in the VIP zone at Dusk at Caesars, and they seemed as they were enjoying each other’s company, and on 30 May 2018 Sheena uploaded a picture of herself and Scott on his birthday, with the caption “best birthday in ages”. The couple haven’t  mentioned anything about marriage; neither of them has any children.

It seems as the rumors keep following Sheena around, since she is considered to be ‘very hot and sexy’, but doesn’t talk about her love life at all – one of these rumors says that she was married to her colleague Charlie Sheen and that they divorced, but Sheena never talked about it, never approved or denied it, so it is unknown if any of that is true.

Sheena describes herself as a sarcastic but down to earth person – she loves trying new foods, and mostly enjoys spending time outdoors. Her favorite TV show is “Curb your Enthusiasm”, and its theme is the ringtone on her phone. She is also a fantastic cook, and can prepare anything that you can think of – at least that’s what she said during one of her interviews – but her favorite meal is spaghetti with meat sauce and chili.

Dog lover

Sheena loves all animals, but loves dogs the most. She once helped a cute puppy find a home with the use of her Instagram account, while she also has two dogs of her own – Max and Bella. She was also a host of the “Pet Adoption” morning program, which was actually her idea – you can find pictures of dogs on all of her social media accounts.

Appearance and net worth

Sheena is currently 31 years old, has long brown hair, brown eyes, is about 5ft 2ins (1.57m) tall, weighs around 106lbs (48kg) and wears shoes size seven. Her vital statistics are 36-28-36, and she obviously has an hourglass-shaped figure.

According to authoritative sources, Sheena’s net worth is estimated to be over $3 million, and is considered to be one of the best meteorologists in America. Her annual income is estimated to be around $1.7 million, and other than her job of a meteorologist, she also earns money from brand endorsments and appearing in advertisements.

Social media presence

Sheena is very active on social media platforms – her Instagram account is followed by 33,000 people while she’s posted more than 1,000 times. She is a bit more popular on her Twitter account – she opened it in December 2011 and has so far gathered nearly 50,000 followers and tweeted around 7,500 times; she has a Facebook account as well with 33,000 followers.


Sheena was named as the Best TV Weather Person by the “Main Line Today” magazine, and was the “It Girl” of the Daily News. She was also nominated and regarded as a sex symbol by a magazine for sexy singles.

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