Jon Taffer’s wife Nicole Taffer – is she died? Bio: Net Worth, Bar Rescue, Divorce, Daughter, Body Measurements

• Nicole Taffer is the wife of world-renowned businessman and bar manager Jon Taffer.
• Not much is known about her early life and education.
• She and Jon have been married since 2000, and have one daughter together.
• Nicole occasionally appeared on her husband's show "Bar Rescue" from 2011-201•
• Jon Taffer has an estimated net worth of over $10 million.

Who is Nicole Taffer?

Have you seen “Bar Rescue” show on Spike TV and the Paramount Network lately? If yes, then you are familiar with the life and work of Jon Taffer? But do you know his wife, Nicole Taffer? She also occasionally appears on the show, and although she hasn’t become as popular as her husband, she has also raised a few eyebrows. Nicole Taffer was born on the 16th February 1973, in Ingleside, Illinois USA, and is a reality TV star, but is best known to the world as the wife of the world-renowned businessman and bar manager Jon Toffer. If you want to find out more about Nicole, stay for a while with us as we are about to bring you closer to this prominent television star.

Nicole Taffer Bio: Early Life and Education

Nicole spent her childhood in her hometown, growing up with her sister, but whose name she hasn’t shared with her fans. She has also decided not to share the names of her parents for now, and also which school she attended, and whether she went to college. Hopefully, Nicole changes her mind and starts sharing information like this with her fans.

Nicole and Jon Taffer Love Story

The couple married in 2000 – Nicole is Jon’s second wife; for now, he hasn’t revealed details about his first wife, leaving it in the past where it belongs. He and Nicole have a daughter together named Samantha who is now in her late 20s and already married. Nicole, deciding not to pursue her own career, becoming a supportive wife to her husband Jon, and would often feature with him in the show “Bar Rescue”. She made her first appearance in 2011, and through 2013 featured in 11 episodes of the highly acclaimed show. She would test a bar before Jon decided if it is worth rescuing, so we could say she was somewhat of a spy for her husband. She stopped appearing in 2013, after several controversies in regards to the show surfaced, though Jon is now considering bringing her back . We believe that many fans are eager to see Nicole on the screen once again.

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Nicole Taffer Internet Fame

Over the years, Nicole herself has become quite popular on social media, thanks to her participation in the show “Bar Rescue”. She is active on Instagram and Twitter, but she can’t be found on Facebook. Her official Instagram page has over 7,500 followers with whom she has shared the most recent career endeavors of her husband, but also her own involvement with the organization KeepMemoryAlive, which helps people with Alzheimer’s disease, among other posts. You can find Nicole on Twitter as well, on which she has over 22,000 followers, and has also promoted the life and work of her husband, helping him become even more successful. You can become her fan, if you already aren’t, just by following through the links to her official pages.

Is Nicole Taffer Dead?

When she ceased appearing in “Bar Rescue”, many thought that she had somehow died, and that Jon just didn’t want to talk about. However, thanks to her social media presence and pictures she posted on Instagram and Twitter, she proved that she was just a victim of a cruel hoax. Nicole is alive and well and will be probably back on the show in 2018, so no need to worry.

Nicole Taffer Husband, Jon Taffer

Now that we have shared all there is to know about Nicole, let’s share some information about her famous husband, Jon Taffer.

Jon Taffer was born on the 7th November 1954, in Great Neck, New York State USA, and is an entrepreneur, businessman, restaurateur and television personality. He went to William A. Shine Great Neck South High School, from which he matriculated in 1972. After matriculation, he enrolled at the University of Denver, where he studied political science, with a minor in cultural anthropology. However, he never graduated, and instead moved to Los Angeles where he started pursuing his career.

Career Beginnings, Success, and Net Worth

Before becoming a prominent television personality, Jon took the long way to the top; his parents – entrepreneurs – advised him to pursue his own dreams. He was a bartender at Barney’s Beanery in West Hollywood from 1973, and five years later became the manager of The Troubadour nightclub in West Hollywood. Three years later he was in full control of the bar, while in 1989 he started his own bar. Since then, Jon has become a prominent bar owner and businessman, and has been inducted into the Nightclub Hall of Fame, with just five other people accomplishing such acknowledgement.

In 2011 he launched his own show, “Bar Rescue” in which he is shown visiting failing bars and nightclubs, and with his knowledge and assistance trying to help them avoid closure. Since the start of the show, he has faced many controversies, including a lawsuit from Dr. Paul T. Wilkes from Bar 702, among other problems, but the show is still on and extremely popular.

If you have wondered how rich Jon Taffer is as of late 2018, well according sources, the estimate is that Taffer’s net worth is over $10 million.

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