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• Justin Roiland is an American actor, producer, director, animator and voice-over actor
• He was diagnosed with dyslexia, but this did not stop him from becoming a successful personality
• His iconic project is the adult animated sitcom “Rick and Morty”, for which he won several awards
• He is also active in video gaming, having set up a game studio and voicing several game characters
• His current net worth is estimated to be over $4 million

If you have seen at least one episode from the “Fish Hooks” or “Rick and Morty” TV-series, you surely remember the expressive and interesting main characters’ voices. Oscar on one side, and Rick and Morty on the other side, were all voiced by Justin Roiland, a fellow American actor, producer, director, animator and obviously voice-over actor. His impressive talent and imagination created new animated worlds for children all around the world, and his amazing vocal cords gave life to the characters in them. Find out more in the following about Justin’s career, family, and net worth.

Growing up with dyslexia – blessing or curse?

Born on 21 February 1980, in Stockton, California, Justin was early diagnosed with dyslexia. However, this didn’t stop him from growing up to successfully become a strong personality. We suppose that his early years were significant and an inspiration for him. He spent his childhood in Manteca, California, living with his sister, Amy Roiland, and their parents in a green fresh area of almond orchards and coppices. This environment nurtured his artistic tendencies, as he proved even at an early age that he had a rich imagination.

He initially attended Sierra High School, transferred to Manteca High School in the second quarter of the senior year, and after graduating in 1998, he went to Modesto Junior College. Thus, beginning from early life, he learned to constantly exceed his own supposed limits, the limits that the dyslexia could have determined in his life.

Justin Roiland

Building the career

Justin’s first projects date from 2003-2004. These years radically changed his life, both personally and professionally. He moved to Houston, Texas and signed contracts as an actor and producer, appearing in various shorts such as “House of Cosbys” (2005), “2 Girls 1 Cup: The Show” for Channel101 and “Acceptable TV” (2007), aired on VH1. He grabbed the attention of the industry through having regular appearances in the sitcom “The Sarah Silverman Program” (2007-2010),  portraying Blonde Craig participating in eight episodes of the show.

All this time, he didn’t forget his childhood passion – animated cartoons – so he took his well-deserved advantage from his rising fame, and slightly changed his profile. He began working more as a voice actor, and producer of TV series. Soon after, he was a hit with the TV-series “Fish Hooks” (2010-2014), as the voice of Oscar, one of the main characters, and as a story writer. The series was aired on Disney Channel worldwide, and won the BAFTA Award – International for Favorite TV Show category in 2011. It was also nominated for an Environmental Media Award (2011) and Kids’ Choice Awards Argentina (2012).

Justin’s iconic project – “Rick and Morty”

Each big producer has an iconic project which his career is related to for his entire life. For Justin Roiland, this project is the adult animated sitcom “Rick and Morty”, released on 2 December 2013 and still airing. It originates from the original short film – “The Real Animated Adventures of Doc and Mharti” (2006) – with Justin playing a significant role in the executive directing department, and in the writing part too. Moreover, Justin also voices the two main characters, among other little roles he had. His work is beautifully and successfully complemented by his co-creator – Dan Harmon. The latter is frequently compared with Rick, the character from the show he co-produces: ‘Anyone who has an above-average familiarity with both “Rick and Morty” and series co-creator Dan Harmon, should be able to recognize that there’s a lot of Harmon in Rick’, says the author of an article regarding this subject.

As a result of Justin’s and Dan’s cumulative hardwork, the project won several important awards: “Best Animated Series” and Primetime Emmy Award for “Outstanding Animated Program” in 2018; “Best Animated Series” at IGN Awards in 2016 and 2017, and “Best Comedic TV Performance” for Justin in 2017. The project became even bigger after the debut of the comic book entitled “BAM!” (2015), which closely follows the story in the series, and after the release of the video game “Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality” (2017).

Other passions

Besides the television and film industry, Justin became active in video gaming too. He set up a game studio in 2016 called Squanchtendo (now Squanch Games), and under this signature and others, he’s voiced a lot of game characters since 2013, for example, from “Dr. Langeskov, The Tiger, and the Terribly Cursed Emerald” (2015), “Pocket Mortys”, “The Lab” (2016). “Accounting” is a VR video game which Justin also co-directed.

Current Personal Life and Net Worth

Authoritative sources estimate Justin’s fortune to be over $4 million, accumulated from his more than decade-long career in the entertainment industry. However, his romantic life is far from the eye of the public. There is no information regarding his marital status, or even whether he is in a relationship.

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