Justin Shearer from “Street Outlaws” girlfriend, Jackie Braasch’ Bio, Age, Tattoos, Net Worth, Family, Measurements

Justin Shearer from “Street Outlaws” girlfriend, Jackie Braasch’s Bio and Age

Jackie Braasch was born on 4 July 1990, in Joliet, Illinois USA, which means that she is a 28 years old American, and her zodiac sign is Cancer. Jackie is best known as the girlfriend of Justin Shearer, also known as the Big Chief. Her boyfriend is a professional street car racer who appeared in “Street Outlaws”.

Ethnicity and Background

When it comes to Jackie’s ethnicity, she is Caucasian and has blonde hair brown eyes, which suits her complexion perfectly and judging from the photos available on the internet, Jackie has a fit figure. Unfortunately, she hasn’t revealed much about her upbringing and formative years, however, speaking about her earliest experiences with vehicles, Braasch said “My dad has been involved in motorsports since he was young. He started taking me to the track as a baby, and always included me when working on or racing the cars. He started building his ’85 Chevy Camaro the year I was born, so I was always out in the garage helping him, bringing him tools or whatever he needed” and added that she had her start at junior dragsters at the age of eight, continuing to race in the upcoming period.

Big Chief The Judge ?? ??

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Net Worth

So just how rich is Jackie Braasch as of late 2018? According to authoritative sources, Jackie has net worth of $300,000, accumulated from her career as a racer. She hasn’t disclosed any information regarding her assets such as houses and cars, but working hard certainly allowed her to be financially stable and be able to take care of herself. In addition to that, her boyfriend, a renowned racer and TV star, has a net worth estimated at over $3 million.

Relationship Status

As we have mentioned, Jackie is in a relationship with Justin Shearer, a TV star. Prior to dating Braasch, Justin was married to Allicia Shearer, with whom he has two sons. Justin was born in 1980, in Louisville, Kentucky, USA which means that he is 38. He is best known as one of the main stars of “Street Outlaws”, which had its debut in June 2013, with its first season ending in late July of the same year. Since then the series has run for nine more seasons, and shows no sign of entering the finishing straight.

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Justin’s Twitter

Justin is followed by over 80,000 people on Twitter, and some of his latest posts include a post with the following caption “What a great fight!!! Thanks for the free action @TJDillashaw @TheDomin8r @ufc”, accompanied by a photo of the match. He also retweeted the tweet from the official “Street Outlaws” account, reading “Gear up for the biggest cash days in 405 history on the season finale of #StreetOutlaws! #MegaWeek”.


Jackie’s boyfriend is more active on Instagram, which he uses to communicate with his fans, as well as to promote his work. Some of Shearer’s latest posts on the mentioned social media include a video of his car with the following caption: “Most of you will remember that no matter how fast the car is, or how hard the crew works…i always end the season at #2. Wether it’s a 5 dollar part, or a driving/tuning mistake….i just can’t seem to hold on to the crown at the end of the season. Well, do you think he went around me, or did i hold onto the crown??? I’ve watched this vid 100 times and i’m glad i don’t have to call the race at the finish line.” He has also recently shared a photo of his two sons next to a car, calling them “second generation racers”.

Social Media

Unfortunately, Braasch isn’t active on any social media, which makes it harder for her fans to keep in touch with her. However, her boyfriend Justin is active on Twitter and Instagram, which gives fans a closer look at what his and Jackie’s life looks, as he posts about her from time to time.

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