Kevin Dunn (WWE wrestler) Wiki Bio, age, height. Why people hate him?

• Kevin Dunn is a famous American producer known for producing domestic WWE programming between 1984-1987.
• He produced 'WrestleMania' and 'Saturday Night's Main Event' and was Executive Producer of all WWE programming from 1993-200•
• He is currently Executive Vice President of TV Production and a member of WWE's Board of Directors.
• He is estimated to be worth over $10 million and earns around $900,000 per year.
• He is often mistaken for other famous people with the same name.

Who is Kevin Dunn?

Kevin was born in 1962 while neither the exact date of his birth nor his birthplace are known, he holds American nationality and is best known for being the producer of all domestic WWE programming between 1984 and 1987.

Early life and education

Kevin doesn’t talk about his early life, his parents or his siblings so there is very little known about that period of his life. It is only known that he attended Towson State University, from where he graduated with his bachelor’s degree. His father Dennis Dunn work as an Executive Producer of Intermedia Productions, and was hired by Vince McMahon; Dennis was a program producer and syndicator, who handled all the productions associated with WWE from 1972.


Since Kevin already knew a lot about the TV business through his dad, Vince McMahon hired him as soon as he graduated from college, as an associate producer for all domestic programming of WWE, from 1984 through 1987. During this period, Kevin had a chance to test his skills on some of the most important moments in wrestling history – he and his team are credited for the “WrestleMania” concept, as they were the ones who made it a reality, and not only marked the beginning of the modern wrestling age, but also inspired the developments in the pay-per-view industry. Kevin also got the chance to work as Line Producer for “WrestleMania III”, which turned out to be one of the most successful live events in TV history, as it drew almost 100,000 fans to the Pontiac Silverdome.

Although everybody knew Kevin because of the work he had done with WWE, he gained even more recognition for his work on projects such as “The Slammy Awards” for MTV Network in 1986, and NBC’s “Saturday Night’s Main Event”, which was one of the most popular shows of that time. He also had the opportunity of working with Dick Ebersol, who is now the President of NBC Sports.

In 1987 Kevin moved to Stamford in Connecticut to work at the new WWE’s TV facility, which was worth around $10 million back then, staying there until 1989, working as a producer of all WWE programming, and being promoted to Producer of Domestic Television. In 1991 Kevin was again promoted, to Supervising Producer of Domestic Television as he wanted some free time from the same work he used to doing every day. Under his supervising leadership, WWE brought back some of its popular late night series, such as “Saturday Night’s Main Event”, while he was also a part of the production of “WBF Championship” in both 1991 and 1992.

Kevin progressed in his career, as he was named Executive Producer of all WWE programming, including both domestic and international in 1993 – this was the time when TV technology was making steady progress, and Kevin used it to produce five hours of weekly programming in 52 weeks every year without the re-runs. Some of the WWE’s shows which are extremely famous today are to be credited to Kevin, including “Monday Night RAW”, “Friday Night SmackDown” and “ECW: Extreme Championship Wrestling”, and are being shown in 145 countries around the world, and can be heard in more than 25 languages.

In June 2003 Kevin was promoted once again, this time to Executive Vice President of TV Production, and is managing a successful TV studio today with 140 people working for him – even though he is now a manager responsible for so many people, he is still directing things in the studio and in the field as well, as he stayed as the Line Producer of all WWE live telecasts. For his big finish, Kevin became a member of WWE’s Board of Directors in 2008.

Personal life

Just as Kevin doesn’t talk about his parents or his early life, he doesn’t talk about his personal life either. It is unknown whether or not he is in a relationship or is married, however, his career seems to be taking most of his time and it is not likely that the producer is married. As far as the public knows, Kevin is single, has never married, and doesn’t have any kids.

Kevin Dunn

The most hated man

Kevin doesn’t show his face on TV, and you can hardly find pictures of him on the internet, however, this doesn’t stop people from hating him, mostly because they blame him for what they see as the WWE’s creative stagnancy as they liked the show more before he became part of the production. His former employees hate him as well, as they have very bad work experience with him and claim how his behavior backstage was unbearable. Some of the people who went public about their dislike for Kevin include Jim Ross, one of the best WWE announcers of all time, Triple H, former Heavyweight Champion and a member of the Hall of Fame, and Sheamus who won the WWE Championship after beating John Cena in a Tables Match at TLC in 2009, after which he also won the King of the Ring.

Appearance and net worth

Kevin Dunn is currently around 57 years old, has short grey hair and brown eyes, while his height and weight are not known. His teeth used to be an object of mockery and people are still making fun of them nowadays, and wondering why he doesn’t fix them since he is making millions.

According to authoritative sources, Kevin’s current net worth is estimated to be over $10 million, and he makes around $900,000 per year, although in 2015 he made a stunning $4.7 million.

Confusing Kevin with other people

There are many other successful people who are also named Kevin Dunn so be sure not to confuse the WWE producer with some of the following: Kevin Dunn – an American actor most famous for his roles in the “Transformers” movies, Kevin Dunn who is an Assistant Professor at McMaster University, and Kevin Dunn who is a successful musician.

Social media presence

It seems that Kevin isn’t active on social media platforms at all – there is a Twitter account of him launched in July 2014, but it is unknown whether this is his official account as it has only 160 followers and 310 tweets.

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