Kristy McNichol’s partner Martie Allen Wiki Bio, net worth, lesbian, family

• Martie Allen is the wife of famous former actress, comedian and singer Christina ‘Kristy’ McNichol.
• Allen and McNichol have been together for nearly two decades.
• Allen’s professional career is unknown, while McNichol starred in many television series and movies.
• McNichol came out as a lesbian in 2012, and revealed her relationship with Allen.
• The couple has an estimated net worth of $7 million.

Who is Kristy McNichol’s partner Martie Allen?

Martie Allen was born on the 1st January 1960 in the USA. She is a 59 year-old former television personality, primarily recognized for being the wife of famous former actress, comedian and singer Christina ‘Kristy’ McNichol. Kristy came out as a lesbian in 2012 and proudly admitted that she and Allen were still in a relationship after almost two decades.

Kristy McNichol and Martie Allen

Martie Allen Bio: Early Life, Family and Education

Despite being the wife and lifelong partner of the famous former child actress and comedian Kristy McNichol, there is little information concerning the early years and education of Martie Allen. Her wife Kristy is of Irish and Lebanese descent, and grew up in Los Angeles, California. She has a brother named Jimmy McNichol who was a child actor and singer as well. Allen’s wife first appeared alongside her brother Jimmy in various commercials. As her popularity grew, she went on to star in several television series, including guest appearances in shows such as “Starsky & Hutch” (1975–1979), “The Love Boat” (1977–1986), “Love, American Style” (1969–1974) and “The Bionic Woman” (1976–1978). These early stints helped launch her career in movie and television industry and Kristy soon became one of the most popular and sought-after child actresses in the US.

Career Work

Similarly to her early life and education, we do not know much about Martie Allen’s professional career. What we do know is that at some point of her life she and Kristy had similar aspirations. Martie Allen tried to pursue a career in the movie and television industry but never reached her wife’s level of success and fame, and her career as a television personality was short lived, and unfortunately there is little information about her later work. On the other hand, Kristy’s fame grew steadily throughout her teenage years and early twenties. She was soon cast as Letitia ‘Buddy’ Lawrence in the television series “Family” in 1976, and went on to win two Emmy Awards for Best Supporting Actress in a Dramatic Series for her role of Letitia. Later she landed a leading role in the highly popular movie “Little Darlings” which came out in 1980, for which she received critical acclaim. She also starred in “The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia” alongside Mark Hamill and Dennis Quaid, and over the next few years she starred in the movies “Women of Valor”, “You Can’t Hurry Love” and “Two Moon Junction”, as well as the television series “Empty Nest”, a spin-off of “The Golden Girls”. Even though she left the series in 1992, her last on-screen performance was in the final episode of “Empty Nest” which was aired in 1995.

Martie Allen and Kristy Mcnichol

Coming Out

Due to Kristy McNichol’s immense popularity, she was never too far from the public eye, and her sexuality was a matter of speculation and controversy from her teenage years. However, rumors and speculation turned out to be true, when McNichol finally revealed that she is lesbian in 2012. Although Kristy did not name her partner, she did reveal that she was in a happy relationship for nearly two decades, but the media soon found out that she was happily married to Martie Allen.

Kristy also stated that the reason for her revelation was that she had the need to finally be open about herself, as well as that she wanted to help younger people who are still being bullied for their sexuality, and offer them support, adding that ‘it is very sad about kids being bullied’ and that her coming out could perhaps help such kids. In addition, McNichol suggested that one of the main reasons why she quit acting in 2001 was because of the immense pressure to hide her sexuality and relationship with Martie Allen. The pressure also led to an emotional breakdown on more than one occasion.

Personal Life

Following her retirement from the world of acting after 24 years, Martie Allen and Kristy McNichol decided to stay out of the limelight and focus on their relationship and personal happiness. The couple enjoys playing tennis, doing yoga and travelling. In addition, they own several dachshunds. Allen and McNichol currently reside in Los Angeles, where McNichol teaches acting at a private school and runs her charity. There is no information regarding whether they have adopted children or not.

Net Worth

If you ever wondered just how rich Martie Allen and Kristy McNichol are, it has been estimated by authoritative sources that the total amount of their joint net worth is around $7 million, accumulated primarily through McNichol’s long and successful career as an actress, comedian and singer. In addition, even though her acting career is over, McNichol teaches acting at a private school in Los Angeles.

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