Lil Yachty Wiki: Net Worth, Hair, Girlfriend, Mom, Gay, High School, Tattoos Who is Lil Yachty?

• Miles Parks McCollum, better known as Lil Yachty, is a rapper, songwriter, and singer.
• His net worth is estimated at over $8 million, earned through his successful career in the music industry.
• His popularity began in 2015 with the release of his debut EP “Summer Sings”, and has since released mixtapes and a debut studio album entitled “Teenage Emotions”.
• His musical style has been classified as bubblegum trap, mumble rap, and has been described as catchy, off color, and fun.
• He is active on social media and has gained endorsements from various companies due to his large following.

Miles Parks McCollum was born on 23 August 1997, in Mableton, Georgia USA, and is a rapper, songwriter and singer, best known for performing professionally under the name Lil Yachty. His popularity began in 2015 after the release of his debut EP “Summer Sings”, which included singles such as “Minnesota” and “One Night”. He has also released mixtapes entitled “Lil Boat” and “Summer Songs 2”, and a debut studio album entitled “Teenage Emotions”.

The Riches of Lil Yachty

How rich is Lil Yachty? As of late-2018, sources estimate a net worth that is over $8 million, earned through a successful career in the music industry. He’s collaborated with numerous other artists and has been featured in high profile publications too, so as he continues his career, it is expected that his wealth will also continue to increase.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

While little information is available about Lil Yachty’s childhood, it is known that he developed a strong interest in a career in music at a early age. His family moved to Atlanta where he grew up; later he moved to New York City to help launch his career, then adopting his stage name. While living there, he stayed with a friend and started to connect with online street fashion personalities to help him build his own social media following.

In 2015 his popularity began to increase. when he started releasing songs through the website SoundCloud, and his own version of the song “One Night” was used in a viral comedy video. This led to a lot of attention, and the following year he modelled for the Kanye West Yeezy Season 3 fashion line held at Madison Square Garden. Shortly afterwards, he released his debut mixtape entitled “Lil Boat”, and collaborations soon followed, working with DRAM for the hit song “Broccoli” which reached fifth spot on the Billboard Hot 100. He was also featured in the “Coloring Book” mixtape by Chance the Rapper, before signing his own recording deal.

Debut Album and Prominence

Lil Yachty made the announcement that he had signed a joint venture with Motown Records, Capital Records, and Quality Control Music for his upcoming releases, and a month later he released his second mixtape entitled “Summer Songs 2”. During the latter part of 2016, he was featured on the single “iSpy” by Kyle, and then worked with Tee Grizzley for the single “From the D to the A”. In 2017, he released his debut studio album entitled “Teenage Emotions”, which featured artists such as YG, Grace, Stefflon Don, Migos and Diplo.

The release of the album coincided with three promotional singles, “Harley” produced by K Swisha, “Bring it Back” produced by Free School and “X Men” produced by 30 Roc. He also worked on a remix of “With My Team” by the Creek Boyz released at the end of the year. In 2018 he announced that he would be working on another album, entitled “Nuthin 2 Prove”, and would also collaborate with Takeoff for an album, after which he worked with Ocean Park Standoff for the single “If You Were Mine”.

Personal Life

For his personal life, not much is known about Lil Yachty’s romantic relationships, if any. Since he is still young many sources state that he is not yet focused on a girlfriend and is still working on his music. He enrolled at Alabama State University prior to his fame, but dropped out to fully focus on his career. He was a supporter of Bernie Sanders during the 2016 presidential election, citing his work during the civil rights movement. He was also arrested at a mall in Palm Beach Gardens and was charged for credit card fraud, but was released after posting a bail bond of $11,000. According to him, the charges were later expunged.

He describes his musical style as bubblegum trap, having sampled sounds from various pop culture themes such as “Rugrats”, “Peanuts”, and “Mario Bros,” and even used the start-up sound of a GameCube console, mentioning also that he uses themes of Pixar, Super Nintendo, cotton candy, and clouds. His style has also been described as mumble rap, which typifies simple incomprehensible lyrics, and his music has been described by publications as catchy, off color, fun, and does its best to shy away from the legacy of rap or rap canon.

Endorsements and Social Media

Lil Yachty has appeared in various commercials, even with basketballer LeBron James in a Sprite Commercial, in which he is seen playing the piano in an ice cave. He was also picked to be the new face of a collection of Urban Outfitters and Nautica, and in a Target video, he appeared alongside Cary Rae Jepsen. In 2018, he worked with Donny Osmond to create a theme song for Chef Boyardee.

Similar to numerous music personalities, Lil Yachty remains highly active online through accounts on social media. His fame began online, and he looks to keep it that way, maintaining millions of followers on all of his accounts. He promotes some of his most recent music releases online, while also posting information on upcoming tours, events, and some photo shoots. He has a lot of endorsements and sponsored posts too, mainly thanks to his huge following which has attracted the attention of many big companies.

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