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• Lily Ki is an animator, streamer, and YouTuber, professionally known as Lilypichu
• She has earned a net worth of $800,000 through her career online
• She developed an interest in music and video games at a young age
• She posts content to YouTube, Twitch, and other social media accounts
• Lily is in a relationship with fellow YouTuber Albert Chang and has previously been linked to professional “League of Legends” player HotshotGG

Who is Lilypichu?

Lily Ki was born on 20 November 1991, in the United States of America, and under her professional name of Lilypichu, is an animator, streamer, and YouTuber, best known from having earned popularity through her Twitch channel on which she often plays the video game “League of Legends”. Her YouTube channel has garnered over 1.5 million subscribers since its creation in 2006.

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The Wealth of Lilypichu

How rich is Lilypichu? As of early-2019, sources inform us of a net worth that is at $800,000, earned largely through a successful career online. Aside from her streaming, she also posts a lot of vlog videos, showcasing some of her daily endeavors. As she continues her career, it is expected that her wealth will also continue to increase.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Lily is of Korean American descent though very little information is known about her family and childhood. She mentioned once during a video that her real name is Yun and that she grew up with a younger brother, but also very close with her grandmother, who passed away after a car accident, later confirming during a stream that both of her paternal grandparents have passed away.

She developed a strong interest in music at a young age, and started learning the piano at five years of age. She showed a talent for music, and continued to learn more about the piano after gaining an interest in anime. She started playing anime theme songs in particular, and also discovered a love for video games which helped fuel her passion for music. Apparently her parents encouraged her to follow her dreams, and she decided that she would have a career that could have her working in the industries she loves.


YouTube and Twitch

In 2006, Lily decided to try her hand at posting videos on the website YouTube, which at the time was just starting to gain popularity. She began by doing animation work which featured her voice, as she was interested in pursuing a career in voice acting. She then started to post videos of her playing video games, which increased her popularity significantly. Eventually, she tried her hand at interacting directly with her followers by playing on the streaming website Twitch. Subscriber donations through the website also meant that it was a good avenue for earning a significant amount of money.

She quickly gained around 5,000 subscribers on Twitch, who watched her play video games, mainly the game called “League of Legends”, which was inspired by the “Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne” mod called “Defense of the Ancients”. In LoL, players assume the role of a summoner who controls a champion with unique ability to battle against other players controlling their own champions. The goal of the game is to usually destroy the enemy team’s nexus which is the heart of the enemy base. She progressed to making videos providing advanced insight on the game, and also helped other players through her streams. One of the reasons she became very popular is due to her voice and looks which many people really liked.

Other Endeavors

While Lily earned popularity through gaming on YouTube and Twitch, one of her main goals as she has stated many times is to become a professional voice actor. She has done a lot of training since her childhood, and even had jaw surgery to help her develop her voice further. A lot of people have questioned whether or not Lily is using a fake voice in her streams and videos, but she has maintained that it is her real voice.

Aside from gaming, she has also posted a lot of vlog content to help followers view more into her personal life; the popularity of vlogs on YouTube also helped with her personal popularity. She also established a second channel called LilyRaichu, a channel where she could do more fun content which is unrelated to the content of her main channel. She mentioned that she is obsessed with voice acting and wants to make it big whether in video games or anime. She is also very interested in music, and some fans believe that she may also look for a career in that industry.

Personal Life

For her personal life, it is known that Lily is in a relationship with fellow YouTuber Albert Chang, who is known for his content often involving magic and the violin. According to her, the two have the same interest in video games which helped them develop a romance, spending Valentine’s Day 2018 in Taiwan as evident in the photos they’ve posted on social media. The two are also known to live in the same house. She was previously romantically linked to George Georgallidis, who is best known as HotshotGG, a professional “League of Legends” player associated with professional team Counter Logic Gaming. They were together for some time but eventually broke up in the middle of 2017 as confirmed by Lily through Instagram.

Similar to numerous YouTubers, Lily is also active through various social media websites including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. She posts photo shoots, and photos with friends as well as her boyfriend on Instagram. Her Facebook and Twitter accounts carry posts about her daily thoughts. She is also very interested in dogs and has a pet dog of her own.

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