Lin-Manuel Miranda’s wife Vanessa Nadal Wiki Bio, net worth, education

• Vanessa Nadal Miranda was born in New York City in 1982
• She attended Hunter College High School and MIT, and later graduated from Fordham University with a JD in 2010
• She has had various research and development internships and positions at law firms
• She has been married to Lin Manuel Miranda since 2010 and has two sons
• She has a net worth of over $1 million and has participated in relief efforts for Puerto Rico

Who is Vanessa Nadal?

Vanessa Nadal Miranda, the daughter of Frank Nadal, was born Vanessa Adriana Nadal on 18 August 1982, New York City, USA.

Vanessa Nadal education

Her high school days were spent at NYC’s Hunter College High School, where she not only took part in both the girls’ tennis and swim teams, but wrote for the school’s newspaper ‘What’s What’ and, on top of all that, headed the school’s Hunter Latin Organization. For her bachelor studies she went up north, to the famed Massachusetts Institute of Technology, doing her degree in chemical engineering. A couple of years down the road, Vanessa took a major turn by enrolling at Fordham University’s School of Law, from where she successfully graduated in 2010 with her ‘Juris Doctorate’ (JD) title. During her stay at Fordham University, Nadal made good use of her University’s study abroad program, doing an exchange at Madrid’s ‘Universidad Pontificia Comillas’, where she wasted no time, sinking her teeth into her studies, and having a particular appetite for European Union and Spanish law.

Vanessa’s career

Nowadays, Ms Lin-Manuel Miranda has her mind set on her law career, but back in her college days she was all about white coats and test tubes, doing an internship in 2001 at the Australian academy of science as a lab researcher. After getting her diploma in chemical engineering, Vanessa joined Johnson & Johnson to work on research and development. Interning at King Ramsey Perry & Howell, LLP. and ‘Jones Day’ law firms paved the way for her law career, eventually landing her with a gig as an associate with ‘Jones Day’. She is reported to have practiced both in the civil Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) and Fair Credit Reporting Act litigation, which shows this mother of two is not only beauty and brains, but has a kind heart as well, not shying away from helping those in need.

Lin-Manuel Miranda and Vanessa Nadal

Vanessa Nadal: relationship with Lin Manuel Miranda

Nadal and Mirada have a long history together, dating back to their high school days at Hunter College High, where Miranda, a senior at the time, kept a keen eye on Nadal. Miranda later on, during his NY Times interview, described the fascination he had with the sophomore beauty: “She was gorgeous and I’m famously bad at talking to women I find attractive. I have a total lack of game.”  Parting ways for their university years – Miranda going off to Wesleyan University and dedicating himself to his art, forming the hip-hop comedy troupe Freestyle Love Supreme and writing the first drafts for his musical “In the Heights”, and Nadal continuing at MIT, the duo let some time pass with each one doing their own thing, before reconnecting., reviving their friendship with the help of Facebook in 2005. Seeing in Nadal’s Facebook description salsa and hip-hop listed as interests, Miranda jumped at the chance to invite his wife-to-be to his Freestyle Life Supreme show. After the show, group hang outs having passed, Miranda and Nadal found themselves alone one night, calling each other boyfriend and girlfriend in a weeks time. Some might say art and science don’t mesh well together, put the pair pulled through, tying the knot on 5 September 2010 in a lavish ceremony at Staatsburg’s, New York State’s Belvedere Mansion. Their wedding, officiated by an associate justice of the New York State Appellate Division, was something out of a fairytale – they had a 22-piace orchestra, with the happy couple joining in, dancing and rapping. The newlyweds didn’t rush to expand the family, though, welcoming their first child, a son named Sebastian, four years later, in 2014. In 2017, the parents announced a new addition to their family, and their second son. named Francisco, joined their family on 2 February, announced via Twitter.

Vanessa Nadal, net worth, charity.

By authoritative estimates, this mother-of-two scientist turned lawyer, has a cool $1 million=plus to her name, reputedly having banked $122,000 per year through her associate position at Jones Day. Staying at this job for five years, it is reported that Vanessa left this position to move on to ventures not yet familiar to the public, but knowing this hip lady we are sure she has something up her sleeve. In the meantime, her husband’s success with his play “Hamilton”, as well as other ventures, are sure to keep their family provided for, with sources reporting a whopping $10 million figure of Miranda’s personal wealth. The pair is no stranger to charity work, getting involved in relief efforts by teaming up with National Resources Defense Council and Prizeo to help Puerto Rico rebuild in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria and Irma. This comes as no surprise, considering Miranda’s father calls Puerto Rico his homeland, with the family going so far as to donate $1 million for the University of Puerto Rico’s theater reconstruction in order to take “Hamilton” to Puerto Rico.


Vanessa Nadal is a brunette beauty standing at 5 feet 4 inches (1.75m) and weighing around 127lbs (58 kg).

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