“Man v. Food” actor Casey Webb’s Wiki: Age, Net Worth, Married, Wife, Height, Salary

• Casey Webb is an actor, food lover and restaurant business veteran, known for his role as Dinger in “Part-Timers” as well as being the television show “Man v. Food” host.
• He was born on 27 April in the early 1970s in Little Silver in New Jersey.
• He started working in the restaurant industry at the age of 14, eventually becoming a restaurant manager.
• He is said to have been dating the American DJ Elle Dee in 2013, and was rumored to have married American musician and actress Graci Carli.
• His career includes acting in films, theater and television, as well as voice-overs for commercials.

Who is Casey Webb?

Casey Webb is an actor, food lover and restaurant business veteran, who is popular for his role of Dinger in “Part-Timers” as well as being the television show “Man v. Food” host.

Casey Webb Early Childhood and Education Background

Although the exact year Casey was born is not known, he was born on 27 April sometime in the early 1970sunder the Taurus Zodiac. He grew up in Little Silver in New Jersey alongside his older brother, and which together with Red Red Bank, is where he lived most of his life, before moving to Brooklyn, New York City which is where he currently resides. He’s an American by nationality and belongs to the white ethnicity.

Although his parents decided to part ways, Casey seems to maintain a very good relationship with them as he frequently shares their photos on his Instagram page. Also, his parents seem to share a healthy relationship with one another despite being divorced. For example, on 15 June 2014, Casey shared a picture where he was with his mother on Father’s Day and captioned it ‘Happy Father’s Day from me and your ex-wife’.

Before Casey rose to fame, he was working in the restaurant industry doing dishes at the tender age of 14, but since then has changed his priorities. Before he finally got his dream job, Casey worked in Brooklyn slinging drinks, and spent the next years of his life moving up the ladder in the food industry, learning the ropes and honing his culinary skills until he reached where he is today.

Casey Webb

Casey Webb Professional Career

Casey’s career can best be described as ‘from rags to riches’, since he started off scrubbing dishes and kitchen sinks. This actor was able to passover his dreams of becoming a businessman since he started working in the kitchen, and eventually become a restaurant manager. In the ’80s, Casey was a child model, who sharpened his skills by specializing in winter fashion.

While growing up in New Jersey, Casey ventured into acting, and after many years, he was again on stage working as a thespian, able to land various jobs, firstly in 2011 when he appeared in “The Roommate”. Other film roles he’s had include “The Skull” in 2015 and “McDick” in 2017. He has also done theater work, such as at the New York theater where he’s starred in various plays. Casey has completed many classes working at the Actors Training Institute, where he got a chance to teach camera methods as well as fashions.

As a food lover and actor, Casey was honored to land the job of hosting “Man v Food” on the Travel Channel. On the show, Casey gets to take on challenges and go on a quest to discover the most delicious food in America. He ventures on the road searching for hometown popular spots that serve the biggest, spiciest and most incredible cuisine on their menus.

Casey Webb Personal Life, Girlfriend

Although Casey’s job requires him to be very engaged, he still finds time to get into romantic relationships. In 2013, he is said to have been dating the American DJ Elle Dee, which however didn’t last long, although the reason for their break up is not known. There were also rumors that Casey was dating Graci Carli, had actually married her – she is an American musician as well as an actress who is popular for her role in the comedy “50 Central”. The rumors were sparked by a photo that Casey posted on his page with the actress, with the caption ‘husbandwife’. Later, it was determined that this was just a prank from Casey, and the two are simply good friends and not an item. As of now, Webb is single and focused on pursuing his career as the “Man v. Food” host.

Interest Facts about Casey Webb

Here are five facts about Casey that you probably did not know:

His favorite city to eat in is New Orleans: although Casey had been to many cities in the US, it is the only one that really won his heart. As they were filming the new series, he got to taste their traditional cuisines and apparently fell in love with all the dishes. According to him, he cannot wait to get back there and get a chance to sample them again.

As a child, he worked as a model: although he is now an actor and director, Casey made his debut into the entertainment industry as a child model back in the 1980s, specializing in winter fashion, which included knitted garments.

People and travel lured him to “Man v. Food: although Casey is a self-taught chef who is very passionate about food, this is not what attracted him to the show, but simply the chance to meet with a variety of people as he toured the country, and also the chance to travel to all sorts of places, and have new experiences.

Most people know Casey for his various TV roles, but that is not all; he has done numerous voice-overs for commercials, including “Jake Baker’s Wharfside”, “Budweiser Holiday BUds”, “Purina Beneful Dog Food”, and “Sam Adams Boston Lager”.

Casey has a pizza named after him: when “Man v. Food” premiered, Webb visited Vinnie’s Pizzeria located in New York, where the staff made his own variety pizza just for the show, and named it Caseydilla. It became a hit with the film crew as well as diners during the show’s filming, so the pizzeria even added it to their menu.

Casey Webb Net Worth

Casey gets most of his earnings from movie production as well as his acting career. Before he started hosting “Man v. Food”, he had appeared in various television series, and in some he was not only in the cast but also played a part in producing or even working as the art director.

He was an assistant art director in the film “Shooting Johnson Roebling” – the average annual salary of a person in such a position being $134,000, which is likely what Casey earned. Other television series Casey starred in include “Mommy Menthol” and “Keeping Up with the Greensteens”.

Authoritative sources estimate that Casey’s net worth is not less than $16 million – with such wealth, Casey is able to afford exotic vacations, where he also gets to try out their cuisines.

Casey Webb Body Features and Measurements

Although Casey is yet to share his body statistics and measurements on the internet, some things are very clear about him. He is of decent height and his body build is chubby. His skin is white, he has brown hair, grey eyes and grows a mustache.

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