Margo Harshman from NCIS Bio: Measurements, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Married, Religion

• Margo Harshman is an American actress born in San Diego, CA in 1986.
• She came from a family of 5 children and was a prodigy from a young age, participating in beauty pageants, taking dance lessons, and starting acting at 8 years old.
• Margo is best known for her roles in “The Big Bang Theory” and “NCIS” and has won awards for her acting.
• She has been linked to several relationships but is currently focused on her career.
• Her current net worth is around $3 million and she is a spokesperson for the Special Olympics.

Margo Harshman from NCIS Wiki

Best known for her roles in “The Big Bang Theory” and “NCIS”, Margo Cathleen Harshman, is an American actress, born on 4th March 1986 in San Diego, California. She comes from a pretty large family, with her parents David and Janelle having five children in total – Margo has one younger and one older brother, and two older sisters. Aside from that, there are many other interesting facts about the young actress, and we advise you to keep reading and discover everything there is to know about Margo Harshman’s bio, net worth, relationships, and so on.

Childhood years

Margo grew up in La Costa, San Diego County. From a very young age, she demonstrated her talent for acting and showmanship, possibly originating when her grandmother took her to participate in beauty pageants when Margo was only two years old. By the age of three, the little girl was already taking dance lessons, and she started to practice gymnastics. When she was five, Margo began playing the piano, and allegedly when she was eight years old, she started acting, and even got her first manager at this age!

Evidently Margo was something of a prodigy at her early childhood. When she was 12, the family decided to move to Orange County, California. Margo first went to Hewes Middle School, and she later attended Foothill High School.

How did Margo start her career?

As mentioned, Margo demonstrated her acting talent early on, and worked on her skills from a very young age, therefore it didn’t come as a surprise when she got her first role in 1997, in the movie “The Elf Who Didn’t Believe”. Education still took preference, so it wasn’t until 2003 thet she appeared in the movie “Recipe for Disaster”, however, a major breakthrough in her career happened that same year when she landed a role in “The Even Stevens Movie”, and afterwards joined the cast of Disney’s “Even Stevens”, playing the role of Tawny Dean.

Acting career

After her success with ”Even Stevens”, the doors of Hollywood studios started opening for Margo. Over the years, she appeared as a guest in several high-profile TV series, including the likes of “Boston Legal”, “Bones”, “Grey’s Anatomy”, and so on. She also played important roles in “Run of the House” and “Center of the Universe”, but her most prominent roles came in “The Big Bang Theory” and “NCIS”.

When it comes to “The Big Bang Theory”, she portrayed Alex Jensen, a young assistant of Sheldon Cooper. In “NCIS”, Margo was among the cast members from 2013 up to 2017, playing the role of Delilah Fielding, the paraplegic wife of Timothy McGee.

Did Margo receive any awards?

Aside from her work on TV series, Margo has also appeared in movies, such as “College Road Trip” and “Sorority Row”.  Of course, her hard work could not go unnoticed for long, and even though she is still relatively young, she has received several awards for her acting. For example, in 2004 Margo managed to win the “ShoWest” award for Female Stars of Tomorrow, and in 2005 was nominated in two categories for Young Artists Awards.

Marriage and relationships

Margo is now 32 years-old, and some social standards would say that it is time for her to start a family. However, reliable sources claim that she is still fully focused on her career, and that romantic relationships are not her priority at the moment. The media whispered about her affair with her acting colleague Josh Keaton, but it seems that this affair is over, and back in 2003, Margo was in a relationship with Chris Marquette, but they broke up in 2005. It remains to be seen if Margo will find ‘the one’ any time soon.

What is Margo’s net worth?

As authoritative sources report, Margo’s current net worth is around $3 million, which does not come as a surprise if we take into consideration the sheer volume of her acting projects. Of course, the success of those shows played a part in growing her fortune, and it seems that she can now lead a pretty comfortable, if not lavish, lifestyle.

Personal aspects

Margo likes to keep her private life well away from the public eye. What is even more interesting is that she does not have an active profile on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook – her last post on her Twitter account dates back to 2013.  Almost all modern-day celebrities are active on those social networks, but it seems that Margo has chosen a different approach. Margo is a spokesperson for the Special Olympics.

Margo nowadays resides in Los Angeles, California. In May 2014, her mother passed away after battling with breast cancer for 20 years.

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