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Alana Lliteras

The TV host and rising talent Alana Lliteras shot to fame when she was just 12 years old, when winning the first season of “MasterChef Junior México”. Even before the brunette took home an impressive cash prize of $1 million Mexican pesos – approximately $56,000 if we adjust for inflation – there were rumors of her being the niece of the well-known actress and presenter Anette Michell, which however, both parties denied.

Since then, Alana – who was born on 31st May 2004, in Guadalajara, Mexico – has gone on to do great things. With 300,000 Instagram followers and counting, online partnerships with brands such as Viajes Lili, and invites to national industry events such as Los Premios de la Radio, the brunette is just getting started.


In February 2023, Mexican news outlets reported that Alana had officially ended her years-long professional relationship with TV Azteca. A month prior, Alana – who presented the talk show “Venga la Alegría Fin de Semana” during her time on the network – took to social media to reveal that Azteca had gone from ignoring her messages, to threatening her, over the course of a few months.

‘I’ve got new work opportunities lined up… I told Azteca I wanted to accept said opportunities, but they didn’t reply to my messages… Which makes me really sad because for me, Azteca is like family,’ she wrote. ‘I began receiving threats, they tried to intimidate me.’ Alana also shared that she had been asking the network for a copy of her contract since November 2022, which is allegedly when she first told the network she wished to pursue other opportunities.

Something clearly went on behind the scenes after Alana blasted Azteca online, as weeks later, she joined the line-up of the Telemundo reality show “Top Chef VIP” – which, as the title implies, is a cooking competition for celebs,. In any case, the young TV presenter wasn’t the only small-screen personality going through issues with the network. Ana María ‘La Bebeshita’, who worked on “Venga la Alegría Fin De Semana” with Alana, also left Azteca behind to participate in the Televisa reality show.

Alana clearly made the right decision, as in summer 2023 she was declared the season two winner of “Top Chef VIP”. Her rivals included the likes of actress Sara Corrales, singer Helen Ochoa, and movie galant Juan Pablo Gil. Alana celebrated her victory by thanking her friends, family, and co-star Sebastian Villalobo, who we will discuss in short.

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At the end of October 2023, Alana posted a sneak peek of a new single and videoclip she was working on, which both had a mid-November release date. ‘I don’t think I’ve ever done something so personal, and although the unknown is scary, the excitement is bigger,’ the influencer stated, while thanking everyone who helped make her first song a reality.

Many of Alana’s fans are overjoyed to see her embark on a musical career with “Enana Blanca”, and as it happens, the brunette is also a talented piano player, who has been interested in music for years.

Personal Life

One of Alana’s greatest passions in life is travelling. In November 2023, she travelled to Turkey and made sure to keep her followers up to date with every detail of the exotic vacation she enjoyed, which included plenty of sightseeing and fine dining. Weeks prior, the TV personality – who is 5ft 5in (165cm) tall – had also travelled to Japan and Miami.

As for Alana’s dating life, in September 2023 she went on a month-long social media break after breaking up with Sebastián Villalobo, better known as Sebas. He was born in January 1996 in Colombia, is a well-known actor, musician, and social media sensation with over ten million followers on Instagram alone; unfortunately, he also has a bad reputation due to the long string of failed relationship he’s been in since he first broke into the mainstream.

In October 2022, Sebas broke up with his long-time girlfriend Camila Santamaría, whom he began dating in 2020. Since then, he’s been linked to a number of influencers and online models, and when he competed in “Top Chef VIP” alongside Alana, it didn’t take long for blogs to insinuate that they were more than just friends.

At first, Sebas and Alana both denied the rumors. However, nearing the end of July 2023 – when Alana had already won the cooking contest – the YouTuber confirmed that he was in a relationship with the presenter, who is eight years his junior. Less than a month later, many netizens were shocked to learn that they’d broken up, whereas others claimed that Sebas was merely taking advantage of Alana’s popularity as a fan favorite, and had been using her throughout the contest.

Whatever the case, Sebas has yet to discuss his most recent break-up. The model created his YouTube channel in 2011, and began uploading videos shortly afterwards. Upon matriculating from high school, he relocated to Mexico with a group of Colombian YouTubers and began networking and working with brands. After signing to Latin World Entertainment talent agent Lina Cáceres, Sebas began taking his career more seriously and crossed over to TV and other platforms.

In November 2014, Sebas made his first TV appearance in “La Voz Kids Colombia” and attended his first awards ceremony. A year later, he began presenting “Gana con ganas” alongside Marcela Venegas and Adrián Lara and also presented the Kids’ Choice Awards ceremony in his home country.

Next, Sebas competed in the dance show “Bailando con las estrellas”, launched his “YouTuber School” series in which he provided aspiring social media personalities handy tips and tricks, and joined the cast of “Soy Luna”, which helped boost his profile enormously. The high point of his career has undeniably been 2017, as he was a panelist and presenter of the Latin Billboard Awards, and named amongst the top 100 Spanish-speaking influencers around the world.

Since 2019, Sebas has made fewer and fewer TV appearances but is still as active as ever on social media. These days, his main focuses are music and modelling, although he’s also found time to do charity work in collaboration with Love Army Mexico and Love Army Bangladesh. Previously, Sebas spoke up in favor of same-sex adoption, sharing that his mother came out of the closet when he was 11 years old.

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