Meet Aline Bernardes: Swimwear Sensation and Social Media Star

Brazilian model and social media influencer Aline Bernardes, has captivated many with her stunning figure, confidently gracing the catwalk for swimwear fashion shows. Boasting a substantial following on various platforms, including Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, she consistently keeps her audience engaged. The buzz around Aline intensified when her day at Miami Beach in May 2023 sparked dating rumors involving former NBA player and sports analyst Kenny Smith.

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Early Life and Family

Aline Bernardes was born in December 1983, in Brazil. Not much information is revealed about her family, but when she posts about them, it includes her mom, Gessia, and her sister, Paula. It is quite apparent that they are close with the way she wrote about them. She considers her family as life’s greatest blessings.


Aline Bernardes began her career as a samba dancer, specializing in performances at carnivals and football matches. While exploring various avenues, she ventured into acting, making her television debut on Marcia’s program, participating in a reenactment. Although her acting stint was brief, she found her stride in modeling, particularly as a swimwear model, capturing the essence of Brazilian beauty through striking portfolios. Transitioning to the international stage, Aline sought better opportunities in America, where her journey began with modest assignments. Through unwavering dedication and hard work, she evolved into a successful model, making her mark on the catwalks. Her modeling repertoire extends to renowned brands, including Hot Miami Styles, OMG Miami Swimwear, and Fashion Nova in which she has showcased apparel and swimwear.

Social media influencer

Like other celebrities seeking to expand their reach, Aline Bernardes has strategically established her presence across various social media platforms. Ensuring she maintains the interest of her followers, she consistently shares captivating visuals that highlight her impressive figure, perfectly befitting her role as a swimwear model.

As she attained celebrity status with a substantial following exceeding 200,000 on Instagram, the video and photo-sharing networking service evolved beyond a mere platform for self-promotion and fan connection. As an influencer, she collaborates with various brands, evident in her posts featuring cosmetics and swimwear.

Her Facebook, boasting nearly 70,000 followers, has proven to be an effective platform for engaging with fans. Meanwhile, her X account (formerly Twitter) has accumulated close to 30,000 followers, although she discontinued its use, with her last post dating back to 2019.

Regarding her YouTube channel, launched in June 2013, it has garnered around 5,000 subscribers. Although she doesn’t post as frequently, with fewer than 40 videos in the last 10 years, the channel provides glimpses into her life, spanning from her early beginnings to her rise in popularity. Her oldest post dates back to March 2014, showcasing her participation as the muse in the performance by the Bateria Puro Balanço during the farewell game of Goalkeeper Marcos in 2012 for the Brazilian professional football club Palmeiras. The most recent uploads focus on the renovation work of her house.

Personal Life

Aline Bernardes remains quite private about her personal life. She has a son named Lorenzo who turned six in August 2023. Her son was born in America, and they maintain a permanent residence here. Whenever she can, she ensures to include her son in photoshoots or events, even if they are in another city or country, dedicating ample time to be with him during downtime. Her top priority is to create lasting memories as he grows up, irrespective of her hectic schedule. Despite having a support system around to assist in caring for her son, she proudly emphasizes that he consistently chooses to be close to her—snuggled up on her, in her lap, showering her with hugs and kisses. In one of her Instagram posts, she expressed, ‘The biggest and best challenge of my life was to have YOU,’ referring to Lorenzo. She refers to him as her whole life, the joy of her existence, and the one who makes her better every day.

The identity of the father remains undisclosed. Many assume that he’s not involved in raising Lorenzo, as there are no photos to suggest otherwise. Her social media pages show no posts about him or any significant other; this is often the case when couples break up, with photos being deleted and no traces left behind.

It was unclear when they parted ways, but it seems he was still present when Aline was 28 weeks pregnant. Aline’s Instagram post dated 14 June 2017 refers to the father of the baby, stating, ‘Mommy and Daddy can’t wait to meet you.’ She also mentioned him in an earlier post on the 20th of April, showcasing the baby’s sonogram, in which she remarked that the baby has Daddy’s face and Mommy’s fitness. The couple was together for an ultrasound, and Aline shared that it took a long time for baby Lorenzo to show his face to Mommy and Daddy.

With the father presumably out of the picture, she credits her mother and sister for always being by her side, providing support, sharing in her joys, and making her happy.

Her dream house

She purchased a house and meticulously documented its renovation journey as she transformed it into her dream home; viewers could follow the progress through videos uploaded on her YouTube channel. The house was initially showcased in June 2022, before any work began, and  the latest update was posted in October 2022, spotlighting the substantial improvements achieved after 100 days of renovation. Although she hasn’t updated her YouTube channel since, people can infer that the renovation is complete from the photos she shared on Instagram, revealing various sections of her house. In January 2023, she posted a short video of her kitchen, and mentioned in her caption that it turned out even more beautiful than she had imagined. Her kitchen boasts an all-white and gold theme, featuring a five-meter island—a long-desired addition—along with white porcelain countertops and a chandelier.

Brimming with happiness in her dream house, she shared words of wisdom drawn from her own experience: ‘When God puts a dream in your heart, don’t worry about how it will come true…Don’t think about how it will happen, but rather, when it will happen.’

Romantically Linked to Kenny Smith

Aline Bernardes and Kenny “The Jet” Smith have been spotted together in Miami, raising questions about the nature of their relationship. Their first public appearance occurred on 4 May 2023, during the Miami F1 Grand Prix, where Kenny, in town for the event, was seen enjoying the beach with Bernardes.

It seemed that amidst his busy schedule covering the NBA games, Kenny still found time for relaxation in Miami Beach. In photos captured by TMZ Sports, Kenny, shirtless in pink swim trunks, enjoyed the Florida sun sipping a San Pellegrino with Bernardes in a seductive black bikini by his side. Despite their time together on the beach, there were no overt displays of affection, leaving the status of their relationship ambiguous and open to interpretation.

Adding to the speculation, Bernardes shared a video on her Instagram Story featuring Smith, showcasing a lighthearted moment of them laughing and dancing to the music of Brazilian singer Péricles, with the caption, ‘Ensinando os amigos gringos a curtir um @pericles,’ which in English means, ‘Teaching gringo friends to enjoy Péricles.’ Kenny could be heard saying that he liked the music even though he didn’t know or understand the words. On her Instagram page, she shared a photo from that day, showcasing her in the same black bikini, and people were quick to assume that it was Kenny who took the photo. The caption included the heart hands emoji along with a face exhaling emoji.

The sighting became a source of amusement on the postgame studio show, “Inside the NBA.” The presenters had a good laugh while teasing Kenny after photos of his weekend date surfaced online. Ernie Johnson asked the guys if they had any photos they cared to share from how they spent the weekend, to which Charles Barkley said he had one of Kenny, eliciting a laugh from Shaquille O’Neal.

Kenny, for his part, mentioned that it was his first time at Formula One, and he and Shaq were hanging out, adding, ‘Shaq and I were everywhere together.’ Shaq shook his head, smiling as he denied his involvement. However, Aline shared a photo on her Instagram Story featuring herself with Shaq at Prime 112, a renowned steakhouse at the end of Ocean Drive where celebrities and athletes often dine when in Miami. The caption read ‘com meu BFF,’ which translates to ‘with my BFF.’ While Kenny might be correct that Shaq was also in Miami around that time, there’s no evidence or photo suggesting Shaq was at the beach with him and Aline.

The pair continued to make headlines when they were spotted together for the second time, once again in Miami. However, this time, they were noticeably closer as they enjoyed the water. Aline, aged 39, and Kenny aged 58, have opted to keep their lips sealed, abstaining from issuing any public statements. This discretion extends to refraining from clarifying the nature of their relationship or officially acknowledging whatever may be transpiring between them.

While an Instagram story usually remains visible to followers for only 24 hours from the time it was posted, the story featuring Aline and Kenny still appears on her profile page. It resides alongside other stories she has chosen to save beyond their expiration within one of her highlight reels. This strongly suggests that it holds significance for her or is regarded as a favorite.

All about Kenny Smith

Born on March 8, 1965, Kenneth Smith is a former professional basketball player turned sports analyst. His illustrious career in the NBA spanned a decade from 1987 to 1997, playing for various teams. Notably, he began as the point guard for the Sacramento Kings, selected as the No. 6 overall pick during the NBA draft.

His impactful rookie season earned him a spot on the NBA All-Rookie Team (1st Team), showcasing impressive averages of 13.8 points and 7.1 assists per game. Throughout his career, Kenny Smith donned jerseys for teams such as the Orlando Magic, Detroit Pistons, and Atlanta Hawks; his crowning achievements came as a 2-time NBA champion with the Houston Rockets. The culmination of his playing days occurred with the Denver Nuggets, marking the endpoint of his professional basketball journey.

Transitioning seamlessly into the next phase of his career, Kenny Smith embarked on the path of a basketball analyst and commentator. His insights and commentary have become synonymous with TNT’s popular television program “Inside the NBA,” hosted by Ernie Johnson. Collaborating with basketball legends such as Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal on the show, Kenny has solidified his place as a respected voice in the world of basketball analysis.

In terms of his personal life, Kenny has been married twice. His first marriage was to Dawn Reavis, with whom he had two children; they eventually divorced for undisclosed reasons. In 2006, Kenny entered into matrimony with actress and former model Gwendolyn Osborne, well-known as a model in the game show “The Price Is Right” for 12 years, and movie enthusiasts might recognize her from “Wonder Woman 1984” (2020) in which she portrayed an Amazonian warrior. During their marriage, Kenny and Gwendolyn welcomed two children together, and Kenny took on the role of stepfather to Gwendolyn’s daughter from a previous relationship. Unfortunately, their marriage didn’t endure, leading to Gwendolyn filing divorce papers in 2018.

Kenny is presently unattached and open to meeting new people, making it entirely reasonable for him to appreciate the companionship of someone as lovely as Aline.

Interesting Facts and Rumors

  • Aline is an avid fan of Sorriso Maroto, a Brazilian band known for playing pagode, a subgenre of samba. She expressed her excitement in attending one of their concerts, describing it as the best show of her life. She exclaimed, ‘I SCREAMED, CRIED (horrors), SANG, SMILED, and CRIED a little more.’
  • She attended a Miami Heat game during the playoffs in 2023, prompting fans to believe she was a supporter of the team, especially of its star player, Jimmy Butler. This belief stemmed from her particular focus on Butler, capturing him exclusively in a video as he took a free throw. She shared this footage on her Instagram page, accompanied by additional clips showcasing the game and the energetic crowd.
  • She has a keen interest in tarot reading, stating that it helps people comprehend the cycles of life. She considers it a wonderful tool for connection and self-knowledge.


Aline Bernardes is about 5ft 9ins (175cms) tall and her weight is about 128lbs (58kgs). She has curly brown hair and dark brown eyes. With a voluptuous body like hers, many seem to be curious about whether it’s simply genetics or the result of surgery. She addressed this in her July 2021 Instagram post, revealing that she underwent breast augmentation twice: first in 2005 with 320ml implants and then again in 2008 with 600ml implants. In 2020, she opted for two procedures – mastopexy (breast lift) and Lipo LAD (High Definition Liposuction) – to achieve more defined and sculpted contours, especially in the abdominal region. Aline also mentioned that fat from the liposuction was transferred to her hips. Despite these procedures, she emphasized that she doesn’t solely rely on surgery to maintain her shapely and toned body, continuing to take care of herself by working out regularly.

Net Worth

Being a swimwear and lingerie model proves lucrative for individuals who have built a strong brand and a substantial following. Aline Bernardes exemplifies success in this field with her stunning visuals and figure, securing brand collaborations and endorsements. Participation in runway shows and print modeling for swimwear and clothing brands further enhances her income. Leveraging her Instagram popularity, Aline frequently features captivating posts of herself wearing various styles of endorsed apparel. According to authoritative sources, her estimated net worth is over $5 million, as of November 2023.

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