Meet Kensli Bennett: The Daughter of Chance the Rapper

Who is Kensli Bennett?

American celebrity family member Kensli Bennett was born under the zodiac sign Virgo on 20 September 2015, in the USA. She’s only known for being a daughter of famous American rapper and singer-songwriter Chancelor Johnathan Bennett – aka Chance the Rapper.

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Parents and early life

Kensli’s being raised alongside her younger sister Marli, born in September 2019, by their father Chance and mother Kirsten Corley in the USA; Kirsten’s a businesswoman who’s today the CEO of her own company World of BOBY, which sells children’s clothes.

Kensli’s parents split in May 2016, before she turned one, and her father remained equally involved in her upbringing; Chance and Kirsten reconciled in 2018, and on 4 July of the same year became engaged, then exchanged vows in a large ceremony on 9 March 2019, with many celebrities in attendance, including Kanye West and Kim Kardashian.

Kensli’s currently attending a local elementary school, but her parents prefer to keep her away from media, and not many other details have been shared about her; it was also only on 31 December 2016 that Chance uploaded the first picture of her onto Instagram, when she was a year and three months old.

Age, height and net worth

Kensli’s age is now eight. Her hair and eyes are brown, she’s 4ft 2ins (1.28m) tall and weighs around 60lbs (27kgs).

Kensli’s father Chance’s net worth’s been estimated at over $25 million, as of November 2023.

Who is Chance the Rapper?

Chancelor Johnathan Bennett was born under the zodiac sign Aries on 16 April 1993, in Chicago, Illinois USA. He’s been active in the music industry since the release of his first mixtape “10 Day” in 2012, aged 19; Kensli’s since won various awards and accolades, including two Grammies, one for Best Rap Album for “Coloring Book” and the other for Best Rap Performance, for the song “No Problem”, which he recorded in collaboration with Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz.

Chance was raised in Chicago alongside his younger brother Taylor Bennett, who’s today also a rapper, by their mother Lisa Bennett who once worked for the Illinois Attorney General, and father Ken Williams-Bennett who was the aide to then-Senator Barack Obama and the late Chicago Mayor Harold Washington; Chance met President Barack Obama when he was 16, thanks to his father’s job, and he supported Kensli’s dream to become a rapper.

Chance studied at Jones College Prep High School, and was passionate about multiple activities during his four years there as he loved to sing, dance and play sports; he mostly listened to Michael Jackson during that time. It was Kanye West who inspired him to become a rapper, especially his song “Through the Wire”.

Chance’s debut mixtape “10 Day” came out in 2012, and marked the beginning of his journey in the music industry; the mixtape was actually created during a 10-day suspension from high school, showcasing his lyrical prowess and storytelling abilities, if not his self-discipline. It received positive reviews, setting the stage for his subsequent projects; notable tracks such as “Prom Night” and “Hey Ma” demonstrated Chance’s ability to combine various themes with catchy, melodic sounds.

Following the success of “10 Day”, Chance the Rapper released his breakthrough mixtape “Acid Rap” in 2013; the project elevated him to a new level of recognition within the hip hop community. “Acid Rap” showcased his versatility, blending elements of jazz, soul and gospel with clever wordplay and introspective lyrics; hit tracks “Cocoa Butter Kisses” and “Juice” resonated with listeners, earning Chance widespread acclaim and solidifying his position as a rising star in the rap scene.

One defining aspect of Chance the Rapper’s career is his commitment to independence; he’s consistently released his music without the support of a major record label, a choice that has allowed him greater creative control over his work. This independence became even more evident with his 2016 mixtape “Coloring Book”, as it was this project that won him his first Grammy Award, making Chance the first artist to win a Grammy for a streaming-only album.

“Coloring Book” showcased Chance’s evolution as an artist, incorporating gospel and soul influences more prominently; the mixtape featured collaborations with industry celebrities such as Kanye West, Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz. The track “No Problem” became a commercial success, earning Chance his second Grammy; the success of the mixtape solidified Chance the Rapper’s reputation as a rapper, proving that an artist could achieve critical and commercial success without the traditional support of a major record label.

In 2017, Chance released “Merry Christmas Lil’ Mama”, a collaborative Christmas-themed mixtape with Jeremih; the project showcased Chance’s ability to experiment with different genres while maintaining his signature sound, and the mixtape received positive reviews for its playful approach to holiday music.

Chance the Rapper’s debut studio album “The Big Day” came out in 2019; this marked a significant moment in his career, transitioning from mixtapes to a major label-backed album. The project explored themes of love, family and the challenges of fame, and while it received mixed reviews, with some critics citing its ambition, “The Big Day” showcased Chance’s growth as an artist, and his willingness to push artistic boundaries.

The year 2019 also saw him write the song “True Kinda Love” for the popular animated musical film “Steven Universe: The Movie”, and it was revealed on 11 October 2022 that Kensli would be serving as a coach on the 23rd season of the music competition show “The Voice”, which aired in spring 2023; Kensli didn’t return for the 24th season, but was rather replaced by John Legend, however, it’s recently been announced that he’ll return for its 25th season, set to air in spring 2024.

Throughout his career, Chance the Rapper has been actively involved in philanthropy; he’s donated significant amounts of money to various causes, including education, mental health awareness and anti-violence initiatives in his hometown of Chicago. His commitment to giving back to the community aligns with his desire to make a positive impact beyond the music industry.

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