Meet Naviyd Ely Raymond: The Youngest Star In Usher’s Family

American singer, songwriter and actor Usher Raymond IV, has had a prolific career in the entertainment industry. From releasing hit singles, and successful albums, appearing in numerous films, and even starring as a coach on the reality television competition series “The Voice”, Usher is perhaps one of the world’s most influential artists.

However, of all the success he’s enjoyed, according to the 45-year-old “Yeah” singer, his most prized achievement in life is raising a family. Over the course of his career, Usher has been in numerous relationships and has even married a couple of times.

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From these romances, Usher fathered four children. The oldest of his children, namely Usher ‘Cinco’ Raymond V and Naviyd Ely Raymond, Usher shares with his ex-wife Tameka Foster. His other two children, his daughter Sovereign Bo and son Sire Castrello, were conceived with his current girlfriend and partner Jen Goicoechea.

While Usher’s family has been the focus point of many tabloid publications, and certainly garners a lot of attention from the media, we will be focusing on his second eldest son Naviyd. If this is of any interest to you, follow us as we dive into the life of Usher’s fourteen-year-old son.

Early Personal Life

Naviyd was born on 10 October 2008 in Atlanta, Georgia, the second of Usher’s children. Unfortunately, not much is known about his earlier life, except that Usher divorced Tameka Foster, Naviyd’s mother when he was only three years old.

Following the divorce, Usher gained full custody of Naviyd and his brother Usher V, and although unconfirmed, it’s believed that the two boys spent most of their young life travelling with their dad, visiting various locations where Usher would have been performing.


Much like Naviyd’s personal life, his educational background, and where he attends school remains a mystery even to the gossip tabloids, and as of yet, no one knows where Naviyd is attending school. The best guess would be to consider that Usher’s children are being homeschooled, however, this has not been confirmed.

While Usher is a very outspoken celebrity who does not necessarily keep his life private, the singer has never disclosed any personal information about his family, and as such, one can’t determine where Usher V and Naviyd attend school.


Being only 14 as of 2023, it’s safe to say that Naviyd has not yet pursued a career, and no information is readily available about Naviyd’s hopes and intentions for the future. However, Naviyd has displayed an interest in the music industry, as Usher claims that Naviyd is his most brutal critic.

It seems likely that Naviyd might follow in his dad’s footsteps and also pursue a career as a musician and singer, but it should be noted that this has not been entirely confirmed.

Only time will tell what Naviyd will do with his life.

Interesting Facts

With very little information available on Naviyd, we couldn’t find any interesting facts about the 14-year-old, and regrettably can’t add any details to this section.

Later Personal Life

While it is clear that Naviyd and his brother Usher V have a very close relationship with their dad Usher, and seem somewhat estranged from their mother Tameka, due to their young age, it’s impossible to determine more about their personal life.

Physical Characteristics

Naviyd is of African-American ethnicity, and since he is only 24 at the time of writing, it’s safe to say that he will still be growing. However, it already appears that Naviyd takes after his dad, and has brown eyes and dark hair, sporting the same tame afro hairstyle as his dad.

Net Worth

With Naviyd still not chasing down a specific career path, it seems Usher’s second oldest son is yet to accumulate a fortune of his own. However, Naviyd still stands the chance of inheriting a portion of his father’s riches, which is currently at an estimated $180 million. Of course, he would have to share this fortune with his older brother, and younger siblings.

Regardless, Naviyd still has his entire life ahead of him, and only time will tell what he does with the time he has. Hopefully, like his dad, Naviyd can build an astounding fortune for himself.

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