Meet Rey Mysterio’s wife Angie Gutierrez: Age, Height, Children

Angie Gutiérrez

Angie Gutiérrez was born on 8th July 1970 in the USA, and is known for being the wife of wrestler Rey Mysterio. Despite being a famous spouse in the wrestling circuit, Angie is generally regarded as a quiet and well-grounded individual who prioritizes her husband and family above everything else.

According to online sources, Angie grew up in a working-class Christian family and met Rey when they began going to the same gym. The brunette had previously tried her luck as an actress but had presumably returned to her day job after failing to make it big in Hollywood. At the time of her meeting Rey, Angie was in a relationship, whereas he was beginning to make a name for himself as a wrestler.

The exact timeline of Angie and Rey’s relationship is unclear, but shortly after meeting, she broke up with her then-boyfriend and began dating Rey. Although the couple have always kept their relationship as private as possible, Rey publicly displayed his affection for Angie by getting her name tattooed on him.

It’s also possible that Angie and Rey don’t discuss their timeline due to the age gap. Rey would have been just 15 when they met, whereas Angie was a young woman of almost 20 years old. In June 2023, Angie posted on Instagram: ‘33 years of true love, I LOVE YOUUUU’, implying that they began seeing each other in June 1990.

The couple have been together for decades now, and formed a family of their own after tying the knot in 1996. At the very beginning of Rey’s career, he was offered the opportunity to go on a worldwide wrestling tour to get his name out there, but didn’t want to travel because it would mean leaving Angie behind.

However, Angie was wholly supportive – and even dropped out of university in order to begin working and send Rey her paychecks so he could stay in hotels and not have to sleep in the gym while he was traveling. When Rey was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in early 2023, he and Angie began crying when he discussed how hard those times were. Meanwhile, WWE fans began chanting ‘Thank you Angie’ for all the sacrifices she made in those early days.

After having children, Angie decided to put her career on the backburner and focus on being a homemaker and supportive spouse and mother. The brunette is said to be 5ft 7ins (170cm) tall, with a weight of 155lbs (70kgs).

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Mysterio Family

Rey Mysterio’s uncle, Miguel Ángel López Díaz, is the patriarch of the Mysterio clan and was born in January 1958 in Tijuana, Mexico. Miguel began wrestling professionally at the age of 18, originally training to become a boxer; however, life had other plans for him.

In 1987, Miguel Ángel transitioned into professional coaching and opened a wrestling school with Super Astro and Negro Casas. Soon, world-famous wrestlers such as Konnan, Halloween, and his nephew Rey Mysterio Jr. were flocking to his classes.

Miguel Aaron López Hernández, Miguel’s son, was born in November 1988 and goes by the name “El Hijo de Rey Mysterio”. He began training at just 13 years old at his father’s wrestling school, and is now competing in the independent US circuit. In the early 2000s, Miguel Aaron and his father competed together and were the first PWR Tag Team Champions; unfortunately, Miguel Ángel suffered a serious head injury in June 2009, forcing them to ditch the title.

As for Angie’s husband, Óscar Gutiérrez Rubio was born in Chula Vista, California, in December 1974 and also trained at Miguel Ángel’s school. In 1989, he made his debut at the young age of 14. Although Óscar originally went by names such as “Colibrí” and “The Green Lizard”, his uncle gave him the name of “Rey Mysterio Jr”, effectively declaring him his heir in the wrestling scene.


Óscar’s career advanced considerably in the early 1990s after winning the Most Improved Wrestler accolade in Mexico. Throughout his career, Óscar has become something of a pop culture phenomenon, with his official documentary, “Rey Mysterio: 619”, being released in 2003. His best matches feature in compilation videos such as “Rey Mysterio: The Biggest Little Man”, “Rey Mysterio: The Life of a Masked Man”, and “Before They Were Wrestling Stars”.

Mysterio Children

Angie and Óscar’s two children, Dominik and Aalyah, were born in 1997 and 2001 respectively. Dominik joined the WWE franchise at a young age; in one scandalous and obviously fabricated storyline, wrestler Eddie Guerrero fought Óscar for custody of Dominik after sensationally claiming to be his father.

Following two years of training with Jay Lethal, Dominik made his highly-anticipated professional debut against Seth Rollins in May 2020, fighting under the name “Dominik Mysterio”. Unfortunately, Seth was declared the winner, and to date Dominik has lost over half of his 229 matches.

Meanwhile, Aalyah has a love for travelling, fashion, and working out – but has no interest in becoming a professional wrestler, despite her father publicly saying that he would train her if she ever wanted to make it happen.

Nevertheless, Aalyah has participated in a few WWE storylines over the years. In October 2020, she kissed wrestler Buddy Murphy in front of cameras during a Smackdown episode, with videos of the moment going viral in the same day. Although it’s generally known that the storylines are scripted, viewers were still uncomfortable with the 13-year age gap, and Buddy – who has since left WWE – echoed their sentiments in a later interview.

At the time of the infamous kiss, Aalyah was in a relationship with Josh Thomas, whom she began dating in early 2020. The couple made headlines in April 2023 when they were spotted together during a WWE Hall of Fame induction ceremony, but as Josh is so low-key, there’s not much information regarding his career or education.

In any case, Aalyah won’t be returning to WWE anytime soon. When her storyline with Buddy Murphy came to an end, she decided to focus on her college degree, and work on a possible vlog series for her followers. In 2023, she was accepted into the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine.

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