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The TikTok star Woesenpai69 – birth name Alexandra Cohen – was born on 3rd September 1996, and is known for her adult online content, which ranges from OnlyFans photos and videos to a leaked sex tape or several. With millions of followers despite being relatively new to the internet scene, Alexandra is paradoxically an enigmatic public figure due to the lack of available information regarding her parents, early years, and education.

Alexandra became more active on social media in 2021, and immediately began bringing followers in thanks to her physique and risqué outfits. Although her height, weight, and body measurements aren’t listed online, Alexandra is a big believer in body positivity, and is proud of her cellulite and stretch marks, having openly joked about them in the past.

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The brunette maintains her body by working out regularly at the gym, and following a moderate diet. In July 2022, she shared progress pics with her fans so they could see the results she was enjoying thanks to her gym workouts. Dancing is also one of her favorite activities, as she often posts dance videos on TikTok, to songs such as “Adderall (Corvette Corvette)” and “Beat Box 2”.

To this day, her followers debate whether her body is all natural or not, with many believing that she went under the knife to get a Brazilian Butt Lift, a popular surgical enhancement in which doctors transfer fat from the client’s belly, hips, thighs, and lower back to their buttocks. There have also been rumors of Alexandra undergoing facial surgery, as she follows facial plastic surgeons on Instagram and there are no photos of what she looked like before becoming a social media personality. However, there’s no proof to support these rumors.


As of November 2023, Alexandra has deleted most of her Instagram posts, with the earliest being uploaded in September 2022. However, she often shares snippets of her life via her Featured Stories, such as her travels to New York, Los Angeles, and Morocco. In little over a year, the brunette – who currently lives in Florida – has travelled to Canada, Puerto Rico, and the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Fashion and fine dining are two of Alexandra’s other interests, as she often posts Featured Stories displaying her outfit of the day or the five-star restaurants she regularly attends. In mid-2022, she shared a rare photo of her mother which she captioned ‘Took momma to lunch’; however, there are no other glimpses of her family on her social media accounts, probably due to the nature of her career.

Personal Life

As far as we’re aware, Alexandra is childless and single, or keeping her current partner under wraps. In a recent Tweet, the brunette hinted that she was going through a breakup, as she posted: ‘I’m gonna miss him so much’. She previously adopted a French bulldog which has featured in many of her social media posts.

The TikTok star, who is of Moroccan descent and was born in Casablanca, recently alerted fans to watch out for fake profiles imitating her.


In early 2023, Alexandra posted snippets of unreleased music on her Instagram, but which she’s since deleted. It seems unlikely that she’ll be pursuing a music career anytime soon, as a number of her followers reacted negatively to the preview, but anything is possible.

Regarding Alexandra’s political stance, she is surprisingly vocal on Twitter compared to her other online platforms. For example, she has retweeted a number of pro-Palestinian videos and posts in the midst of the ongoing Gaza-Israel conflict which has divided public opinion.

Alexandra’s net worth is hard to calculate, as she has yet to land any significant brand endorsements or partnerships despite having millions of followers. The exact nature of her career is also unknown, as some netizens doubt that she is unable to fund her lavish lifestyle – complete with Emilio Pucci clothes, fine dining experiences, and glitzy vacations – off social media alone. For now, her net worth is estimated to be less than $100,000.

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