Michael Jordan daughter, Ysabel Jordan’s Wiki: Age, Twins with Victoria, Siblings, Net Worth, Cousins

• Ysabel Jordan is the daughter of Michael Jordan and Yvette Prieto
• She is part Cuban and part American
• She has an identical twin sister, Victoria, born in 2013
• Her parents have tried to keep her life private, away from the media and paparazzi
• Her potential net worth is estimated to be very high, based on her parent's wealth

Who is Ysabel Jordon?

Ysabel is the daughter of the famous basketball player, Michael Jordan, and the famous model, Yvette Prieto. She was born on 9 February 2014, in the United States. Her name is Spanish meaning “Gift from God”, and in Italian “Consecrated to God”. Her ethnicity is part Cuban and part American. Although she is only four years old, the public wants to know everything about her, however, her parents have decided to give her as normal a childhood as possible, considering the celebrity status of her parents, away from the eyes of the paparazzi and media.

Twins: Ysabel and Victoria

In 2013, Michael and Yvette said they were expecting a baby, but they did not say they expected twins; Ysabel and her sister, Victoria are identical twins. Michael and his wife recently published a picture of their daughters, which surprised everyone. It was then discussed whether the twins would follow their father’s or mother’s steps. However, this is not something they need to worry about at the moment; for now the girls are apparently enjoying their childhood, including luxury travel around the world.

Her father

Her father, Michael Jordan, was repeatedly named the best basketball player in the world. He was born on 17 February 1963, and gained fame by playing basketball in the National Basketball Association (NBA) mostly for the Chicago Bulls. He became a legend, then took advantage of the opportunity and branded his name in an ideal way. More about his business successes, we will say later. He met his current wife, Yvette, in 2008 at the club, and after a year of dating, the couple moved in together. From the moment the two of them started the relationship, they were constantly under the watchful mind of the media, and at the center of attention. They married on 27 April 2013, at Bethesdan-by-the-Sea Episcopal church in Palm Beach, Florida, in a glamorous setting and followed by even more glamorous honeymoon in Greece. The bride wore a custom-made wedding dress by a brand called J’Aton Couture, in the form of a siren, made of silk and Swarovski crystals.  Although there is an age difference between them, they seem to getting along very well.

Her mother

Yvette Prieto is a well-known model, born in 1979 in Cuba. Yvette has a degree in business management, but she was never really into it, as she loved modeling and she pursued that career, working with one of the most famous designers, Alexander Wang. This beauty is 5ft 6ins tall, and has a very prominent, curvy figure. Michael Jordan is not the only rich man who is seduced by this beauty. Before the relationship with him, she was involved with Julio Iglesias, brother of the famous singer, Enrique Iglesias, so even before she married Jordan, she was the subject of gossip and often appeared in the newspapers. Jordan and she signed a prenuptial agreement, apparently with which both are comfortable, although both have said that they would never split. She loves social networks and often posts pictures on them.

Ysabel’s net worth

Although she is only a child, Ysabel’s potential net worth is estimated to be very high, based on the wealth of her parents. Jordan’s net worth is authoritatively estimated at over $1.7 billion, while her mother’s personal net worth is over $5 million. Bearing this in mind, it can be said that Ysabel and her twin sister are insured. Their father did not earn all his wealth by playing basketball, as he has an 89% stake in the Charlotte Bobcats basketball team, besides which he has earned a tremendous amount of money by working with s sports brands, of which Nike is the most famous. We assume you’ve heard of world-famous ‘Air Jordan’ sneakers?


Michael was married once previously, to Juanita Vanoy; the couple divorced in 2006 after 17 years of marriage, and together have three children already in their late twenties. Their eldest son is Jeffrey, born in 1988, chose a career like his father, playing his first game in 2007 for his college – he also works with Nike. Their second son is Marcus born in December 1990, and last but not least, Jordan’s daughter is Jasmine, born in December 1992.

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Michael’s ex-wife has never commented on his subsequent marriage; she received an incredible $168 million in a divorce settlement, back then one of the largest celebrity settlements.

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