Michael Strahan’s ex-wife Jean Muggli Wiki, Relationships, Twin Daughters, Net Worth, Age

• Jean Muggli is the former wife of retired NFL player Michael Strahan.
• She has a sister named Denise Muggli.
• She and Michael Strahan married in 1999 and had twin daughters in 200•
• They divorced in 2006, with Michael Strahan paying her $15 million.
• Jean Muggli's net worth is estimated to be $12 million.

Who is Jean Muggli?

Jean Muggli found her fame and is widely recognized only for being the former spouse of a retired professional American Football player Michael Strahan, who is best known as a defensive end of the National Football League’s (NFL) New York Giants.

Jean Muggli’s Bio

The accurate birth date of Jean Muggli has never been publicly disclosed to the present day, yet it is acknowledged that she was born as one of two children in 1964/5, and was raised in the USA, thus she is of American nationality while her ethnicity is white. Except that she has a sibling, a sister named Denise Muggli, there aren’t any other available but relevant details about Jean’s parents and her family’s background. Additionally, the information about her educational background has never been publicly revealed so far. There are some rumors that Jean Muggli served as a cosmetic store’s manager, but those were never officially confirmed, so there aren’t available details about her professional history either.

Jean Muggli’s marriage with Michael Strahan

Jean and Michael first met during a spa visit in 1994, and shortly after began their relationship. After dating for several years, they decided to tie the knot, and married in 1999, at an intimate wedding ceremony, attended only by family members and closest friends. This was Michael Strahan’s second marriage, as ’til 1996 he was married to Wanda Hutchins, with whom he also welcomed two children, a son and a daughter.

Michael Strahan and Jean

Jean Muggli’s ex-husband Michael Strahan

Michael Strahan was born on the 21st November 1971, in Houston, Texas USA, the youngest of six children to a former US Army Major Gene Willie Strahan and his wife, a basketball coach, Louise Strahan (née Traylor). Being the nephew of a former professional American Football player and a defensive lineman of the NFL’s Edmonton Oilers and the Atlanta Falcons, Art Strahan, it is no wonder that Michael managed to make a successful athletic career himself. Due to his father’s military service, he spent several years of his childhood in Mannheim, Germany, where he attended Mannheim American High School, and where he began his American Football career in 1985, as a linebacker with the Mannheim Redskins. Upon returning to the US, he enrolled at Westbury High School in his home town of Houston. Upon graduating from Texas Southern University in 1993, Michael Strahan began his professional American Football career when he was drafted by the New York Giants. During his 15-seasons-long NFL career with the Giants, Strahan was selected seven times to the Pro Bowl, and won the Super Bowl XLII championship’s title in the 2006-07 season.


During their marriage, Jean Muggli and Michael Strahan welcomed twin daughters born in 2004, and named Isabella and Sophia. However, only a year later the couple separated, while in 2006 they divorced, described by the media as ‘acrimonious’ which came into the limelight after Jean accused her now ex-husband of having several extra-marital affairs, as well as of domestic violence. Allegedly, due to Strahan’s violent behavior in the past and as a consequence of his beatings, one of Muggli’s kidneys was permanently damaged. Strahan, however, negated those accusations, and claimed that Muggli took away nearly $3.3 million from their bank account. The whole fuss was eventually settled in January 2007, when the court ordered Strahan to pay a total of $15 million to Muggli, awarding her child support with a monthly amount of $18,000. In addition, Jean justified expenses such as the $27,000 worth of clothing and the $22,500 worth of photo shoots as their ‘children’s preferences’.

In order to satisfy the verdict and pay off $15 million to Muggli, the sum which at that time was nearly two-thirds of his $22 million net worth, Michael Strahan was forced to sell the $3.6 million worth mansion located in Montclair, New Jersey. The court orchestrated the auction, and subsequently awarded Jean Muggli with half of the profit, while the other half was handed to Strahan.

Jean Muggli’s Net Worht $12 million

Have you ever wondered how much wealth this American ex-wife has accumulated so far? How rich Jean Muggli is? According to sources, it is estimated that the total of Jean Muggli’s net worth, as of early 2019, is as much as $12 million, acquired almost solely through her divorce from Michael Strahan, which is considered to be one of the most expensive divorces in the history of American sports.

Jean Muggli’s Appearance

The 54-year-old Jean Muggli stands at a height of 5ft 7ins (1.70m) and weighs around 118 lbs (53kgs). Muggli also sports a slim and toned figure, which in combination with her long blond hair and hazel-colored eyes, makes her appearance quite alluring.

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