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• Mulan Vuitton is a 20-year-old Instagram star with almost 300,000 followers.
• She is sponsored by the Yekim Clothing website and hosts events at night clubs.
• She is known for bragging on social media, partying, and dancing seductively.
• Mulan has faced criticism for her glamorous lifestyle and her leaked photos.
• Her estimated net worth is over $300,000.

Who is Mulan Vuitton?

Mulan Vuitton was born on 9 April 1998 in USA, so her zodiac sign is Aries. and is a Latina residing in Miami. as she is an Instagram rising star with almost 300, 000 followers; the first picture she posted on Instagram was in 2017. According to Vuitton and her Instagram captions, this 20-year-old girl calls herself ‘spoiled’, and is ‘living her best life.’ Vuitton’s signature pose is sticking her tongue out for a picture. She is a dog lover, and owns the cutest Siberian Husky dog that appears in her Instagram stories and videos.

Business and Career

In her Instagram bio, there is a link to the Yekim Clothing website. Even though she doesn’t run this website or design clothes, she gets a lot of items she often promotes in her pictures. The owner of the brand Martez Malone, is a good friend of hers, and she even attended his birthday party in March 2019.  She is also hosting events at night clubs, and gets money for appearing there and promoting the parties.

Social Media Fame

She likes to boast on social media, party, and have fun, and she shares all of her experiences with her followers. Most of her pictures include fancy restaurants, money, jewelry or expensive cars. Mulan is also into music and dancing seductively, so she likes to film videos where she is twerking to rappers’ songs. Another skill she nurtures is pole dancing and she posts a lot of videos where she is dancing around the pole in tiny bikinis or similar outfits. She was named ‘Hot Instagram Girl of the Day’ in November 2017 by an Instagram page called Caveman Circus. Her Facebook account is inactive and she is not very active on Twitter either – her old Twitter account was deleted at 8,000 followers, which is why she says that her favorite social media platform is Instagram. The last picture she posted on Twitter was in September 2018.

Mulan Vuitton

Love Life and Relationships

There were rumors that she hooked up with the famous rapper Drake, but it didn’t work out between them – these rumors weren’t confirmed or denied. However, she dated Trippie Red, who even left his girlfriend Angvish for Mulan. His fans considered him and Angvish a power couple, so they were disappointed when they broke up, accusing Trippie to have downgraded. Mulan and Trippie are currently not in a relationship, and Mulan isn’t posting pictures with any man. However, on Valentine’s day, she received a giant teddy bear and Gucci slippers from an unknown person, which could mean that she has a boyfriend, but she doesn’t want to share his identity.


Even though she says that she is anti-social and that she doesn’t like to follow rules and be labeled, she posts pictures similar to the ones most girls of her age post on Instagram. Allegedly, at one point her phone was hacked and some of her pictures were leaked. When she was underage, her way of life was the same as it is now, which is why her glamorous lifestyle came under criticism. Many of her photos included drinking alcohol, spending time on yachts and squandering a lot of money, which apparently wasn’t appropriate for a girl of her age.


Her body type is similar to Kim Kardashian’s, except that Mulan doesn’t admit to having any plastic surgery. Mulan is very confident so she will post pictures without make-up, from her bed, or when she is at the pool. One of her captions is ‘Confidence is the sexiest thing any woman can wear.’ She has beautiful, long black hair, however, she likes to experiment with different hair colors and sometimes wears wigs. The attention she receives is mostly because of her amazing body and good looks. She likes to emphasize her sensual curves and figure by wearing short, provocative skirts and tight shirts. She goes to the gym three times a week and wears waist trainers when working out to stay in shape. She likes to show off the numerous tattoos on her body – on her neck, back and on both of her hands. On her right hand, she has a tattoo of a beautiful rose, and on her back she a tattoo of a devil and an angel, probably representing the choices she had to make in life.

Net Worth

The extravagant lifestyle she enjoys is proof that she has a lot of money and that she socializes with people who are rich. Authoritative sources estimate that her net worth is over $300,000 as of early 2019. Apart from being a hostess, a nightclub promoter and posting pictures, she gets a lot of gifts from her fans and probably from her significant others too.

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