Myla Sinanaj: Wiki Bio, net worth, plastic surgery, age, measurements

• Myla Sinanaj is an American citizen born in New York in 1987.
• She is best known for being the ex-girlfriend of Kris Humphries, Kim Kardashian's ex.
• She attempted to become famous by releasing a porn movie and a music single.
• She has invested more than $30,000 in plastic surgery to try and look like Kim Kardashian.
• Her net worth is estimated to be around $200,000.

Is it possible to step into the world of celebrities if you are an ex of someone’s ex? And you try so hard to look like that ‘someone?’ Well, if you are Myla Sinanaj, it sure is. If this title ever becomes a real occupation, there is no doubt that this hot brunette will be among the biggest stars.

Myla Sinanaj before Popularity

Fatmire Sinanaj, a.k.a. Myla Sinanaj is a daughter of Albanian immigrants in the United States. Since they came to US before her birth, which was on 1 January 1987, Myla has American citizenship. She was born in Ellenville, in Ulster County, New York. Her current residence is in Rutherford, New Jersey.

Already from a young age, Myla was an attention seeker. Since she wanted so bad to become famous, she tried to do that in every way. After she finished Ellenville High School, this thick lady found her first job in the famous Gansevoort Park Hotel in New York. She claimed to be a resort manager there, so let us trust her. But no matter what job Myla Sinanaj had in the hotel, it sure was her jumping board to the star.

How Myla Sinanaj Became Famous?

Myla Sinanaj is best known for being a former girlfriend of Kris Humphries, a basketball player who is better known as Kim Kardashian’s ex than for his sports successes. He wouldn’t even be so presented in media back then, that his marriage didn’t last for more than two months (72 days precisely).

At the time when he was in the media’s focus, Kris was a real catch for a person like Myla. When they met at the hotel where she worked, she easily got his attention, because she somehow reminded of Kim. She considered it an important attribute and wanted to become famous like Kris’s ex-wife. And she did it (but not like Kim) because she hooked up with Kris while the news about his express divorce was still fresh.

Myla Sinanaj

Accusing Kim Kardashian of Fraud

Although she claimed to hate Kim Kardashian for her personality, temperamental Myla uses every opportunity to mention a famous reality star for her five minutes of fame. In 2013, she stated that Kim and Kanye West had an affair while she was involved with NFL player Reggie Bush.

Although she wasn’t the only one claiming Kim’s scam, Myla told she has evidence of that, but she didn’t reveal them yet. There was some unchecked information that Myla was writing a tell-all book about Kardashian, but we still didn’t see that coming.

Myla’s Career and Net Worth

Although Myla Sinanaj tried to make a career without mentioning Kim Kardashian, it seems that she didn’t have much success in that. Shortly after breaking up with Kris Humphries, Myla published her “artistic” porn movie called “Anti Kim Kardashian XXX” in 2013, along with a ‘fellow actor’ who reminds a lot of Kris.

Apparently, Myla wanted to show her skills in this sphere too. As we all know, Kim did the same thing years ago, and she became famous overnight. Myla wasn’t that lucky. As one IMDB’s user said: ‘… Designed to cash in on the success of Kim Kardashian’s notorious sex tape, this is a wannabe porn diva exercise, which is one of the worst examples of last-day junk masquerading as entertainment…’ Although some claimed that Myla’s sex tape did not bring her good earnings, it brought her more room in the media and more scandals. Before the movie was released, Myla and Farrah Abraham were good friends. Apparently, they fought because Farrah, who is a famous porn star, was afraid of success of Myla’s movie. They don’t hang out anymore.

Don’t Mess with Kim’s Fandom

Kim Kardashian’s fans from all over the world used every opportunity to insult and attack Myla, but that was just what she wanted. Using the moment when everyone was talking about her, she decided to take a shot in the world of modeling as a plus-size model. But she failed.

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The next step was starting a singing career. In August 2013, she made a duet with Adam Barta, “I’m No Angel,” which was one more failure. Looks like Myla messes with the wrong celebrity, since Kim is loved and appreciated all over the globe. To date, Myla Sinanaj remained known only as a scandal maker and a porn star in an attempt. Despite numerous attempts to become famous and to have a real occupation, it seems that Myla has not yet found the right path. In 2016, her net worth was estimated at around $ 200,000, mostly due to media presence and selling her private life information.

Myla’s Body Measurements and Obsession with Kim Kardashian’s Look

Myla never denied the claims that she wants to be a new Kim Kardashian. During a relationship with Kris, she invested all her money in plastic surgery, wanting to look like a real reality star. She even spent all earnings from her porn movie. Myla Sinanaj’s height is 5ft 7ins (170 cm) and weight about 165 lbs (75 kg). Her body type is curvy and chubby.

With the help of surgery, Myla increased her breasts, narrowed her thighs and waist, and boosts her lips with injections. She invested more than $ 30,000 in plastic surgeries so far, hoping that will launch her career. She admits her obsession with Kim’s body, and she doesn’t intend to stop with operations until she achieves her goal. Well Myla, good luck with that!

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