Penn Badgley’s Adorable Son: James Badgley’s Early Years

Penn Badgley has transitioned from the iconic ” Gossip Girl” character Dan Humphrey to the unsettling figure of Joe in Netflix’s hit show “You.”  However, beyond his on-screen roles, this American actor has embraced a new and significant role as the father of a newborn son. Let’s delve into his relationship with his young child, and explore the early chapters of the little one’s life.

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Early Personal Life

Born on 1 November 1986, Penn Dayton Badgley is an accomplished American actor, renowned for his compelling performances. His fame soared particularly through the two aforementioned roles. His portrayal in ” Gossip Girl” earned him six Teen Choice Award nominations, while his riveting performance in “You” garnered nominations for the MTV Movie & TV Award and Saturn Award. The actor has starred in many notable Hollywood films and popular series, such as “Easy A,” “The Paper Store,” and “The Young and the Restless.”

In 2020, Penn embraced a new role – that of a father, alongside his wife Domino Kurke. Reflecting on fatherhood, he expressed the immense joy and the challenges it brings.

When questioned about whether his toddler, James, is aware of his portrayal of the serial killer Joe Goldberg in “You,” Penn shared that while James might not fully comprehend the character, he has seen his father on screen. In a light-hearted manner, the actor joked about the inevitable conversation they would have to have with James about his on-screen persona.

Recounting a humorous incident, Penn mentioned a moment when he accidentally switched the TV to Netflix, showcasing his face. This unexpected encounter prompted a humorous reaction from James, who cried out ‘Daddy!’, creating a rush to divert his attention before encountering something too intense.

Penn and his wife Domino, a doula (a kind of midwife), have shared their lives since 2014. They tied the knot in a New York City courthouse in 2017, and welcomed their first child, James two years later, overcoming challenges like Kirke’s previous miscarriages. Domino also has a 13-year-old son, Cassius Riley, from a previous relationship.

While Penn usually keeps his personal life private, he recently revealed that his two-year-old son is developing language skills, showcasing a delightful and amusing aspect of parenthood. His openness extends to discussing his own health struggles, having been born prematurely and requiring resuscitation multiple times in his first year. This experience has given him a unique perspective on his son’s early development.

Penn has gained insights into prenatal and postpartum conditions through his wife’s profession. Reflecting on his son’s early health challenges, he acknowledged that it likely had a profound impact on him, shaping his perception of life.

Penn once shared delightful insights into their youngest member’s development. ” He’s talking a lot,” Penn revealed during an interview. The little one likes to say ‘you’ instead of ‘me’, and dad finds this very funny.

Parenthood has significantly influenced Penn’s approach to his career. Reflecting on over two decades as an actor, he acknowledged the shift in mindset with family considerations. ” I did most of that without any kids or spouse, you know? Or any real consideration for family—and now all that’s very different,” he explained.


James is still too young to have any kind of education journey, so there’s nothing to report here yet.


As a 2-year-old, James doesn’t have a career yet either, but whatever he decides to do one day, it’s certain that his parents will support him all the way.

Interesting Facts

No interesting facts are known about James just yet.

Later Personal Life

James is still young, and his later personal life is yet unexplored.

Physical Characteristics

Penn and Domino are keeping details about James under wraps, so not much is known about him. His weight, height, and eye colour remain a mystery for now. Based on photos shared on social media, the little one has his mother’s lighter hair colour.

Net Worth

James probably isn’t thinking about money yet, and doesn’t have his own net worth to report on.

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