Rachel De Barros from “All Girls Garage” Wiki: Spouse, Age, Measurements, Married, Net Worth, Ethnicity, Height

• Rachel De Barros is an automotive enthusiast and co-host of the reality show “All Girls Garage”
• She grew up with a father who was an electrician and an uncle who owned an auto body repair shop
• She holds an American nationality and a Bachelor of Arts degree in marketing
• She founded her own company Purple Star Media, LLC and is an inspiration to young people to use their garage to achieve their goals
• She is active on social media and is known for her kind and optimistic personality

What is Rachel De Barros famous for?

Rachel De Barros is an automotive enthusiast, besides being a great marketing specialist. As a co-host of the reality show “All Girls Garage”, she defies the stereotype that women aren’t strong and skilled enough to sort things out under the hood. The Gearhead Diva, as she is nicknamed, is famous for deconstructing, repairing, disassembling and assembling everything from motorcycles to the most powerful and complex engines. In other words, she is not afraid to dirty her hands, and neither are the other two women she hosts with – Sarah Lateiner and Cristy Lee. “All Girls Garage” is more than a TV entertainment show, Rachel built around it a real DIY community and educational network for car-building lovers especially. She gives people interesting practical information about basic electrical and technical procedures, such as installing bolt-on products, wiring diagrams, and simple electrical circuits. Since 2015 when Rachel de Barros started hosting, she has been inspiring young people to use everything they have in their garage to achieve their goals.

Early life and family

Born on 4 August 1978, Rachel spent her childhood and teenage years in Washington, DC USA; despite the fact that her family is Brazilian by descent, she holds American nationality.  Growing up with an electrician father and an uncle who owned an auto body repair shop is definitely the reason she started loving cars and mechanics so much. Even from a young age, she was very curious and wanted to discover how things worked, for which she used toys and electrical appliances that would frequently be found by her parents, disassembled. Rachel still carries a major respect and love for her family, even if she doesn’t speak so much about them in public, but in some Twitter and Instagram posts: “To all you moms out there….we couldn’t do it without you!”, says Rachel on Mother’s day in 2018. Rachel sent similar words to her father on Father’s Day, too.

Rachel De Barros’ big loves

It looks like the only love affair Rachel wants to share with the world is the one she has with the car engine, because her social media accounts are full of cars, home appliances and tips for building them from scratch. But no male soul in the sight! There is not a single piece of information about any relationships, her marital status or dating.

Education and Career

Despite the fact that she had started studying at Ohio University in 1996, she didn’t forget her passion and continuously tried to offer her services as a mechanic. Being a woman, nobody would really believe in her skills, so she had to overcome a lot of obstacles ‘til she gathered a few clients, such as presenting herself on some flyers with the name “Jimmy”, which obviously got more attention than “Rachel”. The Bachelor of Arts she has in marketing turned out to be very useful, because she has built her entire career on a successful combination of high-quality knowledge in marketing, and a big passion for automobiles. Besides being the spokesperson for various aftermarket companies, and creating marketing strategies for others, Rachel founded her own company Purple Star Media, LLC in May 2006.

Later, she completed an Automotive Training & Repair Program in Philadelphia, which helped her enhance her already significant skills in mechanics. As her company grew, she herself became a little star in the domain, known as a brilliant marketeer and a great specialist in mechanics, which is how she came to be hired for “All Girls Garage”; they were impressed by her talent and her positive attitude – the perfect combination for the television industry.

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Rachel’s net worth

As she is a very reserved person, it is difficult to find out the value of her income. The sure thing is that she amasses it from two different directions – her entrepreneurial activities and TV hosting. According to authoritative sources, her net worth is over $1.5 million, and looking at the way her career develops, it is not going to stop at this value.


Rachel apparently has an attractive body at her 40 years. She is pretty slim but not very tall. Her vital statistics are said to be 32-23-32 (81-58-81 cm). Anyway, neither the measures, nor the constitution of her body really matters, but her ability to work with it, and Rachel really works her body out with every car assembly, and every minute spent on the set.

Rachel De Barros on social media

The Gearhead Diva is very active on social media, having more than 100,000 ‘likes’ on her Facebook profile, almost 22,000 followers on Instagram and over 7,000 on Twitter. She uses these platforms not only to tell people about her latest activities, but also to inspire them, to teach them to use their creativity in thousands of ways. Moreover, this close relationship with her fans is not only in the virtual world, as she discusses a lot and is very kind to people at official events, and unexpected meetings as well. The last event of this type was “Wheels of Time” from where Rachel posted a photo with two girls fans for whom she is probably a model: “Look who came out and rocked the show with me. The best fans! Little Gearhead Divas.”, wrote Rachel with the photo. All in all, this is the meaning of social media – to help users get closer to their idols, not to hide the latter under a virtual mask – and Rachel seems to be the same nice, optimistic and happy person in real life, too.

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