Randy Orton’s wife Kim Marie Kessler Wiki, Age, Daughter Brooklyn Rose Orton, Net Worth, Wedding

• Kim Marie Kessler is the wife of professional wrestler Randy Orton.
• She has an estimated net worth of $1 million.
• Her relationship with Orton began after his divorce with Samantha Speno.
• She has been the subject of controversy due to the nature of their relationship.
• She and Orton faced a stalker, Kayla Gomez, who was eventually blocked for harassment.

Who is Kim Marie Kessler?

Kim Marie Kessler was born in New York City, USA, and is a socialite, best known for being the wife of professional wrestler Randy Orton, who is famous through his career in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). She is his second wife after his divorce with former gymnast Samantha Speno.

The Net Worth of Kim Marie Kessler

How rich is Kim Marie Kessler? As of early-2019, sources inform us of a net worth that is over $1 million , earned through success in her various endeavors, and no doubt elevated significantly thanks to her husband, who has a net worth at $15.5 million. As she continues her career, it is expected that her wealth will also continue to increase.

Early Life and Relationship

Very little is known about Kim Marie’s early life. There are no details about her childhood, her family, education, and even her career. It is known that since she was young, she has been a keen fan of professional wrestling, particularly World Wrestling Federation (WWF) which would later turn into WWE. She was a big fan of numerous wrestlers and Orton in particular, who entered the company at a young age.

Kim Marie Kessler

She had pictures of him and numerous other wrestlers in her house, and apparently even thought of him in terms of a relationship. This was not the case for many years, however, as she would later have a family of her own, including three children. However, that relationship did not last and led to a divorce. According to reports, she first met Orton during a WWE event in New York which she attended as it was close to where she lived. She was the one who Orton approached, and this later led to them starting to date in 2012.

Husband – Randy Orton

Randy Keith Orton is a third generation professional wrestler, the grandson of Bob Orton, Sr. and the son of “Cowboy” Bob Orton. He trained at Mid-Missouri Wrestling Association – Southern Illinois Conference before finding his way to WWE. After his debut, he became a member of the stable Evolution, for which he earned the Intercontinental Championship, and acquired the moniker of “The Legend Killer”. At the age of 24 he won the World Heavyweight Championship, becoming the youngest world champion in WWE history, then won the Tag Team Championship too, teamed with Edge in the tag team known as Rated-RKO.

He became the second youngest two-time WWE Champion in 2007, at the age of 27, when he winning two WWE Championships in one night. He later formed the group called The Legacy with Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes, then in 2013 he joined The Authority, and three years later The Wyatt Family before betraying Bray Wyatt the following year. He is the 18th overall Grand Slam Champion and the 17th Triple Crown Champion. He has held the WWE Championship nine times and the World Heavyweight Championship four times, becoming the final holder of the belt before its unification. He has the fourth most world championship victories behind only Triple H, Ric Flair, and John Cena. He continues to work in WWE, and is one of the company’s best known names.


Orton was previously married to Samantha Speno, and has a daughter from that marriage; however, the two separated in 2012 and divorced the following year. It was during this period that he started dating Kessler, who was also a divorcee. The two stayed in a relationship for around three years before he proposed to her while on a vacation together in Bora Bora. The two married later in the year at Las Vegas, Nevada with only their children in attendance.

Orton is known to be close to Kim’s children too, and they often share pictures as well as videos together in social media. In 2016, she became pregnant and documented her pregnancy journey on social media; their daughter was born later in the year. They also adopted a dog they found while on a hiking trip in Bora Bora. The two have never made efforts to hide their relationship on social media, and have appeared at events together. She has been featured alongside him in several online, print, and television media outlets.


Kim Marie has been in her share of controversies since beginning her relationship with Orton, partly because their relationship began during the breakdown of his previous marriage. She has been accused of being a gold digger based on her apparent love of professional wrestling and Orton’s wealth which has been accrued over his many years in the industry. He is also known to be the recipient of numerous fan mails and tweets, which she actually takes her time to delete.

One of the biggest controversies the couple have been involved in was with a fan named Kayla Gomez, who stalked and harassed the couple for some time. The two retaliated by making it public on social media that Kayla would be called Ms. Piggy. Gomez had been making efforts to take pictures of Orton and post them online, also challenging Kim as she was also interested in Orton. He later made a public statement, saying that Kayla has been blocked for harassing and stalking his wife. He also asked her to get a life and troll someone else. The issue eventually faded into the background, and the two continued with their normal lives.

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