Rick Steves’ ex-wife Anne Steves Bio: Wedding, Net Worth, Divorce, Gay

• Anne Steves is a private person and not much is known about her personal life.
• She and Rick Steves married in the late 50's and they later divorced in 2010.
• Anne and Rick have two children who followed in their father's footsteps and are now experienced travelers.
• Anne's net worth is estimated at over $500,000 and Rick's at over $10 million.
• Rick Steves has his own website and he is based in Edmonds, Washington State.

Who is Anne Steves?

Have you ever heard about this woman? If you are a fan of travel shows, there is a chance that you know who she is. She is an ex-wife of the famous American TV personality, Rick Steves. Rick is known for his show called Travels in Europe which was aired in 1991, and later for his show Rick Steves’ Europe that aired in 2000. Anne is quite a mystery for us, because she leads a very private life. The public is not familiar with the day, nor the years of her birth but we know that she was born in Washington State in the late 50’s., and her religion is Christian. We do not know anything about her parents, siblings (if any) or education, and friends.

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Married life

Anne and Rick were apparently in a long-term relationship before marrying. Eventually, they tied the knot at St. Thomas in Villanova, Pennsylvania, and held the reception at the Saint Davids Golf Club – the exact date of their wedding ceremony is unknown.  The only thing that Anne once revealed was when she said that her Biedermeier was made of roses and traces of Hydrangea. Soon Anne was accompanying Rick on trips across Europe. She loved to visit the markets and spa centers on these trips. However, this love journey didn’t last that long.

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It seems that these two were not able to save their marriage since it ended in 2010. The request for divorce was filed in 2009 at Snohomish Superior Court in Anne’s birthplace although they were officially divorced a year later. It is not known who applied for divorce or what is the official reason for the divorce. There are rumors that Rick wanted a divorce because he found a new love – the woman mentioned as the cause of this divorce is Trish Feaster, Ricks travel partner. He named her as his girlfriend on his blog in 2012, but it is not known whether this relationship started before or after his divorce. After the divorce, Anne completely withdrew from the TV  life, while her ex-husband continued to present his show, and travel to Europe. Although there were discussions on the Internet about whether one of the spouses is gay, we consider that there are no grounds for such a statement.  Nevertheless, something wonderful came out of this marriage, and that’s their children.


Anne and Rick have two children together, a son named Andy Steves and daughter Jackie Steves. These two followed in their father’s footsteps, and they built their career similarly to him. It seems that love for the travels is in their genes, as these two young people enjoy traveling to Europe and exploring, and they are often seen in their dad’s TV show. Andy has a travel company named Weekend Student Adventures Europe, plus he has produced a travel guide entitled Andy Steve’s Europe: City-hopping on a Budget. As he himself says, he did not fall from the tree – he traveled with his parents from a young age, and is now very experienced in it, once saying that he is a digital nomad – he even studied in Rome in 2008. Rick frequently posts his children’s photos on his social networks by pointing out how proud he is of them.

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Jackie enjoys traveling with her parents as well as with friends. She says that Europe can be totally different, depending on who you are traveling with. Both children are in good relationships with their mother and father.

Net worth and career

We have already mentioned that there are no records on Anne’s education, but there is also no information on her career before her marriage with Rick. She followed Rick on trips across Europe and took care of the children. Anyway, she does not have her own profession, although on at least one occasion she organized a humanitarian event for homeless mothers. Her net worth is estimated at over $500,000, presumably the basis being from the divorce settlement, while her ex-husbands net worth has been estimated authoritatively at over $10 million.

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The career of her ex-husband

Rick studied at the University of Washington, and took the opportunity to travel thanks to a student-run program of non-credit courses. Considering that his travels were his passion, he published in 1980 a traveling guide for Europe entitled “Europe Through the Back Door”. He then opened a tourist center in Washington, but also began a kind of course for those who wanted to learn to play the piano. His first television show began in 1991, and was broadcast until 1998 when Rick went on hiatus for two years. Rick has his own website on which many useful tips can be found. He writes about beautiful family destinations in Europe that can be visited at affordable prices. It can be said that this guy simply knows how to make money, because it is possible to buy planning maps, travel bags, guidebooks, etc. on his site.

He still has his HQ in Edmonds, Washington State, where he is also based.

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  1. He is a business man, cold. With not much money and wanting to bicycle in Europe on a budget. I approached him for advice…… he coldly knew I was not going to add to his sponsor trips,,,,,,,,,, he dismissed me. I know his character. He is very good at what he does. In public before the camera. I feel for Anne his ex wife… she knows the infidelity. I wish the best for the children. Ric, in some ways I respect, some ways I am sad. bmw

  2. We often confuse a public personality’s warm demeanors on TV with his or her true nature in private, a common error. I’m sorry you had to find it out the hard way. Even a public figure’s generosity in donations to various causes should b e viewed within the proper context of his or her business and tax schemes. It sounds skeptical but actually quite realistic.

  3. Pretty obvious. Highly successful, handsome middle aged man. Frequently traveling abroad.
    Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out how many attractive single women he meets along the way.
    Being married at that point, futile.

    1. Handsome? He’s a dweeby dork! Pudgy gut, slouch. The ONLY reason any woman would go after him is for MONEY! His simplistic take on things is nauseating.

    2. 😳 “Handsome”??🤨😂 Surely you jest!! NOT only is he totally UNattractive, he has ALWAYS given me MAJOR gay vibes!! NOT that that’s a bad thing, just doesn’t bode well for a man/woman/heterosexual relationship!! I thought, for sure, that the cheating thing WAS going TO involve a man!! And throngs of female groupies??😳👎😂 1-2 I could understand. And those poor ladies must’ve been blind!!🙌🤣 But we ALL know WHAT wealth can “buy”!!!🙄 He’s just gross!!🤢

    1. Why is it assumed he cheated? Marriage Is a bilateral agreement we’re both partners I have certain spoken and unspoken things to bring to the marriage. Sometimes the failure of one partner to live up to their part of the marriage causes the other partner to seek remedies often which we don’t understand because we’re not in their shoes. I do not condone cheating because I was cheated on in my marriage. But life is what life is and things happen. Maybe Rick needed a partner that was more energetics and more willing to travel with him and enjoy it. Maybe Anne was not that person. Anyone that has been in a long-term relationship or marriage realizes it sometimes people just grow apart because of how we develop as individuals. We shouldn’t judge that for other people

      1. Being “less energetic ” is not an excuse to end a marriage. Neither is growing apart.

        Marriage is commitment plus love, not a flash in the pan. Someone had unrealistic expectations and I would bet on the man. The mother had innate fulfillment with her children while the husband expected the wedding day romance to continue. When it didn’t he kicked her to the curb.

        I wish her good luck in her future relationships.

        Btw I’m a man, 70+ and married for over 50 years… it takes work.

        1. I often hear it takes work. It shouldnt be work. My husband and I were together for thirty-one derful years until sudden heart attack took him. We were so close you couldnt get a sheet of paper between us. No work here.

  4. Met Rick on one of his tours. My father was invited as a ‘special guest’ lecturer. I joined mid-way through and did enjoy myself. Everyone was pleasant and I got to visit 5 countries for $100. Crazy. However, I was not impressed with how Rick would have ‘private parties’ with the groupies that were following his travel plan, who would pop up (deja vu-like) at each destination. Nobody’s wife deserves that type of treatment – and she was leading the tour behind ours. Sad – America rewards monsters.

  5. I enjoy Rick’s shows with video and commentary about places I will never see. He does a good job doing his PBS shows. I think it’s inappropriate to assume he does anything nefarious on his non-working hours. That’s petty, mean and judgmental. Don’t watch if you hate the show.

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