Rylie Cregut: The Child Star, Rising Actress and TV Sensation

Rylie Cregut

Child actress Rylie Cregut and her twin sister Baylie – who is one minute older – were born on 12th February 2010, in Ventura, California, USA and played Hope Chance in “Raising Hope”.

The twins’ parents reportedly separated before they began acting.

Their first TV appearance was playing Lynette’s daughter Pagie in “Desperate Housewives”; from 2011 to 2014, they portrayed the main character in the feel-good series “Raising Hope”, which is about an unfocused man in his mid-twenties whose life is turned upside down when he impregnates a serial killer.

In 2011 and 2012, Rylie and Baylie were named amongst the best American child actresses of the moment by Yahoo!TV. According to a possibly outdated biography, the sisters enjoy playing the piano, reading books, and swimming.

After 2014, Rylie’s acting career came to a standstill, as did her sister’s. However, Baylie’s IMDb page states that she has an upcoming short in the works – “1 lb Ground Moony or Don’t Think About It” – which is currently in its post-production stages and also stars Lucas Neff, her “Raising Hope” co-star and on-screen father.

Although it’s been almost a decade since they disappeared from the public eye, Rylie and Baylie still have a number of fan pages on Instagram, most of which are inactive. The twins have no public social media accounts that we know of, although it’s highly likely that they are active on TikTok and Instagram.

Given that they stopped acting at the age of four, it’s possible that their mother, Pam, wanted them to have a normal school experience, and return to showbiz at a later age if they wanted to. There is no information regarding the twins’ father or other family members.

“Raising Hope”

The quirky sitcom “Raising Hope” aired on Fox from September 2010 and April 2014, and was nominated for two Primetime Emmy Awards at the peak of its fame. The main character, James Chance, resided in the surreal fictional town of Natesville, and gained custody of his daughter after her mother was sentenced to death. With help from his unorthodox family, James raised Hope to the best of his abilities.

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The network announced in March 2014 that “Raising Hope” would not be renewed for a fifth season. Although viewers were confused by the abrupt cancellation, the truth eventually came to light. Greg Garcia (the sitcom’s creator, also known for “My Name Is Earl”) had left the series as a showrunner after season three, and his replacement, Mike Mariano, possibly didn’t have the same passion or vision for the series. Second, the network moved the series to a new timeslot, which saw a slump in viewing figures. Most importantly, “Raising Hope” ran for 88 episodes, thus passing the syndication threshold.

Although many sitcoms have been rebooted in recent years, there’s never been any tals of “Raising Hope” returning to screens. However, with Baylie and Lucas reuniting for their upcoming short, anything is possible.


Lucas was born on 7th November 1985, in Chicago, Illinois, and is of Irish and Jewish descent. His mother, Meade Palidofsky, is known for founding the Storycatchers Theatre, whereas his father, Alan, is a novelist and lawyer. After matriculating from Whitney M. Young Magnet High School, Lucas studied for a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theater at the University of Illinois, Chicago (UIC).

Although many would expect Lucas to turn to acting after being influenced by his creative parents, the truth is, he was mistakenly assigned to the performing arts department at UIC. Having discovered his passion for drama, after college, he studied at the Steppenwolf Theatre Company, and made his theater debut in a local production of “Jon”.

Since then, Lucas has gone on to shine in TV roles – “The Beast” and “Carol’s Second Act”, to name just two – and indie shorts (“The Attempt”, “Cock ‘N Bull 2”, “We Know You Have A Choice”). Most recently, he had a co-starring role in the Disney+ series “Monsters at Work”.

Martha Plimpton played Virginia, Jimmy’s mother and Hope’s paternal grandmother. In the series, Virginia was a maid who cleaned for upper-class families, a stark contrast from her own family, which struggled to get by. Virginia, who became pregnant at fifteen and gave birth at sixteen, was known for her cutting one-liners and heart of gold.

Martha herself was born in November 1970 in New York City and is known for her former modelling work, current activism pursuits, and decades-long movie and TV career. After making her feature-film debut in the 1981 movie “Rollover”, she reached mainstream recognition thanks to Richard Donner’s “The Goonies”. Since then, she’s had roles in “Parenthood”, “Samantha”, and “Frozen II”.

The blonde is also recognized on Broadway for her roles in “Top Girls”, “Shining City”, and “The Coast of Utopia”. In 2014, she returned to Broadway after a years-long theatre hiatus for the critically-acclaimed revival of “A Delicate Balance”. Martha was also nominated for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series at the Primetime Emmy Awards thanks to her stellar portrayal of Virginia. These days, she is preparing for a starring role in the upcoming HBO miniseries “The Regime”.

Lastly, Garrett Dillahunt played Engleburt Chance, Virginia’s husband and Jimmy’s father. Having impregnated Virginia when he was just seventeen years old, Engleburt went on to launch a lawn care and pool cleaning business, hiring his son as an assistant, and teaching him vital life lessons.

To date, Garrett has been unable to land a role as popular as that of Engleburt, which saw him be nominated for a Critics’ Choice Television Award in the Best Actor in a Comedy Series category. Nevertheless, he has had plenty of work on his plate, thanks to the Amazon drama series “Hand of God”, “The Mindy Project”, and other shows.

A middle child, Garrett was born in Castro Valley, California, but raised in the small suburb of Selah, Washington State. In 1981, his older brother died in a road accident when a drunk driver veered off the road and crashed into the vehicle he was riding in. Despite being affected by his brother’s heartbreaking and preventable death, Garrett pursued his dreams relentlessly, moving states and earning a Master of Fine Arts degree in acting from New York University.

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