Sara Ramirez husband Ryan DeBolt’s Bio: Wedding, Net Worth, Married, Divorce, Kids, Wife Bisexual

• Ryan DeBolt was born in Mexico and has dual citizenship in Mexico and the US.
• He is currently working as a business analyst at TIME.
• Married in 2012 and have been living together ever since.
• Sara Ramirez came out as bisexual in 2016.
• They have no kids but stand strong as a couple and are an example of a healthy relationship.

Who is Ryan DeBolt?

Ryan DeBolt came in the light of the spotlights because of his wife Sara Ramirez, who played a big part in the TV medical series Grey’s Anatomy. He was born on 25 September, 1980 in Mexico. During his childhood and adolescence, he lived in Mexico, and later on, in his life, he moved to the United States, which is why he has citizenship in both countries. Currently, he’s working as a business analyst at TIME. His masterly attitude and expertise allowed him to quickly climb the ladder as an analyst. While he became popular because of his wife’s success in the TV industry, Ryan DeBolt should be equally famous for his expert adequacy as a business analyst.

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Wedding and Marriage

Ryan and Sara were long-time sweethearts before deciding to get married on 4 July 2012. They got engaged in 2011 while on a trip to Paris and then held a small private wedding ceremony on a beach near New York. They have been living together as a husband and wife ever since. Their personal life is a bit of a mystery, even though Sara is not one to shy away from publicity. There are very few details regarding their day-to-day activities; however, the couple stands strong, and there has been no official information regarding problems they might be experiencing in their love life.

Sara Ramirez

Sara Ramirez is a big part of Ryan DeBolts’ life. As she progressed in her acting career fame, and popularity became an everyday part of both their experiences. She was born in Mexico, but after her parents got divorced, she moved to America with her mother. Sara developed her passion for acting from a young age, and this allowed her to prepare for the entrance examinations in Julliard. After graduating from the prestigious acting school, she landed roles in big TV and movie productions, as well as several Broadway plays. Her TV career was one of the main reasons why fame and popularity entered Ryan DeBolt’s life.

Sara Ramirez


Five years after Sara and Ryan got married in New York, she announced that she was actually bisexual. She did that in October 2016 at the 40 To None summit. This event is organised by the True Colors Fund in Los Angeles, California. Despite this shocking revelation, Sara Ramirez and Ryan DeBolt are still happily married and living with each other. In fact, both are supporters of LGBTQ rights, and attend fundraisers and events together. Sara’s role in Grey’s Anatomy was actually one of an LGTBQ person, and her main romance in the series was with her colleague Jessica Capshaw. This was part of the reason why she decided to come out as bisexual and start advocating for LGBTQ rights. It took a lot of courage for her to do that, as there is a lot of bi-antagonism in the movie industry, according to information she shared in an interview with the Daily Mail.


Sara and Ryan still have no kids; however, they are a very happy couple. There were several occasions of rumours spreading that Sara was pregnant; however, this was never confirmed and after a reasonable period of time, it always turned out that she was not, in fact, pregnant. Neither Ryan, nor Sara has spoken about kids in interviews and there is no official information regarding their intentions on the topic of children. Despite not having kids, the couple stands strong together, and are enjoying their married life.


Much like the rumours concerning Sara’s pregnancy, a lot of fake information surfaced on the Internet regarding Ryan and Sara’s supposed divorce. All of these, however, were completely fabricated as the couple is still together. Despite Sara’s surprising announcement regarding her sexuality, there is no evidence that the couple is having problems, and there is no reason to suspect a divorce in the future.

Ryan DeBolt and Sara Ramirez are one of the strongest couples in Hollywood right now. They have come a long way, and their relationship evolved over time. Despite some very controversial moments, like Sara’s coming out, they stand strong and are an example of what a healthy relationship is. Both enjoy a good dose of success in their professional lives as well. Ryan has stated that he supports his wife completely and will have her back throughout her journey after coming out.

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