Soni Nicole Bringas (aka Ramona Gibbler on Fuller House) Wiki Biography

Soni Nicole Bringas:
• 17 years-old
• Born in Portland, Oregon, USA
• Over 750,000 Instagram followers
• Currently residing in Los Angeles, California
• Role as Ramona Gibbler in “Fuller House”

Who is Soni Nicole Bringas?

Soni Nicole Bringas is a dancer and actress most famous for her role as Ramona Gibbler in “Fuller House”. She is now 17 years-old, born under the sign of Aquarius on 2 February 2002 in Portland, Oregon, USA, so her nationality is American but she is of Spanish and South American descent. She is a very popular teenage girl with over 750,000 Instagram followers, being very active on social media, and likes to share pictures with her fans. She also has a Twitter account where she has around 47,000 followers. Soni is currently residing in Los Angeles, California.

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Early beginnings and commercials

She has been a part of many commercials, and has actively participated in dance competitions from a very young age, which means that at the age of five, she started training in dancing. Even though at the beginning she wasn’t very excited about going to dance classes, and even told her mother that she wanted to quit, Soni grew fond of the classes as time went by, and now dancing is a major part of her career and life. Some of the famous choreographers she’s worked with were Matt Steffanina, Willdabeast, Nappytabs, Marty Kudelka, Tricia Miranda, and Nick Demoura. She has also worked with a lot of celebrities, such as Pitbull, Christina Aguilera, Justin Bieber, Missy Elliot, Kimbra, Sharaya. She danced alongside Heidi Klum for the 2013 Jordache campaign, then she was a part of the Swagger Wagon Toyota 2015 commercial in which Busta Rhymes starred, and last but not least, in 2014 she acted in an American Girl commercial. She also performed in the famous show “Dancing with the Stars”, and she got the chance to promote the new movie “Annie.”

Acting career

When it comes to her acting career, she made her first appearance as an actress when she landed the role of a hip-hop dancer in the CW series “Jane the Virgin”. Her most famous role was when she played the daughter of Kimmy Gibbler, Ramona Gibbler, in the American comedy TV series “Fuller House,” a Netflix show and a remake of the famous show from the 1990s called “Full House.” As a whole cast, they have an amazing relationship, and she often posts pictures with all the cast members who are like a family to her. She says that it doesn’t feel like a job because she is having fun. In an interview with Sweety High online magazine, Soni talked about her character Ramona and how similar they really are: ‘After I told the casting directors I was a dancer, the writers added that to my character. It’s awesome because I get to dance a lot in the episodes. We’re also both normal teenagers. We’re very close to our family. We love being on our phones and social media. She has a very brother-sister relationship with Jackson, which is similar to my relationship with Michael [Campion] in real life.’ She also acted in the movie “Beautiful and Twisted”, and TV series “Instant Mom.”

Soni Nicole Bringas


Her family has always been very supportive of her; her mother is from Barcelona, Spain and her father was born in Montevideo, Uruguay – when she was eight years old she lived in Costa Rica for a year. She has a brother named Paul who is also very artistic and plays the guitar. Her parents recognized her talent for dancing, and encouraged her to develop this passion. (On her YouTube channel, which has around 40,000 subscribers, she posted a lot of videos in which her talent for dancing is showcased.) She doesn’t post a lot of pictures with her family, but in 2014 they went to Uruguay as a family to visit the birthplace of her father. They do a lot of fun activities together, for instance, her parents didn’t grow up watching “Full House,” so when she found out that she had the role, she ordered every season of the show for Christmas, and they finished watching the entire series in a month – her whole family binge-watched it together and immediately loved it.

Love life

Soni is single and is currently not posting any pictures with potential partners.  Once fans thought that she answered a question on the application about her love life, when she said that her colleague Michael Campion is her boyfriend and they were dating for a year. However, on Twitter she said that this was untrue – she doesn’t have an account!

Net worth

According to authoritative sources, as of 2018, Soni has an estimated net worth of $550,000, which doesn’t come as a surprise since she is a rising star who is only becoming more popular. Her annual income depends on the projects she undertakes during that year.


Soni has dark brown hair and brown eyes. She stands at 5ft 4ins (1.62m) height and she is slim, since she tends to practice dancing 10-20 hours a week. Her vital statistics are 32-25-34.

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